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Our team helps to integrate Artificial Intelligence in the current IT infrastructure – Your firm can boost customer engagement and create more revenue without human errors. With profound technical skills, Adamo empowers your business operations with innovative and lucrative software solutions and you will always take further movements ahead of the competitors.

Adamo Software provides advanced AI Development Services that aid businesses to automate operations and make better decisions. Thanks to giving deep insights into the data, our artificial intelligence development services help obtain the data-driven modernizations.

Help to Utilize AI-based Solutions to Transform Your Operations

Our IT Experts Deliver Related and Impactful Custom AI-Enabled Software Solutions Tailored To Your Unique Business-Centric Requirements

Tremendous Benefits of AI Software Development Services

In 2022, the Artificial Intelligence market size reached $136.6 billion and it is predicted to make $1581.7 billion by 2030. AI development services can bring lots of benefits to enterprises and end users. 


Automating processes

AI and ML automate plenty of daily tasks, which helps companies spend time on tasks and responsibilities that require human touches. Meanwhile, AI deals with a tedious and repetitive task. 


Better customer experiences

Using AI in the customer experience helps businesses customize the customer experiences based on specific needs and requirements. 


Increasing data availability

Today’s digital world has produced a ton of data. Therefore, AI’s applications can improve and learn data quickly; as a result, it helps improve results and make precise decisions. 

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Our AI/ML Development Services
Accelerate Business Growth


Machine Learning

Despite being used interchangeably, AI and ML are still distinctive. Machine Learning, a subpart of AI, uses algorithms and data to learn knowledge. It allows business owners or users to make accurate predictions. The application of ML is everywhere in our daily lives, for example, voice recognition and predictive analytics. 

Deep Learning

As a subset of Machine Learning, Deep Learning supports computers to learn based on examples. Current innovations of Deep Learning are virtual assistants, facial recognition, and so on. 

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing allows computers to process a big amount of natural human language. With a voice or text language, NLP helps enterprises use data more efficiently from processing to sentiment analytics. 

Predictive Analytics

It is a popular AI application for its incredible uses. Predictive analytics help leverage statistics techniques, use algorithms, predictive modeling, and more to get better understanding of customers, anticipate various situations, boost productivity, and reduce risks. 

AI Chatbot Development

Although chatbots have been introduced for years, they certainly have a moment to use. Currently, ChatGPT, as a common tool, will be responsible for headlines and users use them everyday for its benefits. At Adamo, we can help you build the AI chatbot to enhance customer experiences and the whole business operations. 

Custom AI Solutions

There is not a one-size-fit-all solution and understanding that, Adamo works with you to create custom AI solutions that resolve your problems and specific needs. 

Why choose Adamo for Artificial Intelligence Development Services?

Our experienced developers at Adamo use the up-to-date technologies and endorse you to achieve business goals by offering innovation AI-based development solutions across diverse industries including travel and hospitality, digital healthcare solutions, fintech app development, media and entertainment software solution, e-commerce and education and more.

Gain customer satisfaction

Adamo helps boost customer satisfaction and experiences through custom AI solutions. We work with you to transform your business and meet various requirements. 

Hire dedicated development team

Adamo offers different development models, including fixed-cost or team-based solutions. No matter which software development model that you choose, our teams will remain devoted to your projects, which allows you to emphasize the core business while we resolve the technical sides. 

Offer flexibility

Our team adapts and changes to meet your specific needs. We provide with flexibility whether you want to adjust anything during the development process. 


Our Al Development Services
with Hand-picked Features

Each AI-based software application resolves different real-time users’ problems, understanding that situation, Adamo lists here a series of features that are both must-have and custom features.

Natural language dialogue 
Smart data discovery 
Speech to text 
Visual recognition 
Predictive capabilities 
Prediction of the next questions 
Self-services dashboards 
Text to speech 
Automatic process 
Bot design & deployment 

AI Software Development Process

Our developers at Adamo have full capacity and strong expertise to unlock the whole AI development process acquired to offer lucrative and cost-effective software solutions.



We productively partner with our customers to identify projects' requirements.  


Adamo’s team design creative elements and follow different technological bases.


With appropriate settings of app’s features, the AI software development will ensure the easy navigational features and offer better user experiences.  


Our testing specialists are thriving to ensure the quality of AI-based development service solutions

MVP Release

For some specific projects, we are required to release MVP or Prototype first.  


After testing and checking, our developers will deploy the software solutions.  


Adamo's team continues monitoring system's performance, handling its operations and upgrading.  

Frequently asked questions

Expert’s Explaining About AI Development Service Solution

How to outsource an AI Development Company?

When businesses choose to outsource Artificial Intelligence Development Services, Adamo Software, the leading software development company in Vietnam will assist you to create innovative products from the scratch to finish. We offer software development models including team-based and fixed costs. Our AI developers will join your team and work with in-house development teams. They work together from the beginning to end-to-end development process.

At Adamo Software, we provide a wide range of services and solutions to meet your technology needs. Also, we will bring you to the best software solutions that can transform the whole industry.

Which applications can help you to build through AI and Machine Learning

You can create plenty of software applications using AI and ML, for example, Alex, Siri, Socratic, and ChatGPT. Although the application of AI seems to be countless, they have common categories:

  • Voice assistance
  • Facial recognition
  • Fraud/Error prevention
  • Personalized shopping experiences