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On-demand tutoring apps make your study easier


A tutoring app is leading the online education space currently. Online tutoring apps help students study well and start getting higher grades. Read more. 

Technology and mobile devices in day-to-day life have led to mobile application growth. The mobile solutions offer on-demand services to users. The on-demand services have appeared in every aspect in every aspect of our lives: transportation, food delivery system, and courier services. 

Technology and a good internet connection will make people dependent on their phones in various contexts. Therefore, mobile apps will do everything that has proliferated from time to time. Education is not an exception. To make the learning journey easier, especially during the exam, people develop on-demand tutoring apps. The covid-19 pandemic forces students to stay at home, so that’s why it will help them study remotely, like tutors or mentors. Check out the article to see more about how on-demand tutoring apps make your study easier. 

Tutoring apps: An overview 

On-demand tutoring apps support learners. Students can take personal online tutoring sessions or join a batch. It does not require any physical presence of a learner. Recently, most parents find good tutors for their children during summer time so that their children can review the lessons for the upcoming semester. Nevertheless, finding a perfect tutor who meets various requirements can be a little bit challenging. Thus, tutor finder apps offer parents a lot of tutors who can register themselves on mobile apps. Parents can see bio-date and all other information about subjects and previous experience in the profile. It helps parents choose the best tutor for the kid. 

Online tutoring apps: Statistics and Facts 

The demand for tutoring app development has to be parallel with the e-learning market growth. The e-learning industry has grown dramatically at a CAGR of about 4.9% from 2014 to 2019. In 2019, the tutoring app market size was about over 600 million. It has been predicted that online tutoring app marketing will grow rapidly soon. A report suggests that the growth between 2020 and 2024 will be estimated at $132.21 billion. 

E-learning transformation: Trends 

There has been a significant rise in the online learning market during the pandemic of covid-19. Since the lockdown restrictions forced students and teachers to stay at home around the world. Thus, all of them start turning classes online and it would be the latest trend up to now. Some schools have realized mobile apps can support learning and teaching journeys for both students and teachers. Some of them come to mobile app development companies to develop mobile apps for the online learning market. 

_ The lockdown restrictions have changed education dramatically. Teachers have taken advantage of learning platforms to deliver their lessons. 

_ The covid-19 pandemic has transformed online learning trends since teachers and learners start using mobile apps or online platforms for learning. 

_ According to research, it is proven that the retention levels among students are quite high in online tuition classes. 


How online tutoring apps work

Anyone who uses on-demand tutoring apps will see it like Uber/Grab for tutors. Tutoring apps work quite similarly to how you find a grab-bike. Tutoring apps allow students to request a tutor online at the time they want for a specific course. 

Offer free services

Online tutoring apps allow users to register without any cost initially and remain a part of tutoring services for free. If users want to use additional services, they have to pay for them. 

User Subscription 

Users have to subscribe to the software application before they access it. There is a certain amount of subscription-free that parents and learners have to pay. Nevertheless, tutoring apps offer the first few days for free, so users can take a look through the mobile apps. 

In-app purchases 

Users will also have to pay a specific amount of money through in-app purchases. When users use a new feature of torturing apps, they must pay for it. 

Advertisement displays 

Advertisement is one of the most popular business models for mobile apps. So online tutoring apps offer spaces to publication houses, schools, and colleagues to make money. Charges vary depending on the time and the placement of their advertisements. 


Tutoring apps: Features of mobile apps 

Tutoring app features: Student Panels 

Easy registration and profile 

Tutoring apps offer a simple and easy registration by integrating with social media logins through mobile apps. It helps give the best experience and saves time for learners. Besides, students can create their profiles to make purchases of books and download learning materials. Mobile app development companies try to make this feature easy and simple to implement. 

Browse for tutor profiles 

It enables students to look up a tutor based on their needs: subjects, boards, and exams. The feature helps them find the best tutor on board through mobile apps. 

Ratings and tutor reviews 

Learners can see the proficiency levels of different tutors through their ratings and reviews. Offshore development teams want to simplify searches and provide further information about tutors. 

Tutor details 

When developing tutoring apps, offshore development teams want to show all important information about a tutor in the feature. It can be courses, years of teaching experience, and fees. 

Tutor selection 

Mobile app development companies see tutoring apps as one of the most emerging applications currently, in the post-pandemic. Offshore development teams have made it simple and convenient for learners to choose the right tutor. Students also check the availability of tutors and others, so finally they will select one of them via tutoring apps. 

Post requirements 

Students post their requirements related to the subject, and characteristics of tutors, for example. Besides, it allows students to get in touch with him through in-call apps or messages. 

Class or course enrollment

After reading through tutor profiles, students start selecting the most suitable tutors. They can enroll in tutors’ classes or any course. 

In-app chats and forums 

An in-app chat is an essential feature since it allows students to keep in touch with tutors through an in-app chat function. It helps learners learn all their queries through chatting without having to connect with tutors via phones or others. 

Push notifications 

The feature is for admin. It sends out alerts that might be helpful for students. For example, it can be the fee is pending, the class is canceled or any changes. 

Payment integration 

Students pay tutoring fees on the app. Offshore development teams integrate some payment methods for students to choose from: bank transfer or their debit/credit cards, or any e-wallet. 


Tutoring app features: Tutor panels 

Profile creation 

Offshore development teams develop the feature for tutors to create a profile, so students will see the teaching experience and subjects of tutors. 

Request acceptance and rejection 

This feature allows tutors to take up a student or reject him through tutoring apps. Students and teachers will be equal in the entire learning process. 

Time changes for their classes

It allows tutors to change their time for a batch or a class via mobile apps. 

In-app chats with students/parents 

Tutors are free to chat with their students via tutoring apps that are integrated with the chat system. 

Tutoring app features: Admin panels 

Reports and analysis 

When creating the feature, offshore development teams want administrators to see all profiles of students and teachers. Besides, the admin can export a report to analyze the work behavior and efficiency of both via mobile apps. 

Management of tutors and their services 

It enables the admin to overlook the services and all the information like schools, or other educational institutions. 

Overall management 

The administrator keeps an eye on the student and tutor performance and the fee-paying for tutors. So they can manage the subjects and courses selected by each student. They also see how many classes tutors are teaching, and the money they earn through tutoring apps. 

Job assignments for tutors 

The main task of the manager is to assign students to tutors based on their availability and their time schedules. If a tutor isn’t available at this time, the admin will transfer him/her to another tutor with similar qualifications and subjects. 

On-demand tutoring app development: Impact of the covid-19 pandemic on educational centers 

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the entire world is in an unhelpful situation. It has negatively impacted lots of industries, especially education. The latest report by UNESCO, says that about 1.3 billion learners can’t continue their education (March 23rd, 2020). This figure includes pre-primary, primary, secondary, high school, and more. This pandemic can do major harm or good to the education system in the world. During the pandemic, despite getting time to play, children lose their concentration on students with an educational gap. Parents are very worried about this situation. To fulfill the educational gap among children, schools or educational institutions should adapt to develop on-demand tutoring apps. 

Wrapping Up 

During the global crisis, online tutoring is one of the most convenient ways to ensure that students will receive a quality education. It is a perfect time to launch your tutoring apps. However, developing a mobile app could be not an easy task. So choosing an IT outsourcing company is one of your options to develop education software development projects. Contact us if you are interested in developing mobile apps. 

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