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We are offering game-changing healthcare software development services with our experts to enable optimum medical care and clinical outcomes.

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Healthcare Software Solutions


TeleHealth / Telemedicine Solution

Healthcare providers can now give health treatments, education or training, and health information remotely thanks to telehealth/telemedicine technologies. Adamo's expertise and capabilities in TeleHealth data protection fulfill your need with the ultimate level of security and functionality. Our safe solutions make it possible for prompt access to care, which improves patient outcomes.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

With the aid of linked electronic devices, Adamo for RPM offers real-time data-driven insight into a patient's illness status, empowering healthcare professionals to make proactive, evidence-based therapeutic decisions. Adamo offers an RPM solution that is specifically designed to meet all of your practice’s needs. Our experts ensure you’re always on the right track for a sustainable RPM program.

On-demand Healthcare Solution

Adamo developers produce on-demand health service solutions that ensure continuous care in an integrated, managed, and dependable system. We utilize the most up-to-date technologies for medication management and health monitoring for various medical records, create seamless interfaces for information exchange, and guarantee interoperability through our on-demand healthcare solutions.

Wearable Medical Devices

Making your devices genuinely "smart" is one of the top priorities of Adamo's developer team. Our professionals can assist with the processing of medical data from wearables. We may also use data wrangling and transformation techniques to extract the most significant insights and make wearable device data accessible to healthcare experts.

Why Work With Adamo to Build You Healthcare Software Development Services

We are confident in providing end-to-end healthcare software development services from fully-functioned prototype to design, MVP development and deployment.

Supreme code quality

Design, and any security effort have impacts on the code quality. Our Adamo developers recognize the importance of reducing patches and enhancing maintenance requirements.

Logically-designed software architecture

Our well-planned software architecture helps ensure secure software solutions and save end-users’ time. Adamo utilizes monolithic and microservice architecture fitting business needs.

Transparent and Agile software development process

Adamo’s healthcare app development process enables clients to reach each software development stage. Also, devOps services offered by the digital healthcare software solution companies.

Innovative healthcare software solutions

Experienced IT developers understand the regulatory requirements in the healthcare industry and how the things work, so we are confident in building innovative healthcare software solutions.


Global Healthcare Software Security Standards and Certifications Adamo Works With

Our healthcare software development solution services are associated with key healthcare software security standards, regulations and its best practices in real-time. So, we are guaranteeing the security of your healthcare solutions and secure sensitive patient and medical information. Adamo understands health information privacy standards (GDPR, HIPAA) and is compliant with ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

Need a Feature-Empowered Digital Healthcare Solutions with User-focused Design?

We are confident in providing end-to-end healthcare software development services from fully-functioned prototype to design, MVP development and deployment.

Technologies that Our Healthcare Software Developers Work on


Machine Learning

We utilize ML to process a huge amount of datasets that go beyond human capabilities and transform data into clinical insights.


Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging AI-based technologies, we enable healthcare providers to emulate people’s cognitive abilities, comprehensive and medical data.



With blockchain technology, Adamo’s team allows secure healthcare records in the healthcare system, manage medical data and deal with clinical trials in a secure way.


Internet of Things

Our team builds lucrative solutions for IoT healthcare devices that capture real-time data and manage data analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions of our Healthcare Software Development service

What are examples of wearable biosensors?

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) devices, smartwatches, fitness trackers, and smart clothing are four types of wearable biosensors. These goods can aid in keeping an eye on the well-being and health of its users.

How much does an on-demand healthcare app cost?

The price of the on-demand healthcare app as well as the spending plan for promoting and distributing the app must be determined. The technique of development, features required, platforms, functionality, development partner chosen, and idea all affect how much an app will cost.

How does a RPM app work?

RPM services don’t require interactive audio-video and virtual visits, nor do patients need to be in remote areas, in contrast to other telehealth delivery techniques. They only need tools for physiologic data collection and analysis. RPM services are covered by Medicare in the same way as in-person clinical services are, with no different usage guidelines or rules based on where the patient received their care. RPM systems also have a great deal of potential to save money by averting the development of more serious and expensive health effects.

How are telemedicine apps profitable?

A few monetization strategies can be used by businesses to turn a profit. However, the most popular ones are commission-based, freemium, and subscription-based. Users must pay a weekly, monthly, or annual price to access the features under a subscription-based approach. Free software with restricted functionality and a premium app with full access are both available under the freemium business model. Last but not least, a commission-based approach levies a fee on each transaction involving the patient and the doctor.