How Educational Platform Empowers Learning Process In The Digital Era

The educational platform provides teachers, learners, and parents with learning materials and tools to improve educational experiences for students and teachers.

The global online learning market will surpass $243 billion by 2022. In the United States, university enrollment has decreased in the last few years; however, online course enrollment has risen. The unprecedented situation of the covid-19 pandemic has transformed the core of the global education system.

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Delivery Management Service: Improve Your Real-time Delivery System

Delivery management service refers to the logistics deployment via digital tools. Let’s see how technology improves real-time service delivery management.

The emergence of eCommerce has boosted brick-and-mortar businesses to shift towards online shopping. Customers expect to receive products in the shortest time, which is hard for traditional delivery methods to scale up their operations. There is a demand to drive omnichannel experiences towards the possibility of embracing delivery management software.

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