What Annual new year celebration at a Software development company look like?

Some prejudice claim that Software developers are rigid and boring. Adamo Software is here to prove those wrong. We are the home of the most attractive person on Earth.   

Like many software development servicesAdamo Software understands the role of staff mental health in the productivity and growth of the entire enterprise. Accordingly, we have a verbal commitment that nurturing our office culture by holding an out-of-office party at least once a quarter.   

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Serverless architecture vs. microservices: Future of business digitalization

Serverless architecture and microservices are becoming the driving force behind the rapid digital adaptation for many companies around the data-driven world.

In practice, companies have to put enormous investments into server development, which commonly exceed the financial capacity of almost every organization. In this case, some giants would host servers and microservices serving other businesses adopting scalable targets. Instead of owning three fundamental indicators of monolithic architectures, software development companies currently leverage serverless architectures for project executions.

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Good Tidings of Comfort Festive Seasons 2021 around Adamo Software

What happens on Christmas day in a software development company? Let Adamo Software show you.

In the Christmas season of 2021, Adamo Software, a leading outsourcing IT service company in Vietnam, celebrated the “Ring The Bell” on 24th December. The festive and cozy atmosphere of Christmas was burning all around our office with ornamental trees, garlands, and ribbons.

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Hotel front desk management: leverage system software in operation

To prepare for the extreme revival of hospitality, getting smooth hotel front desk software solves the delay in peak season and brings more revenue.

Many people believe that front desk hotel refers to the hotel business face, which heavily influences the visitors’ perception regarding hotel services. Accordingly, the hotel front desk department plays a crucial role, which deciding the guest experience and the retention rate for hotels.

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Social shopping 2022: trending apps for network connection

As taking advantage of social media, social shopping is a kind of e-commerce that looks for involving people with similar interests in online shopping experiences.

E-commerce has been a driving force for social media sites. As one of the latest adventures in the e-commerce world, social shopping is a powerful tool for brand building and pulling customers on a larger scale.

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The future of education technology in 2022: reveal hidden opportunities

The educational movement has been captured as improving connectivity and technology applied in learning landscapes that put EdTech at the innovation heart.    

Many countries chose to change the way students leaning after covid 19 cases occurred. Instead of going to school and sitting together in a physical classroom, many students and instructors have to join virtual spaces with online meeting platforms as Zoom, Google meets, Microsoft team, and more. After two years of the pandemic outbreak, the education industry has to face dramatic disruption that a new normal has set.   

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Marketplace restaurant: How to leverage the power of digital solutions

The marketplace restaurant or restaurant marketplace has caught dramatic booming driven by the growth of online food delivery and shipping technology.

In fact, social distancing for a long time has been killing traditional restaurants. It forces them to change their business models to adapt to the demand of online food delivery among dinners these years. Working as a pure conventional restaurant without collaborating with third-party delivery or delivery platforms would be soonly diminished. Instead, cloud kitchen restaurants, virtual kitchens, or marketplace restaurants would form the new era in food and beverage industry services.

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Adamo Software – Team Building Splendor Race 2021

Successfully hosted a team-building event in November 2021, our Adamo Software team offered a memorable night to all staff in such a special period.

On the weekend in the final week of November 2021, our team building splendor Race had done after three weeks of preparation. It was such a special event for us this year under the travel restriction due to the spreading of COVID 19. This event was held as our recognition for all team effort in such a busy time.

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Online hotel reservation system: Explore the new era of hospitality services

Travelers currently work with an online hotel reservation system for their travel itinerary plan with the marketplace hotel promotion.

Along with the convenience of online payment plus the development of e-payment technology, travelers have a high incentive to execute online hotel booking via an online hotel reservation system. Besides, online travel agents (OTAs) also enjoy major profits in applying the online hotel reservation system, which boosts the manual proficiency and accuracy in booking and payment confirmation.

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Automation testing workshop: The foundation 2021

Our Adamo QA team made “The foundation of automation testing” workshop to provide a better understanding of automation testing.

Concerning the software development team’s performance or Looking for a proper way to boost their productivity and eliminate all mundane tasks? The answer is: automation is a key to improving a team’s productivity and bringing fruits to software development projects. 

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