Fintech Software Development

Adamo helps enterprises transform financial services by the latest tech to boost the efficiency in operations, transparency and speed up response times and better customer experiences.

Our Fintech Software Development Services

At Adamo, we leverage the latest techs such as Blockchain, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence to create smoothly-running and secure custom fintech applications.   


Digital Wallet & Payments 

Our team helps financial enterprises to consolidate the security of payment processes, and we aim to provide customized and lucrative payment solutions that meet clients’ requirements.
  • Digital wallet services
  • Peer-to-peer payment services
  • Online money transfer services
  • Digital payment solutions

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

We create and deliver blockchain-enable financial software solutions such as cryptocurrencies that can be scalable and ensure transparency in the financial system.
  • Stock marketplaces using blockchain techs
  • Decentralized apps for security
  • Blockchain-based solutions for security
  • Smart automation for contract

Payment-as-a-service (PaaS)

Adamo offers a PaaS model for financial institutions since it enhances customer-based payment products and services without internal investment and development costs.
  • Optimize payment globally
  • Capture recurring revenue
  • Automate financial operation
  • Set up multi-party payments and payouts
  • Integrate with banking-as-a-service

Payment gateways

Payment gateway development services help create innovative solutions for payment gateways and integrate with existing technologies. Bespoke payment gateways can support all payment methods and currencies via mobile apps/web apps.
  • Payment gateway implementation
  • Payment processing solutions
  • Custom payment applications
  • Multi-currency processing solutions
  • Payment processing security
  • Buy Now, Pay Latter

Why Need to Invest in Fintech App Development

Financial business landscape is changing rapidly since the traditional banking services no longer satisfy customers’ needs due to a high level of automation and personalization. Thus, financial institutions are striving to enhance faster processes and more reliable secure money transactions compared to the old ones.

Enterprises today choose to invest in fintech app development services for its tremendous benefits. Fintech software development services not only help accelerate payment processes and provide better transparency and customization, but it can also encrypt and connect all payment transactions that are totally secure. With the application of blockchain technology, custom fintech solutions erase the need for third-party providers, leading to save costs and time.


Our Features Help Customize Mobile Payments with Fintech Software Development Solutions

With profound experiences in fintech aspects, Adamo Software provides both must-have application features and customized features that might be used for specific requirements.  

Money transfer and receive
Integration of blockchain  
Language options
Account management  
Predictive intelligence  
Alerts & push notifications 
Personalized experiences via fingertips  
Customer support 24/7  
Advanced fraud protection 
Digital payments 
Interactive user interface and usability  
Money remittance  

Fintech Software
Development Process 



The scope of fintech software development projects can be built and highlighted project timeline. 

Prototype and MVP

After deciding on what features that can be added in the project, an MVP or a Prototype will be built, understanding product viability and build a software product with the best presentation.


With appropriate settings of app’s features, the fintech app developers will ensure the easy navigational features and offer better user experiences.  


Next, testing is an essential part of a fintech software development process that ensures the custom app with free-bugs and no crashes.  

MVP Release

It is essential to release MVP or Prototype to test before head in the market, which ensures the feature and functionality of software development solutions.  


Deployment is the final stage of the fintech software development process. After all testing techniques, enterprises and development teams are confident in launching the fintech apps.  


Our development team keeps monitoring system's performance and handling operational issue.

Frequently asked questions

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What factors influence the fintech software development process?

Key factors affect the timeline of the fintech software development process: project’s requirements, time to market, skills and talents of development teams, market barriers, resources.

How long does it take to create fintech apps?

It is hard to estimate the time for fintech app development since it will depend on the project’s complexity, resources of enterprises and development teams, and market challenges.

How to speed up the software development process?

Tips to boost the fintech software development process:

  • Build a well-planned software development strategy
  • Select the right tech stack
  • Choose an available fintech software solutions
  • Get your financial backup

Outsourcing a fintech software development company is a great option?

Outsourcing fintech software development solutions can be practical for businesses that need technical experts and innovative market leaders since in-house teams lack experience.

How much does it cost to build a fintech app?

Building a fintech app can cost a huge amount of money based on complexity, must-have features, programming languages, and more. The cost also varies depending on different requirements.

Why hire Adamo Software as Your Fintech Software Development Partner?

Our fintech software development services help you develop customized fintech software solutions that specifically meet your business. At Adamo, we take advantage of in-depth understanding of banking and financial systems with our expertise to provide cutting-edge and sustainable solutions.

1. We build user trust via end-to-end security
2. We create innovative fintech solutions
3. Our working process carries a reliable fraud prevention system