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About 80% of CTOs globally state that any organization in which the digital transformations have accelerated significantly, talent engagement and business operations require a comprehensive and coherent digital-driving strategy, Deloitte.

Adamo Software provide appropriate solutions for CTOs that help them to erase complexing hiring risks, stimulate project delivering timelines and optimizing software development costs.  


Are You Working in a
CTO Role? 

As a CTO, you probably understand tremendous roles that effectively contribute to the project management and delivery. That's why Adamo helps you update the cutting-edge technologies on diverse project development which are tailor-made to encounter specific business requirements and challenges that CTOs face.  

Explore Problems Adamo
Helps Take off CTOs' Minds

At Adamo, we believe that those who embrace software as the ultimate core of their business operations will get returns. There are problems rising that can prevent CTOs from software development processes.


Shortage of developers in the local market

  • Our 150+ experienced developers on board enable you to build and extend your existing development team within months or a week.

Extending projects at tight deadlines 

  • When you want to exploit more business opportunities but your in-house development teams find it hard to afford at the time. Our Adamo team helps you scale up efficiently and stay updated.

Require infrastructure scalability

  • If you want to scale up and secure your software infrastructure, our devOps teams are eager to support you with Docker, AWS, and Kubernetes.

Technical debt within existing software development

  • Adamo will help you handle technical debts such as tech stack migration, updating software and executing new functions into the software solutions.

Complex, service-based solutions

  • With experienced and diverse software projects, Adamo team can be a great choice to resolve complex and service-based projects.

Providing outclass software solutions

  • Our frontend and backend developers, along with UI/UX designers ensure the up-to-date user interfaces for out-standing digital products.

Strategies for CTOs to Boost Developer Productivity

Taking to hundreds of Tech Leaders over a decade. Adamo conclude strategic approaches that CTOs and Tech Lead can make to enhance working performances: 


Eliminate communication mis-steps 

Information transfer is complicated, and most software developers get troubles in those issues. As a result, it leads to the duplication of effort, changes in the silo-based structure, and misinterpretation. Therefore, we need a strategy:

  • Cutting out “unnecessary meetings” that mainly regurgitate team activities by driving team’s energy related to strategic communications and problem-handling collaborations.
  • Contributing information effectively performed by each member – including you. Besides, it is critical to leverage innovative features of communication tools to make it possible.

Exceptional gain from tech stack

Selecting the right tech stack and tools for a software development team is important. Let’s be CLEAR in terms of choosing the intuitive and productive tools with smooth user experiences.
Your development teams can add multiples if tools combine together, for example, sharing IDE, macros for repeating tasks or more, which can create synergistic tools.


Enhancing visibility and transparency

How to help CTOs to master visibility and transparency? It is essential to understand that visibility refers to a presence of information while transparency encompassing organizational culture related to information shared.
Apparent strategies for CTOs:


  1. We want to see the visibility through availability. For example, dashboards to track performance, up-to-date project progress and good Figma files.
  2. Visibility through surface automatically. For instance:
  • As a project manager, you can read daily reports produced by software development to see any progress, plan and blockers.
  • As CTOs, software developers flag product-delivering risks.
    As a team leader, you see an AI-generative alert for any outage that pulls your attention.
  • As a software developer, you understand a clear criteria on the sprint that you are working on.


  • Make sure developers feel free to present opinions and concerned without any fear of negative results.
  • Reward and emphasize the significance of reflection and experimentation.
  • Promptly and actively listen and open-minded welcomely different perspectives and ideas. This is a vital practice for inclusion.
  • Ensure the transparency, share processes, ask for comments and admit mistakes.

Adopt AI for Development: Code Implementing, Reviewing and Tech-based Debt Management  

CTOs need to explore different AI-based productivity tools as following:  

  • Code implementation (Sourcegraphy Code; GitHub Copilot) helps receive real-time code recommendations, auto-completing auto-generating and more.  
  • Testing (Codium) helps write test case and yield better performance for testing. 
  • Documentation (Mintlify Writer) – Our developers will thank you for this AI-based tool that can thoroughly understands the codebases and auto-generated docs.  
  • Code Review (What The Diff and Planar): They help automatically create appropriate descriptions through AI-based tools to make changes and merge the code pull requests. 
  • Tech debt (Grit) helps migrate the dependency and waste and also help drudge work.  

Transform Tech Stack with Adamo Software


Adopt innovative tech faster


As CTOs face up with lots of challenges, where you need to keep up with the rising trends to ensure that our enterprise offers the best technology stack. Adamo's Team helps CTOs understand how the innovative technological changes can influence their organizations. Also, we help them see the critical significance of AI development, blockchain, and automation.

How Adamo help resolve problems?  

Tech stack consulting

  • Enable you to choose the cost-effective and flexible tech solutions that support to meet business goals and IT-based strategies.


MVP development

  • We endorse lucrative software solutions starting from business ideas to MVP development, POC, UX/UI design to clean code solution.

Maximize ROI


It is crucial to forecast emerging trends, so that you can optimize the appropriate budget and production plans. Our experts at Adamo aid you to find the most suitable technologies which can strengthen software projects and add more to the investment and technological changes.

How Adamo help resolve problems?  

Dedicated software team

  • Our flexibly-approaching software development team helps you accelerate project delivering timelines, along with experienced IT skill sets.


Leverage IT services

  • Handle operational challenges, stimulate IT-based service levels, optimize costs and emphasize different business activities with a proving model for IT services.

Drive for digital transformation


Our business partnership team helps CTOs brainstorm their business ideas. Also, we provide a competitive edge and propose them the opportunity to make booms in the market. Besides, we endorse to discover technologies including AI development services, devOps consulting, blockchain, and also IoT.

How Adamo help resolve problems?  

Enhancing digital transformation

  • Our team aims to execute a digital-based business strategy to improve your efficiency, working productivity and profitability.


Stimulate through devOps

  • Partner with our team to help you optimize costs and scalabilities of IT-related ecosystem.

What You Can Get From Adamo Development Team

Quality and Credibility

Adamo Team has gained qualified certifications that are proof of our work:  

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As a premier software development company in Vietnam, Adamo Software has offered all priority functionalities for your product building. Our experienced software developers excel at:

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