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Online streaming

At Adamo, we put our efforts into augmenting customers’ behaviors, together with the state-of-the-art online streaming platforms or live video streaming software tools. It captures and streams videos with live encoding abilities via our lucrative media and entertainment software development to flawlessly mix, edit videos, as well as select and display these videos from many sources by changing between camera.  


Our Online Streaming Platform in Media and Entertainment Software Development

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Our efficient software services in the media and entertainment industry provide reliability and scalability.

Also, it harnesses the usage of live streaming videos to captivate audiences, share information and boost audience participation. Besides, our team help you to highlight features including adaptive streaming videos, multi-platform and real-time reports and analytics.


How Lucrative Online Streaming Platforms Boost Your Business Operations

According to the Fortune Business Insights, the video streaming market size was $455.45 billion (2022) and is expected to increase up to $1902.68 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of 19.3% in the 2023-2030. As stated in Statista, video streaming (SVoD) shows a promisingly potential market development. With considerably increasing of social media platforms and the Internet connectivity, it has led to the growth of online streaming platform. Besides, there is a surge of the resolution-oriented video streaming platforms propelling this market growth.

In today’s business landscapes, online streaming platforms have brought lots of benefits for enterprises’ business performance including improved audience reach and interactive engagement, increased its brand awareness and visibility in the online platforms, and a cost-effective marketing approach for firms.

Why You Get Merits From Adamo’s Online Streaming Platform Development Services 

To ask about how you can gain benefits from our media and entertainment software services at Adamo, there will be defined in terms of boosting industry-specific inspiration, improved distribution abilities, flexibly monetizing and update the latest tech stacks.  

Help boost industry-related inspiration

We will the one giving profession-based powerful tools and interactive apps that enable users to edit videos, graphic tools and audio-based production software to make stunning and interactive contents.  

Enhance distribution opportunities

Open up new opportunities for creators to distribute their content on streaming platforms, virtual marketplace and digital channels in order to reach wider audiences, along with aiding artists to monetize work.  

Offer flexible money-making solutions

Make the most of many monetization models and revenue-based streams through subscription-related or pay-per-view models. This enables creators to earn profit while offering users with accessible flexibly content.  

Innovative techs and industry updates

Adamo helps you stay ahead in competitively dynamic media and entertainment industry with our strong commitment to the state-of-the-art technological stacks and updates.  

Explore Live Video Streaming Software Development Solutions to Develop

With emerging trends of fintech solutions, Adamo will show you a fundamental foundation needed to transform your digital wallet solutions for success in order to make its customers' favorite and encounter their financial meets.  

E-commerce Live Streaming Solutions

Our e-commerce software is built with various features for organizing product information, shipping items, handling orders, processing payments, and managing the flow of goods, all in one system. It's designed to work together smoothly and includes easy-to-use websites for customers and automatic tools for promoting and selling products. 


Entertainment Live Streaming Solutions

Adamo team creates solutions for virtual entertainment events that are high-stakes. These solutions guarantee video and sound quality. We can implement them with multiple video and audio sources to handle large live audiences and broadcast content worldwide. Our solutions also include features for ticketing and registration. 


Branded Music Streaming Solutions

We develop tailor-made music streaming solutions for audio and media that offer custom branding options. Our platforms are capable of storing and distributing vast music libraries, which ensures support for music licensing. Additionally, our solutions allow for the creation of personalized playlists and provide access to enriched metadata such as keys, energy levels for an enhanced music listening experience. 


Branded Webinar Solutions

We specialize in developing branded webinar solutions that allow audiences to actively engage through live chat rooms, polls, and trivia. Our custom branded platform promotes your brand awareness and provides features for seamless integration of registration forms and access to real-time viewer analytics. 

Discover Excellent Live Video Streaming Features for Lucrative Software Solutions

Adamo IT experts customize your media and entertainment software solutions with a set of advanced features and distinctive functionalities to attract potential audiences, analytics and monetize live streaming purposes.  


Audience analytics

  • Real-time tracking and analysis of live event metrics, such as viewer locations, viewing duration, participation levels, and more, are made possible by bespoke features that we build.

Multiple streaming platforms

  • We give your business the ability to simultaneously broadcast a single stream to numerous websites, social media platforms, and unique RTMP destinations thanks to our multistreaming features.

Video thumbnail setting

  • We include features that allow you to automatically gather the picture size, frame, and resolution characteristics to make a thumbnail for any videos.

Effects and Filters

  • We also provide features that adjust the gamma, brightness, contrast, and saturation levels in films and provide artistic filters and effects with easily adjustable parameters.

Live Chat 24/7

  • With the help of automatic monitoring, access control settings, audio, video, and message capacity, and live chat features, we increase engagement.


  • We provide tools to plan your streams, make streaming schedules, and activate push notifications to receive real-time updates about new content.


  • We develop features that allow for monetization by seamlessly inserting third-party advertisements, as well as incorporating subscription and donation systems that support various payment methods.

Automatically-transcoding videos

  • We provide modules that significantly cut down on streaming and encoding time by automating the video formatting and transcoding process.

F.A.Qs related to Online Streaming Platforms

Explore our insights related to online streaming platforms and live streaming development services in terms of integration, development timeline and data security of users as well.  

What is the online streaming platform?

Online streaming platform is a type of software solution that provides the real-time transmission of video content over the internet. Users may also broadcast and watch live video content, including conferences, concerts, sports events, and seminars.

Why is the live streaming integration important? 

Live streaming integration is really important because they allow your business and to connect many products and platforms, expand your audience, boost engagement, and simplify operations.

What are different integration of live video streaming available now? 

For live video streaming, there are a range of integrations are available, such as social media integrations, website and CMS integrations, video hosting and distribution integrations, and CRM and marketing automation integrations.

How to ensure content security and user data in the live steaming software?

Our dominant priority is ensuring the security of user data and your content. We use cutting-edge authentication and encryption techniques to offer strong security. Your sensitive data will be kept private and secure with our software, which complies with the strictest data security regulations in the business.

What is the timeline of creating custom media and entertainment software?

The particular features and intricacy of your project will determine how long it takes to complete a software development project for media and entertainment.  However, we are committed to produce results on time, and during the initial evaluation, we will present you a custom project timeline. By doing this, your business can be confident that you comprehend the development timeline and are able to set reasonable goals for the completion of your project.