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Via social network analysis tools, B2B B2C companies have full vision in data insights with back-up and expert knowledge from Adamo's agile development team. 


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The combination of human and technology power keeps us ahead in the age of IoT. Via Social network analysis tools, you have an overall vision in data insights with all back-up and expert knowledge from Adamo’s agile development team.

As a premium media and entertainment software development company, Adamo’s IT experts have excelled at building lucrative and cutting-edge social networking analytic tools that enterprises to collect users’ data information, insights of potential customers and market trends. Help transform your social media site with critical analytics tools for social media websites?


How Social Networking Analysis to Boost Business Performances

In the industrial digitalization, social network analysis tools deliver a crystal-clear understanding of your business’ digital operation. No more depending on third-party social media analytics tools, you can create your custom ones with AI-driven development, predictive analytics, and automated machine learning. Our agile software development team supports you to boost your company and take full advantage of each feature.

Besides, the worldwide social networking market size is projected to reach $81.42 billion in 2024 and is predicted to go up to $179.22 billion by 2029, with a CACG of 17.09% in the 2024-2029. Owing to the significant growth of data offered by social networking platforms, enterprises are increasingly accounting on customer data to make decisions for marketing and customer experiences. Thus, analytics demonstrated via networking platforms is remarkably regarded as a critical business and marketing tool, which helps define meaningful insights into customers’ behaviors and improve enterprises’ services and products.

Why You Gain Benefits From Adamo’s Social Networking Analytics Development Services

As a premium software development company specializing in media and entertainment industries, Adamo Software understands that social networking analytics tools play an important for enterprises to capture customers’ insights and market trends on these platforms.

Get closer to clients’ insights

Not only accessing the data related to internal team performance, but you can also easily compare it to the competitors' activities or the performance of other social channels. Via social reports, you can improve customer care. 

Deepen your social media channel

Social network analysis tools help your marketing team measure the ROI of used media channels. As top software companies, you can truly define its performances and decide to laser-focus on the well-impact ones 

Keep track of campaign performance on social

Keep track of campaign performance Advanced social listening tools bring you valuable data related to target audiences, including their demographics, behaviors, demands, or sentiment. Visual graphs break down data into presentation-ready reports. 

Gather data for the next strategy

Our agile software development team prepares you for an extensive resource to analyze the social engagement of diverse content. Your social reports enable you to demonstrate the performance of content competing for relevant industry keywords. 

Understand Suggested Social Networking Analysis Tools for Selected Business Models  


In-house marketing team among B2B brands

Your business scale is reaching a global level that you need an optimal marketing team that keeps all campaign functions in one place. Moreover, investing in social channels like LinkedIn is an excellent choice to convert your ideas.  


Direct social selling model 

Solutions from our agile software development team can help you target your audience via numerous channels and increase your sales. Custom social networking analysis tools motivate you to understand the performance of product score and inform your future campaigns.  


Social media contest organizer  

Technology helps support both your legworks and analysis tasks. Social media measurement handles your process of picking the winner and measuring the engagement of each giveaway/contest campaign.  


Social media optimization company 

SMO services are more and more developing with the expansion of the digital marketplace. To improve your overall brand value and create competitive selling points, you need unique solutions for each clients’ requirements.  

Transform Solutions with Pivotal Features of Social Network
Analysis Tools


Social media-based metrics 

  • Social Login 
  • Product Tag 
  • Mentions Tracking 
  • User-Generated Content Analyzing 
  • Hashtag Analytics 
  • Traffic Monitoring 
  • UTM Parameters Integrated 
  • Posts Prior Optimizing 
  • Multiple language

ROI management 

  • Location tracking
  • Customer Management 
  • Story-Based Content Optimizing 
  • Story Engagement Analytics 
  • Response Time Tracking 
  • Social Conversations Summary 
  • Social Sentiment Trends Checkup 
  • Competitor Comparison 
  • Feedback 

Social media audit  

  • Social Listening And Report Builder 
  • Dashboard 
  • Brand Profile Evaluating 
  • Brand Profile Optimizing 
  • Price Tag Recommendation 
  • Influencer Marketing Custom Metrics 
  • Data Insights Gathering 
  • Data Insights Measuring 
  • Network Optimization 

F.A.Qs about Social Networking Analysis Tool  

Explore our insights related to development of social networking analytics tools for users and enterprises, for example, the importance of social networking analytic tools, must-have features and more.  

What is social networking analysis? 

Social networking analysis, also considers as an organizational network analysis, is an approach of capturing how ideas, knowledge and decision-making flows via organizations and communities, along with how these connections can influence collective results such as productivity, development, adaptability and innovation.

Why are social networking sites important?  

Since it helps enterprises’ members to access information, share different ideas and update expert knowledge. By supporting these connections, efficient networks can promptly respond to different situations and accelerate innovations.

Key features of social networking analytics tool development solutions

It includes social media login, register, location tracking, profile management, story engagement analytics, content-based optimizing, social conversions, influence marketing customer metrics, data insights gathering and measuring and multiple language.