Ecommerce and Retail Software Development

Adamo has been creating e-commerce apps that help businesses attract new visitors, increase customer loyalty, provide the ultimate user experience and satisfaction that engages your clients and keeps them coming back again and again. 

Transform Your Business with Our Bespoke Ecommerce and Retail Software Solutions

Our professional team of eCommerce software development has proved our expertise in several eCommerce website development, eCommerce mobile apps and eCommerce platform development. We list here four popular types of eCommerce solutions that our clients commonly ask for.  


Point of Sale Software Solutions

In the most common and significant software associated with the retail industry, our team designed intuitive features like firsthand retail sales transactions, secure refunds management, inventory sync, and integrated back-office processes. Furthermore, the automatic calculating sales tax for multinational companies is one of our main development goals. 

Retail ERP Software Development  

Via only one complete portal, you can access several business activities, including collecting, storing, managing, and interpreting data. Additionally, we provide accounting software integrated with the whole eCommerce system for your back office. It provides the working space to handle daily transactions and the real-time financials of your business. Optimizing your business profitability is the key to our platform. 

Omnichannel Retail Software Development

While 96% of people shop online, increasing customer satisfaction is one of your most considerable concerns. So, if you are looking for an omnichannel development solution to create a closer and more effective interaction with customers, our dedicated team offers more than that. Our products cover the workload from customer spend trends tracking by database hosted, product recommendations personalizing, traffic improvement, to inventory managing. 

Retail CRM Software

In addition to the above, CRM software comes as the necessary condition to complete your whole ecosystem, ensuring steady collaboration between your e-commerce platform and your retail management. Your sales and customer care department can work smoothly with accessible data sharing across regions to create informed customer experiences. 

Why Partner with Adamo to Create Tailor-cut Ecommerce Software Solutions  

As a premium software development company excelling at ecommerce and retail software solutions, Adamo team confidently provides end-to-end ecommerce and retail software development services from fully-cycle functions to designate MVP and prototype.  

Tailor-made eCommerce Application and Solutions

We understand that an eCommerce project demands a great deal of attention. But based on the combination of your product background and our cross-industry and multicultural expertise, our dedicated development team could give you a consultant guiding you step by step to turn the idea into realistic features. 

E-commerce Solutions Engage Mobile Users

Our eCommerce software development services would merge the best features of your in-store and online shopping experience in one place. Leverage the latest technological developments to transform your customer's thinking about shopping. 

Get Insights into Guest Behaviors 

Use the clean, comprehensive dashboard and CMS to get a complete view of your guest's behaviors. Learn who is coming back to your resort with in-app check-ins. See how users react with newly implemented ideas and the work of your staff by means of polling and actionable analytics. Set up an inviting in-app message board to get instant, spot-on feedback from your guests. 


Which Retail and eCommerce Businesses that Adamo Team Help


B2B, B2C, C2C stores

Whether they are B2B, B2C or C2C business models that you are running, we will help you create tailor-made retail and ecommerce software solutions to meet specific needs and business requirements.  


Retail-based Wholesalers

At Adamo, we collab with wholesalers to aid them build tech-based solutions and streamline warehouse operations, along with distribution process from manufactures to retailers.  



With hands-on experiences to support manufacturing processes with the software development solutions, Adamo captures challenges and knows how to deal with them.  


Drop-shipping Suppliers 

Our IT team discerns many aspects of drop-shipping business and creates the appropriate tools to boost sales and aid goods delivery directly to consumers.  

Our Basic Functions of Retail and eCommerce Software Services by Adamo to Accelerate Business


Customer acquisition

To help attract and obtain new customers through advanced tech and increased customer engagement. 


Conversion optimization  

Create a suitable ecommerce platform to improve conversion rates, enhance trust and maximize ROI.  


Inventory management

Implement tech stacks to facilitate goods’ storages and ensure the availability and reduce costs.  


Logistics and shipping

Optimize shipping ways, decrease delivery time and boost fleet management.  


Returns management

Aid an efficient return process in which enterprise ensure customers’ satisfaction and reduced costs.  


Payment processing

Ensure efficient and smooth shopping processes and seamless experiences.  


Finance management

Ensure the visibility of financial management and integrate with other syst4ems to fit customers’ needs. 


Customer service and support

Implement customer support tools (e.g. chatbots) to offer better shopping experiences.  


Fraud prevention

Enhance ecommerce security solutions for customers’ data and prevent fraudulent and cyberattacks.  


Data security and privacy  

Make sure to safeguard ecommerce solutions by applying security protocols and cybersecurity tools.  


Mobile optimization

Ecommerce software solutions will encompass developing mobile apps and optimizing web based.  


Tech-based maintenance

To endorse ecommerce services and keep techs arsenal efficiently by regularly updating.  

Looking For Innovative Technology Support for Current E-commerce and Retail Development

We are confident in providing end-to-end software development services from fully-functioned prototype to design, MVP development and deployment.

A One-Stop-Shop Solution for
All bespoke e-commerce and
retail development projects

At Adamo, we are confident in providing technological capacity and industry expertise to dive into software development projects in order to bring money-making software solutions in e-commerce and retail industry.



We productively partner with our customers to identify projects' requirements.  


Adamo’s team design creative elements and follow different technological bases.


With appropriate settings of app’s features, ecommerce mobile app developers will ensure the easy navigational features and offer better user experiences.  


Our testing specialists are thriving to ensure the quality of e-commerce software solutions.

MVP Release

For some specific projects, we are required to release MVP or Prototype first.  


After testing and checking, our developers will deploy the software solutions.  


Adamo's team continues monitoring system's performance, handling its operations and upgrading.  

FAQs about Retail and E-commerce Software Development Solutions.

Explore money-making retail and ecommerce software solutions by Adamo Software to examine benefits of employing retail and ecommerce software, the importance of ecommerce platforms boosting business operations and improved online stores' security, pivotal features, and how much that needs to build retails and ecommerce solutions.  

What are the benefits of using retail and ecommerce software? 

Streamlined operations: Ecommerce software development solutions help your business manage plenty of tasks including inventory management, order processing, customer support, resulting in enhancing operational efficiency.

Improved customer experience: Customer satisfaction can be improved with features like personalized recommendations, user-friendly interfaces, secure payment gateways of ecommerce software solutions

Scalability: The capacity to flexibly scale up or down ecommerce software in response to changing needs and business growth ensures that the platform stays effective and responsive.

How do bespoke ecommerce platforms boost business performance?

Scalability: Ecommerce software can be easily scaled up or down to accommodate business growth and changing demands, ensuring that the platform remains responsive and efficient

By automating processes like order processing, inventory control, and customer relationship management, an ecommerce platform can enhance business operations. Additionally, they give extensive analytics and reporting tools that can provide insights into sales patterns and customer behavior. Ecommerce platforms can also help you reach a wider audience and sell goods internationally. Order processing, inventory management, customer relationship management and various other business tasks may be automated by ecommerce systems.

How will ecommerce software services enhance online stores’ security?

SSL encryption: Customer data is protected during transmission when SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption is used, making it nearly impossible for hackers to intercept and decode.

Frequently scheduled security updates: To keep your online store safe, developers patch and fix security flaws on a regular basis.

PCI compliance: Ecommerce software development solutions help you ensure your online store conforms with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), so you may lower the risk of credit card fraud and increase client confidence.

What are the excellent features of retail and ecommerce software solutions?

The features of retail and ecommerce software solutions include automation processes (e.g. calculating pricing, taxes, costs and shipping), search filters, website building, central data-based features, reporting and analytics and integration.

How much does it cost to build ecommerce software solutions? 

The cost of building ecommerce software might vary greatly, depending on your unique requirements. Features, design, complexity, and platform selection are all important considerations. A basic setup could cost $50,000 or more, while a custom design with extensive functionality could cost more than $250,000.