Healthcare Software Development

Telemedicine Solution 

By providing bespoke telemedicine software development services or telehealth software solutions, Adamo aims to connect patients and healthcare providers in a virtual platform.  


TeleHealth Software Development Services for Healthcare Practitioners 

Through our telehealth and telemedicine software development services, we aim to leverage technology to enable virtual consultations and remote healthcare services.

With our custom telemedicine software development services, and also telehealth solutions, you can get web-based and mobile app telemedicine software solutions that allow you to monitor and follow the HIPAA standard.


How Our Lucrative Telemedicine Software Solutions Accelerate Your Business

Adamo team provide bespoke telehealth, along with telemedicine software solutions associated with AI-based seamless devices for web and mobile apps designed to be more ancillary services from fundamental healthcare to urgent care as well. Additionally, we create a telemedicine platform to execute cloud-based telehealth solution systems for healthcare providers, medicine-related practices and other healthcare institutions. Plus, we designate interoperable telemedicine software as a service for video conferences, monitoring data and remotely monitoring patients and transmitting health-tracking images. Besides, we also program in-house telepsychiatry packages through lucrative patient portals.

Why You Can Benefit from Adamo’s Telemedicine Software Development Services  

At Adamo, we confidently offer end-to-end healthcare software development services for healthcare providers and patients as well.  

Promote efficient patient engagement 

We help healthcare providers deliver telemedicine software solutions to build long-lasting relationship with patients. Thanks to that, healthcare providers can manage their healthcare services better.  

Get better access to advanced healthcare services

Accessing advanced medical care can be easier for everyone. For instance, people who are living in rural areas travel far distances to see a medical professor. It is helpful for those who can't see a therapist near their locations.  

Improved telemedicine software development services' capabilities

Custom telemedicine software facilitates all-inclusive telemedicine solutions for those who need homecare, coupled with require clinical observations. This platform makes it possible to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, weight and more.  

Explore Telemedicine Software
for Each Business Model 


EHR Integration

Integrating patient-related monitoring protocols in the existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems can help address problems effectively, by offering a seamless flow of advanced biometrics into the patient EHR.    


mHealth Application Development

mHealth stands for mobile health, which is a software solution demonstrates different wireless devices utilized in healthcare. Also, mhealth solutions are associated with smartphones and wearable devices that provide healthcare services.


Telemedicine Software Solutions

Telemedicine app solutions are convenient and time-efficient for patients and healthcare providers, enabling them to approach media care through mobile devices. Patients regularly send healthcare reports and modify care plans.  


Remote Medical Consultations 

Remote medical consultations help medical actioners to make the most of this telemedicine solution to stimulate their medical services, for example, video conferences, healthcare education programs in remote places. 

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EHR Integration 

  • Seamless data import/export
  • API integration
  • Real-time patient data querying
  • Patient matching, linking 
  • Audit trail and data logging
  • Analytics
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Patient account 
  • Electronic medical record 
  • Digital document workflows
  • Patient insurance
  • Medical knowledge base
  • Laboratory accessories

Health Application Development 

  • Health activity tracking
  • Healthcare appointment
  • Patient information
  • Real-time chats
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Cloud-based integration
  • Payment gateway
  • Geo-location
  • Reports and analytics
  • Medical data protection
  • Online video consultation with healthcare experts  
  • Integration of ML and AI
  • Multiple device support
  • Blockchain in healthcare 
  • Indication health-checking functionality
  • Wearable device integrations

Telemedicine Software Solutions 

  • Notifications
  • Audio and video calls
  • Reviews
  • Mobile payment
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • EHR
  • Appointments
  • Access to specialists
  • Registration 
  • Secure messaging 
  • Real-time chat
  • Patient management
  • Patient profiles  
  • Patient records
  • Healthcare checkup scheduling
  • Billing
  • Geo-location
  • Insurance plan 

Remote Medical Consultations 

  • Video conference technology
  • Access specialist care
  • Search filter for health professors 
  • Connect with remote healthcare experts
  • Real-time chat 
  • Notifications
  • Email reminders
  • Store health record
  • Multi-level security feature
  • Mandatory consent feature
  • Rating and reviews
  • Cloud integration 
  • Record medical consultation

FAQs related to Telehealth/Telemedicine Solutions

Explore our information associated with the ideas of Telehealth/Telemedicine Solutions in the healthcare software development services from Adamo's experienced IT engineers.

1. What are key components of telemedicine?

With the end-to-end experiences, main elements of telemedicine include online-based registration and assessment, appointment scheduling for healthcare checkup, telemedicine-oriented consultation, e-prescription to pharmacy or healthcare providers, digital-based fulfillment, verification and authorization and follow-up and refilling.  

2. Hardware and software utilized for telemedicine

The importance of hardware for implementing effectively telehealth appointment is the device both healthcare providers and patients using to communication such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, webcam and microphone. The telehealth software that healthcare institutions need can be telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, electronic medical records and more.  

3. Key features of the ideal telemedicine software

Key features of the telemedicine software include payment, chat, insurance plan, notification, analytics and reporting, emergency appointment requests, patient profile, prescriptions, remote patient monitoring, geolocation, management of patients, scheduling, telehealth, medication tracker, video conference.  

4. How can AI technology be employed in healthcare?

The use of AI helps reduce human-related errors, endorse medical professionals and healthcare providers, together with provide patient services 24/7. Also, AI-based tools keep developing, thus, there is the potential for using AI more in reading medical-based images, X-rays, diagnosing medical issues and following treatment plans.