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Adamo Software is the premier software development company in the Vietnam market. With competent and broadening experiences, our development teams continuously support enterprises and entrepreneurs to lead the market and create cutting-edge software solutions.  


Advantages of Vietnam IT Software Development Market

Economic changes and uncertain political conditions worldwide boost the outsourcing software development service business in Vietnam. Benefits of Vietnam's IT outsourcing competitiveness include: 


Low labor costs

As Vietnam’s leading software development company, Adamo sees Vietnam as an ideal alternative IT development hub amid rising software development costs and attrition rates in other offshore development centers like India, Ukraine or China.

Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia are among the most popular IT offshore destinations today. Tech JDI found that Vietnam has great technology talent. Labor costs in Vietnam are 15%–50% lower than in Thailand and Malaysia. In Vietnam, hiring a data engineer or software engineer costs 9,600 to 18,000 USD per year, while in Singapore, it costs 38,000 to 84,500 USD. This appeals to enterprises worldwide.

highly-talented developers

Abundant highly qualified human resources

Vietnam has excellent STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, which helps human resources build skills and solve market problems.

Vietnam is one of the world’s leading countries in terms of IT graduates. TopDev reports that 153 colleges and universities in Vietnam graduate over 400,000 IT developers and 50,000 engineering and technology students. This large number of developers may be enough to deliver a quality workforce at low labor costs. The increased number of English-speaking IT workers is also an advantage.


Stable economic and political environment

Political and societal instability in Thailand and Malaysia is hurting Asian economies. As a stable country with significant growth, Vietnam is fortunate to have government support for economic operations.

Vietnam wants to join the global digital economy like China, India, and Europe. Thus, the Vietnamese government offers indigenous IT enterprises financial aid, land leasing savings, and other incentives.

For years, Intel, LG, and Microsoft have invested extensively in the Vietnamese business. Apple is moving high-tech Macbook and Apple Watch production north. Samsung, which opened an R&D facility in 2020, uses Thai Nguyen to make semiconductor components. IT development enterprises like Adamo Software would have more room to grow than previously.

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What makes Vietnam an ideal IT outsourcing hub?

Vietnam’s digital sector will reach $57 billion by 2025, surpassing offshore software development facilities. It suggests Vietnam is ready to drive digital transformation beyond IT outsourcing. Thus, SMEs can outsource mobile app development to Vietnam’s professional and devoted staff and cutting-edge technologies.

The Vietnamese government prioritized custom software, eCommerce, AI, fintech, and Blockchain to accelerate digital transformation. Developers with technical skills and English fluency are increasing to fulfill demand. Adamo Software, Vietnam’s best software development business, knows technical skills and English proficiency are essential.


Things to Be Revealed: How Does Adamo Software Reach the Leading Software Development Company in Vietnam? 


Understanding clients’ needs 

Adamo Software thoroughly evaluates requirements projects to understand customer needs and goals. We can deliver efficient, innovative, and sustainable software solutions. We examine resources and use our key abilities to assist clients make smart decisions.


Building trust and belief among clients 

Our goal is to become their trusted and long-term business partner. Adamo Software is committed to providing professional and high-quality software


Delivering sustainable and innovative value 

We provide unique and reliable software solutions to help our clients succeed in a fast-paced corporate environment.

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Adamo Software will help you enhance your business operations with optimal software development services and also assist you to promptly launch your products that will win customers fast.


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