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I. Problems that Magpie Travel Have to Handle

Magpie Travel is a company based in San Francisco, California that specializes in developing content management solutions for the tours and activities sector of the online travel industry. 


In 2017, the Founder and CEO of Magpie Travel recognized the need for a central and independent content management system to streamline tasks for tour operators and their distribution partners as they was frustrated with the amount of time spent on repetitive tasks for each reseller partner and the difficulty of maintaining content already in the channel. 


The problem? This led to the development of the idea of a central and independent content management system that would deliver efficiencies for both tour operators and their distribution partners. That’s when Magpie Travel sought a software outsourcing development partner, and they found one in Adamo Software 

What major challenges do they cope with?  

A significant amount of time replicating the same tasks for each reseller partner

Difficulty in maintaining content consistency 

Lack of centralized content management system 

II. How Adamo Travel and Hospitality Software Development Service help Magpie Travel 

Adamo Software provides the technical expertise and support needed to develop and implement the central content management system envisioned by Magpie Travel. With Adamo solution, Magpie Travel aimed to enhance their content management solutions and deliver more efficient services to tour operators and their distribution partners  


Combining various contents from multiple sources altogether in one site, multiple updates at a time for timesaving, content management by Reseller Extranets and Verified Resellers, distribution control by Reseller Hub. 


Magpie can provide you with robust and up to date content making it faster to get products to market. This reduces the time staff spend on rewrites, freeing them up to work on more useful tasks. 

1. Robust and up-to-date travel content 

With a robust content management system, Magpie Travel can aggregate and centralize content from multiple sources. Thanks to this better content management capabilities, Magpie Travel delivered high-quality and timely content, giving them a competitive edge in the market. 

2. Time-saving updates 

Magpie Travel were able to make updates to their content in a centralized manner, which automatically propagated across all their distribution channels. This is because Magpie solution freed up their staff to focus on more strategic tasks, such as improving customer experiences and expanding their product offerings. 

3. Distribution control and management 

Magpie Travel could manage their content distribution efficiently and ensure consistency across all their reseller partners. This centralized control allowed them to maintain a strong brand presence and deliver a consistent message to their target audience. 

III. Key Features of Magpie Solution 

Magpie gives users the ability to access many top-notch features such as multilingual B2B chat support, review analysis, content rewriting, and product translation.  

AI assistant

Magpie AI assistant, specifically trained in the travel industry, helps travel resellers with various tasks such as creating marketing plans, generating new product ideas, and crafting social media posts. 

Content optimizer

The content optimizer tool enables resellers to create better content by filling in gaps and generating comprehensive descriptions and highlights to maximize conversions on their website. 

Live updates 

Resellers can activate live updates to ensure they always have the most up-to-date content available. 

Review analysis

Magpie imports reviews from various platforms and provides resellers with the ability to analyze them based on filters such as product, source, rating, and date-range.  

Review responder

Magpie's Review Responder suggests responses to online reviews on platforms like Google, Viator, and Tripadvisor. Resellers can choose from pre-existing examples or create new responses, customized to their preferred voice and tone. 

Language translator 

Magpie solution offers translation services in up to 36 different languages 

Audio presentation 

Resellers can create audio summaries of their products, which can be useful for B2B purposes such as agent training. They can use auto-generated summaries or create their own. 

Points of interest (POI) finder

Magpie's POI Finder tool helps improve Google Things to Do listings by identifying POIs that can be added to resellers' listings. It also recommends other nearby POIs to enhance their SEO. 

Writing suggestions

This feature analyzes the content and provides suggestions to improve writing style and clarity. It identifies conflicts or inconsistencies within the content to ensure accuracy and avoid confusion. 

IV. Results: An Independent Content and Distribution Management System 

Offering a product content management system for resellers provides a competitive edge in the online travel sector, since 41% of travelers book through OTAs and 29% book through travel agents or operators.


By collaborating with Adamo Software, Magpie Travel was able to address content management issues while ensuring that operators and tours—their clients—manage content and distribution more effectively. 

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