Adamo Software Thrives by Innovative Ideas to Deliver Tailor-Made Software and Technology Enablement Services: Goodfirms

Adamo Software is a preeminent provider of technology services and software development solutions, focusing on digital transformation advisory services. Adamo Software is on the way to proving the power of its software development outsourcing services, serving clients across countries.

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Angular Development: Tools, Frameworks and Best Practices

Angular development is a common web development platform. Its goal is to augment web-based applications with model view controllers. Read more.

Developers are using various tools and frameworks in the custom software development process for code creation, UI-UX designing, or testing. They will carefully select the kinds of the software development process that provides hands-on productivity, especially for angular development. As one of the most common software development applications, angular is a part of the JavaScript ecosystem.

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Delivery Management Service: Improve Your Real-time Delivery System

Delivery management service refers to the logistics deployment via digital tools. Let’s see how technology improves real-time service delivery management.

The emergence of eCommerce has boosted brick-and-mortar businesses to shift towards online shopping. Customers expect to receive products in the shortest time, which is hard for traditional delivery methods to scale up their operations. There is a demand to drive omnichannel experiences towards the possibility of embracing delivery management software.

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Yield Management in Hotels: Key factor to boost revenue

Yield management in hotels ensures you make the most of your occupancy. Let’s discover the pros & cons of yield management in the hotel industry and its concept.

Yield management in hotels is one of the most vital pricing strategies for hotel operations. It involves strategic control of inventory, especially hotel room dynamic prices. The yield management in the hotel industry allows hotels and hospitality companies to optimize revenue. The revenue manager wants to gain profits through predicting, influencing, and anticipating customer behaviors.

It is all about timing when people sell the right product to the right customer at the right time.

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Mobile app development process: Things to consider (updates 2022)

Guides for the mobile app development process are essential for software development teams to consider. Read the article below to learn more.

In a tech-savvy world, mobile apps have become a game-changer. The mobile app can bring down well-established brands. Even shoot new players to the lead with a crucial technology to transform your business sector. The mobile app development process has been more or less an essential part of every business these days. Since it helps build brand identity, increase awareness, and promote revenue growth.

While many firms are trying to create a mobile app, many have no ideas how to create a custom app successfully. We have provided a closer look at each step in-depth. Regarding the size and scope of each project, following this process makes your enterprise mobile app development initiative a success.

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The Rise of Mobile Commerce: Online Shopping Stats & Trends for 2022

Mobile commerce is an approach to use wireless devices such as mobile phones and tablets to buy and sell goods and services. Read below for further information.

Nearly 8 billion people in the world own smartphones, defining how much mobile devices play into daily life. Most of us, especially Millennials and Gen Z, have smartphones attached to our hips 24/7. We are using phones to check messages, emails, and update daily news. Before bedtime, we can watch our favorite TV shows and scroll through social media.

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An Ultimate Guide to Wireframe Design for Beginners

Wireframe design is a process allowing designers to draw an overview of interactive products to build software structure and design solutions. Read the article.

If you are exploring the field of UX design, you might hear the word “wireframes” around. Wireframing is an essential part of the software design process, but what is this and why makes it important? A wireframe is also a great approach to getting to know how end-users interact with the interface through buttons and menus on the diagrams.

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Hotel front desk management: leverage system software in operation

To prepare for the extreme revival of hospitality, getting smooth hotel front desk software solves the delay in peak season and brings more revenue.

Many people believe that front desk hotel refers to the hotel business face, which heavily influences the visitors’ perception regarding hotel services. Accordingly, the hotel front desk department plays a crucial role, which deciding the guest experience and the retention rate for hotels.

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Social shopping 2022: trending apps for network connection

As taking advantage of social media, social shopping is a kind of e-commerce that looks for involving people with similar interests in online shopping experiences.

E-commerce has been a driving force for social media sites. As one of the latest adventures in the e-commerce world, social shopping is a powerful tool for brand building and pulling customers on a larger scale.

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The future of education technology in 2022: reveal hidden opportunities

The educational movement has been captured as improving connectivity and technology applied in learning landscapes that put EdTech at the innovation heart.    

Many countries chose to change the way students leaning after covid 19 cases occurred. Instead of going to school and sitting together in a physical classroom, many students and instructors have to join virtual spaces with online meeting platforms as Zoom, Google meets, Microsoft team, and more. After two years of the pandemic outbreak, the education industry has to face dramatic disruption that a new normal has set.   

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