Our Expertise

We do outsourcing projects with clients from different sectors. With over 60 successful projects, our professionals are confident in understanding your challenges.

Make Most Use of Software Outsourcing Expert Across Sectors

Adamo takes advantage of mature processes, flexible delivery models, effective management, and comprehensive industries expertise. We mainly do outsourcing services in key spheres, including but not limited to Travel & Hospitality, F&B, HealthCare and Social Networking. 


Accelerate Your Business with Our Expertise On Industry-Specific Solutions

At Adamo Software, we understand the crucial of resource concentration. Instead of offering shoal software outsourcing services to all industries available in the market, we attempt to lead some particular sectors. In which, we can guarantee you with our in-depth know-how in every signed contract. 

Ready to Build an Industry-Specific Software Solution Project?  

Different Development Models that You Can Work With Software Development  


Dedicated Development Team 

We provide specialized teams equipped with the expertise to execute designated tasks

Our high-performing team has the capacity to expedite the progress of development projects

Ongoing collaboration between our dedicated team and your in-house staff facilitates a smooth integration of resources, leading to heightened efficiency


Fixed-Cost Model  

Ideal for projects with well-defined scopes and clear deliverables

Our fixed-cost model minimizes financial uncertainties and offers a transparent overview of project costs

Provide a clear roadmap, allowing you to make strategic decisions with confidence


Project-based Model  

Cater to clients seeking comprehensive solutions from conceptualization to deployment

Our service provides a single-point accountability framework

You can focus on core business activities without getting into the intricacies of the development process

Why Select Adamo as an Experienced Software Outsourcing Development Company?

We are confident in providing end-to-end software development services from fully-functioned prototype to design, MVP development and deployment.

Approaching our top software development experts 

At Adamo, we own a robust team of IT talents, experiencing several authentic software outsourcing projects. You can directly take on the recruitment process to select the one matching your desire. 

Risk-free from trusted software development vendor

Our experienced team helps you identifying potential madness in your projects to consult you with the most efficient proposal. Keeping you posted with testing and QA practices, we are running a client-centered model in every project. 

Speed up your digitalization strategy  

Surfing inadequate practicing, your in-house developers might be trapped in the development process. Our outsourcing software development services definitely rescue your time. 

Keen sense of responsibility  

As a professional outsourcing software development company, we attempt hourly to complete the persuasive workflow process. It allows us to assure you with the output pursuing your budget constrain and expectations. 

Explore Our Software Development
Service Process
with 7 Steps

To build bespoke software development solutions, our team uses science-led and easily-scalable processes to identify customers’ requirements and needs. Consequently, we create the initial master plan for your needed solutions.  



We closely collaborate with our clients to define their requirements.


Adamo’s team creates visual elements and technical designs.


Together with clients, we choose the tech stack and project milestones and then build custom solutions.


Our quality assurance specialists ensure the quality of software solutions.  

MVP Release

For some projects, we are required to release MVP first.


After testing and checking, we come to the software deployment stage.  


Our team continues monitoring the system's performance, handling operational problems and upgrading if needed.