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Our agile software development team offers complete social networking sites and apps development, emerging networking tools to massive social communities.  


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Obtaining and retaining customers is one of the biggest challenges for your business’s commercial relationship. The social app from our agile software development team is the disruptive solution to successful conversions in your social media communities.

From bespoke social networking website design to a development process, our social app developers at Adamo are excellent in linking the world with the use of software services, which helps build feature-enriched and highly-performance social media apps connecting over and increased brand awareness.  


How Social Media Networking Apps Accelerate Your Business Performances 

71% of shoppers prefer buying something based on social media referrals. That is why social networking sites recently become indispensable in catching consumers’ attention. In fact, channels like social selling and marketplace distribution complement each other. The package helps your business create an active community, nurture the relationships with customers, then sell more products.

According to Statista, total revenue for social networking market is projected to show a CAGR 2022-2027 of 7.3%, leading to the estimate of $189.5 billion by6 2027. Social networking apps are revolutionizing the way users connect, communicate and even share information worldwide. Besides, these apps offer virtual platforms for users to interact, establish relationships and join community-based for many individuals. Also, enterprises take advantages of social networking apps to boost its brand awareness and drive online sales.

Why do Partner with Adamo in Social Networking Site Development Software Services

As a premium media and entertainment software development company in Vietnam, Adamo aids enterprises and organizations to connect with potential clients and increased brand awareness. Explore here to see why enterprises need to collaborate with Adamo to develop social networking apps.  

Define firms' potential customers

A business-oriented online marketplace is a prospective market that everyone can have a slice of this promising industry. With industry-standard coding and exceptional user experience, our agile software development brings one postal to access the insight of your clients. 

Institute sustain relationships with customers 

By nurturing a special bond with customers, your brand can create more returning clients along with a supportive community that will push the business forward. Your consumers are welcome to approach you directly and openly, then build long-term relationships with your product or service. 

Increase your reach and customers' engagement

Nowadays, advertising is losing its power to attract people. But user-generated content can provide a brand new opportunity to deepen the strategy and to sell more. Your designed social media networking sites can collect product reviews from clients, then leverage this source in the next marketing campaigns. 

Improve users retention and loyalty

Social media sites can uplift the overall satisfaction in the purchase decisions. A prominently visual impression will attract customers in no time, but a top-notch social marketplace and interactive products are the heart of clients' loyalty. 

Understand Adamo's End-to-End Social Networking App Development Solutions 


Messaging App  

Our Adamo team understands that messaging and real-time chats are fundamental functions of social media apps. Understanding that, our IT experts create platforms that allow instant virtual communication in hack-proof working landscapes.


Video-based App  

We are confident in creating the most optimal live video streaming software or video-based apps to endorse you build, expand and also manage the streaming apps efficiently and to meet the highest standards.  


Social e-Commerce  

At Adamo, we create social eCommerce apps featured with pivotal features to purchase, sell, trend and enhanced advertises for products and services in more accessible ways.  


Custom social
networking apps  

Adamo team of social media app developers are excelling in creating bespoke social networking apps which enable users to add friends, monitor their networks and send a wide range of requests to increase users’ virtual networks.  

Transform Social Media Apps and Website Development with Cutting-Edge Features

As a premium social networking app development company, we will optimize your social media application solutions with advanced and cutting-edge features that can add different elements of connectivity and interaction in mobile apps for enterprise social networking.  

Smart UX functionalities  

  • Social login 
  • User-friendly design
  • Smart search system
  • Smart filters
  • Convenient filters
  • Subscribers  
  • Search engine tool
  • Rating & review
  • Multiple language

Proper selection of products 

  • Location tracking
  • Browser-friendly
  • Video-sharing
  • Messaging 
  • Product profile
  • Customer support
  • Purchasing dashboard
  • Generate order receipt
  • Feedback 

Compelling review system 

  • Admin login
  • Sellers admin dashboard
  • Advertise creating
  • Predictive analytics
  • Buyers policy 
  • Content management 
  • Newsletter sending
  • Advertising creating
  • AI chatbot

F.A.Qs about Social Media Networking Sites

Explore our insights related to social media networking site development services in terms of costs to build social media networking sites, stages of dating app development process, data confidentiality of users’ social media apps.  

How much does it cost to build social media networking sites?

Social networking sites development can cost from $30,000 to $250,000 to build and it depends on many factors such as feature sets, UI/UX design and tech-based infrastructure. The complexity of projects will determine whether there is any charge going up or down.

How to make social media apps

Social media app development process is complicated and time-consuming. Here are some steps that Adamo Software uses to create a lucrative social media app:

  • Ideation and project planning
  • Draft UI/UX design
  • Development
  • Testing and QA
  • Deployment
  • Launch
  • Maintenance and support

How to ensure the confidentiality of clients’ social media app development projects

As a premier social networking app development company, we make it a clear point to ensure that NDA agreement will be signed before the project starts and source code’s ownership can be transferred once when the project is finished.

What are benefits of outsourcing software development in social networking apps? 

Outsourcing software development in the media and entertainment industry, particularly hiring developers to create social networking apps can bring many benefits including flexibility to have meetings from far distances, accessibility to experienced social media app developers along with their expertise, reducing time development and get better understand of different platforms.

What are features of developing social networking apps? 

There are must-have features of social networking app development including quick profile creation, advanced search filters, real-time messages, images, audio, video editing, secure login and privacy controls and map integrations.