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Currently, wearable-based computers are everywhere that people not only use for gambling but also for health-related and fitness tracking purposes. Adamo team understands that and realizes that we can do much more than the first wearable device in the market.  


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Additionally, the term of wearable refers to different the Internet of Things solutions in which combines hardware, software and custom software applications. In healthcare, it is a system of electronic devices often worn by patients and users’ interface in healthcare mobile apps connected to the cloud-based and analyze patients’ medical records.

Understanding how wearable medical devices are integrated into healthcare solutions, coupled with experienced healthcare-related knowledge, Adamo help you accelerate your healthcare service business.


Overview of Wearable Medical Device Markets in Healthcare 

In 2022, the wearable medical device market was projected to reach $20.1 billion, and it is estimated to go up to $83.9 billion by 2027 at the CAGR of 21.9% according to Statista’s report. As fundamentally, the key market drivers are the emergence of lifestyle-related chronic diseases, increasing populations and emerging trends of at-home healthcare and remote health monitoring programs, along with personalized patient healthcare.

Furthermore, 86% of interviewed patients state the wearable devices help improve their health. With the surge demands for advanced technologies, many healthcare providers are striving to integrate specialized wearable device solutions that allow secure medical data transferred to cloud-based servers, EHR/EMR to analyze further.

Why Enterprises Can Get Merits from Wearable Medical Device Integration 

As a premier healthcare software development company, Adamo understands benefits that enterprises can receive when they employ wearable medical device integration into their digital healthcare solutions, which leads to positive healthcare outcomes for medical practices and patients.  

Improved data security and accuracy 

Medical device integrations help ensure medical data is collected and transmitted precisely. It is better to implement automated data transfer, data verification and security measures to ensure the data security.  

Better manage patients' medical data

This medical device software integration actively incorporates technologies to stimulate healthcare services and make it more objective. Employing fitness trackers and smartwatches meaningfully contribute to gather medical data insights and enhance clinical decision-making support.  

Remote patient monitoring and telemedicine

Medical devices integrated into digital healthcare solution endorse remote patient monitoring as well as telemedicine to allow seamless data extracting from different sources. By accessing to patients' medical records, healthcare professionals offer better medical consultation and services.  

Enhanced workflow optimizations

As we mention below, medical device integration solutions mostly help reduce manual errors, streamline diverse clinical workflow and save time for medical practitioners. Also, it helps healthcare providers have a better picture of patient health states.  

Explore Architecture of Cloud-based Solutions for Wearable Devices

Understanding its architecture of cloud-based application solution of integrated weblog devices helps enterprises stimulate its operations. It includes cloud-based servers receiving healthcare data from diverse wearable devices through gateways and firewalls. Besides, it helps store data, process, and analyze modules, along with define logics for business solutions and control its applications.

The solution consists of user interfaces for patients, involved medical staff, medical device technicians and admin dashboards, which aids access analyzed data from wearables and send notifications and command to this wearable device.


Types of Wearable Medical Devices be Utilized in Patient Healthcare Process

As a premium software development software company featuring in healthcare solutions, Adamo Software introduces inclusive wearable medical devices integrated into existing software solutions in digital healthcare. Explore different types of wearable medical devices be employed in the patient healthcare-based processes.