How Educational Platform Empowers Learning Process In The Digital Era

The educational platform provides teachers, learners, and parents with learning materials and tools to improve educational experiences for students and teachers.

The global online learning market will surpass $243 billion by 2022. In the United States, university enrollment has decreased in the last few years; however, online course enrollment has risen. The unprecedented situation of the covid-19 pandemic has transformed the core of the global education system.

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Angular Development: Tools, Frameworks and Best Practices

Angular development is a common web development platform. Its goal is to augment web-based applications with model view controllers. Read more.

Developers are using various tools and frameworks in the custom software development process for code creation, UI-UX designing, or testing. They will carefully select the kinds of the software development process that provides hands-on productivity, especially for angular development. As one of the most common software development applications, angular is a part of the JavaScript ecosystem.

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Adamo Company Trip 2022 – Go Off The Beaten Track in Cat Ba Island

Kick off the summertime with Adamo Software. We start our summer by getting back to the magnificent landscapes of Cat Ba Island in Southeast Vietnam.

Adamo Software, a leading IT outsourcing company in Vietnam, took part in a 3-day-2-night journey at Cat Ba Island from 9th to 11th April. Cat Ba Island welcomed us with white-sandy beaches where we engaged in outdoor team-building activities. Besides, our teams enjoyed exclusive experiences in Gala dinner events, especially the Luau Dinner Show.

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Delivery Management Service: Improve Your Real-time Delivery System

Delivery management service refers to the logistics deployment via digital tools. Let’s see how technology improves real-time service delivery management.

The emergence of eCommerce has boosted brick-and-mortar businesses to shift towards online shopping. Customers expect to receive products in the shortest time, which is hard for traditional delivery methods to scale up their operations. There is a demand to drive omnichannel experiences towards the possibility of embracing delivery management software.

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Beyond the transformation of Big Data in Education

Big data in education helps institutions create better plans and education management. Data analytics in education industry is a trend.

The world is changing owing to the emergence of innovative technologies and the number of mobile devices, so people develop technological applications to handle data. Big data has become an interest for researchers in various fields, especially the education industry.

The education sector produces a large volume of data through online courses, teaching, and learning activities. Massive amounts of data help institutions enhance educational performances. Improvement in education depends on technology and acquisition. Large-scale administrative data plays a vital role in managing education. Implementing various aspects of big data in education reduces those issues. Let’s find out beyond the transformation of big data in education.

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Adamo Software is a Sure-Shot Solution to Your Modern Digital Business: GoodFirms

A modern IT firm can also take your holdings to new heights and your client’s businesses succeed.

In the words of Kevin Nguyen, the CEO and Founder of Adamo Software, read about how Adamo Software has gone on its professional journey so far and obtained a massive client base in a short time.

Adamo Software is a Vietnam-based software development company established by the young engineering duo in 2018. Most of the company’s clients come from Western countries, where 50% of the revenue is generated from Australia, and 30% of the revenue is generated from the USA. 

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Yield Management in Hotels: Key factor to boost revenue

Yield management in hotels ensures you make the most of your occupancy. Let’s discover the pros & cons of yield management in the hotel industry and its concept.

Yield management in hotels is one of the most vital pricing strategies for hotel operations. It involves strategic control of inventory, especially hotel room dynamic prices. The yield management in the hotel industry allows hotels and hospitality companies to optimize revenue. The revenue manager wants to gain profits through predicting, influencing, and anticipating customer behaviors.

It is all about timing when people sell the right product to the right customer at the right time.

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Mobile app development process: Things to consider (updates 2022)

Guides for the mobile app development process are essential for software development teams to consider. Read the article below to learn more.

In a tech-savvy world, mobile apps have become a game-changer. The mobile app can bring down well-established brands. Even shoot new players to the lead with a crucial technology to transform your business sector. The mobile app development process has been more or less an essential part of every business these days. Since it helps build brand identity, increase awareness, and promote revenue growth.

While many firms are trying to create a mobile app, many have no ideas how to create a custom app successfully. We have provided a closer look at each step in-depth. Regarding the size and scope of each project, following this process makes your enterprise mobile app development initiative a success.

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How patient engagement can improve healthcare outcomes

Patient engagement refers to the desire to allow healthcare customers to be involved in the decisions regarding their health conditions, wellness, and care.

The healthcare industry has considerably changed in recent years since ever-evolving technology in healthcare makes it easy for patients to access care. Mobile healthcare technologies such as remote patient monitoring (RPM), wearable devices, electronic healthcare records (EHR), etc have completely transformed the ways of interacting with patients.

Healthcare difficulties have emerged along with technology changes such as mobile, fixed-locations, or workforces. Mobile healthcare technologies indeed offer huge benefits to patients and healthcare providers. In this post, we provide feasible patient engagement solutions for hospitals to improve healthcare outcomes.

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Manual testing: Concept, Types, and the use in software outsourcing

Severe testing is the fundamental thing to successful software development. Especially, people want to find all bugs and fix them before software development teams release software projects to market. It helps avoid the need for costly retrofits and the risk of unsatisfied customers.

During the custom software development project, automated testing saves money and time. However, testers suffer challenges in underestimating the strength of humans in defining errors (especially when using usability testing for authentic users). This article demonstrates why manual testing still plays a fundamental role in software development. Also, we indicate its benefits, drawbacks and highlight how to write a test case. Hopefully, you will have some ideas about manual testing, especially for firms offering software outsourcing services.

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