Media and Entertainment Software Development  

Adamo Software offers media and entertainment software development services, enabling enterprises to obtain better customer engagement and boost efficiency in operations and earn revenue streams. Content management, social networking applications and monetization – We bring lucrative software solutions for media and entertainment to your business.

Our Profit-Making Media & Entertainment Software Development Solutions

Our team provides media and entertainment software service solutions for enterprises since it is specialized in knowledge and tools to handle industry challenges and achieve opportunities in the dynamic marketplace. At Adamo, we optimize software solutions for media and entertainment business with emphasize on IoT solutions, embedded software and IT staffing.


Online streaming platforms

We leverage the latest technologies to build on-demand online entertainment platforms and sources for TV shows, movies and different streaming platforms.

Dating websites and apps

Hire our media and entertainment software company to help you expand business operations into the dating platforms including websites and apps.  

Social Networking App Development

Our dedicated development team has worked on several projects to build social networking apps and websites such as dating apps, social community-based platforms.

Social networking analytics tool  

Adamo helps analyze social networking sites through inclusive and comprehensive social networking analytics tool.  

Why choose Adamo to build Media & Entertainment Software Development

Adamo's team utilize the latest technologies and helps you obtain your goals by providing innovative approaches in the custom media and entertainment IT solutions. Our experiences and expertise of our specialists in the aspect of media and entertainment software development services enable you to acquire for your business.  

Our expertise in media and entertainment software development

We have experiences in building media and entertainment solutions such as live video streaming software, social networking app development, digital asst management solutions, online streaming platforms, and more.

Integrations with tools offered by third-parties

Adamo Software serves different approaches to integrate with online streaming development solutions. You integrate with live video streaming software solutions such as Zoom to employ web-based conference platforms' P2P functionality.

Content-based digitalization

Utilize online streaming platforms and live video streaming software in the business operations, which simplify operations with up-to-date tech stacks and become a big player in the market. Digitizing solutions enables you to structure and distribute content promptly.

Providing cost-effectiveness

Adamo ensures essential functionalities and problem-solving features to develop lucrative software solutions for your business in the most preferable ways. Partnering with us helps boost your business returns.


Benefits of Using Media and Entertainment software Solutions of Adamo

With tremendous experiences in the media and entertainment software solutions, Adamo offers both must-have features related to social media development and customizable features that might be utilized for specific requests.


Experienced experts in each domain aspect

Ensure the best developers in each industry that your project development leverages unparalleled service quality and the ability guided by IT developers in the work ethic.


Prompt ramp-up and business expansion

With its outstanding speed of exploring business market and onboarding the right developers for the media and entertainment project, you can drive forwards.


Lucrative and bespoke solutions

Explore our tremendous potential for design and project scratch offering high-performance media and entertainment product-based platform with up-to-date techs.  

Technologies that Transform Your Media and Entertainment Software Services


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Create food and beverage package templates, together with instantly adding to events and editing.
  • Set up prices based on per pax, fixed prices.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

  • Manage your food and beverage business operations and restaurants’ equipment facilities on a platform.
  • Details consist of descriptions, images, prices, costs, quantities, recipes, and others.

Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Add food & beverage packages to events (BEO documents).
  • Change F&B packages and optimize business operations.

Blockchain Solutions

  • Include colorful and printable menu PDFs
  • Use event CRM & communication tools

Cloud Computing

  • Add F&B packages to proposals, billing and invoices in the event
  • Automatically-synced adds real-time details (orders/menu) to relevant tools

Data Analytics & Visualization

  • Simplify your business operations via mobile portals

Looking For Innovative Technology Support for Current Media and Entertainment Project?

We are confident in providing end-to-end software development services from fully-functioned prototype to design, MVP development and deployment.

A One-Stop-Shop Solution for All
Custom Media and Entertainment Needs

At Adamo, we have sufficient capacity and expertise to discover the whole development software process required to provide high-quality software for media and entertainment development.  



We productively partner with our customers to identify projects' requirements.  


Adamo’s team design creative elements and follow different technological bases.


With appropriate settings of app’s features, the fintech app developers will ensure the easy navigational features and offer better user experiences.  


Our testing specialists are thriving to ensure the quality of media and entertainment software solutions.

MVP Release

For some specific projects, we are required to release MVP or Prototype first.  


After testing and checking, our developers will deploy the software solutions.  


Adamo's team continues monitoring system's performance, handling its operations and upgrading.  

FAQs about Media and Entertainment Software Solutions

Adamo IT Expert’s Explaining About Media and Entertainment Software Development Services

What is media and entertainment software solution utilized for?

Media and entertainment software solution is used for the application in the media industry to create profit-making solutions. It can be widely defined into online streaming platforms, digital asset management solutions, live video streaming software and video production and editing.

How long will it take to build an app for media and entertainment solutions?

The timeline to develop a bespoke media and entertainment software solutions depends on many factors such as complexity, features, and different requirements. When we understand your needs, Adamo team helps you to optimize the time.

Will my video streaming platforms be compatible with both iOS and Android?

We create apps in the media industry utilizing cross-platform technologies that ensure the app development flawlessly in both iOS and Android.

How about monetization? Could you integrate in-app purchase advertising?

We optimize your business with different monetization strategies from in-app purchase, subscription to advertising. It helps you to implement the most favorable method for business.

How can the software solution boost user engagement in the media and entertainment solutions?

Our media and entertainment solutions emphasize on building interactive and intuitive user engagement. Integrating with custom content, social sharing and more helps dramatically boost user engagement in the platform.

What about the security of digital-based content?

We put the issue of digital-based security on the priority. Adamo team uses security protocols into the custom software, which helps protect digital content and users’ data.

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