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The rise of women’s health app is changing the health-tracking games


Women’s health apps have empowered females to be the smartest version of themselves via practical advice on workouts, nutrition advice, weight loss, and more. 

More than ever, people have engaged in digital transformations about their health and looking for support and resources out there. 2022 has experienced more than 11 million searches: intimate wellness and femtech apps. Technology in healthcare is revolutionizing the global approach to more femtech apps, services, and interventions, especially for women. The reasons behind this are increasing demands from consumers and the attention of funding organizations and celebrities. 

Women’s health is an aspect of healthcare tech that software development service companies find lucrative with products out there. Femtech apps and technologies geared toward females are not a niche industry and these days, many companies start creating the best vibrators. The online platforms provide users with support on women’s problems ranging from fertility, periods and menopause, and nutrition to sex through a female lens. The mobile app development company has developed mobile apps to support females in their problems. 

Women’s health app: A niche market of Femtech apps 

Female technology has come to make women’s life a little bit easier. The femtech apps will cover every aspect of their lives: relationships, sex apps to menopause, period tracking apps, and more. Femtech uses digital technology to solve women’s health concerns. These femtech apps focus on healthcare that has the potential to create the most impact for females.

Femtech (also known as female technology) refers to software products and services that leverage the power of technology to boost women’s health. The emergence of women’s health apps helps reduce healthcare costs, provide treatment programs and enhance education value for all women. 

What is the women’s health app? 

Women’s health in the past was considered a niche market; however, times will change. Women’s health can be attributed to the growth of the femtech market. Women play an important role in the healthcare industry. Besides, they have a higher purchasing power compared to men.  

Femtech apps offer features to handle women’s healthcare needs and concerns. For example, women’s healthcare tracking apps, menstrual tracking apps, and pregnancy tracker applications make their lives easier. 

Women’s health app market 

The global women’s health app market size is predicted to reach $3.9 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 17.9% (Grand View Research, San Francisco). Through technologies, women care more about their bodies and have a better understanding of their well-being. 

That’s why mobile app development companies have engaged in mobile apps for women’s health. In the last five years, the venture capital groups have invested more than $1 billion in femtech. With the impacts of covid-19 on femtech, there are plenty of investment opportunities. Mobile app development companies work with healthcare organizations to come up with brilliant apps to improve their health. 

In the Global Healthcare Report, women’s health deals continued moving strongly and powerfully in 2019. The report showed that mobile app development companies for women’s health apps witnessed a nearly 246% increase in funding. 

Women’s health apps are not just a trend today; however, they should be a priority. There is no doubt why organizations and companies start focusing on women’s health in the world. 

Benefits of health apps for modern females: Reasons why it is so popular? 

Health and wellness apps for females consist of period calendars or trackers. The software applications help women track their menstrual cycles, evaluate their moods, and body health, and prevent them from taking control pills. Additionally, software applications help reduce their risks of unwanted pregnancy and get them to understand more about health issues. 

Keep records, early diagnosis, and additional measures for women’s health 

Technology in healthcare allows women’s health apps precise and accurate, helping them plan life better. Monthly cycles have a massive impact on women’s moods. Therefore, women are suddenly bloated or weepy, affecting their emotional rollercoaster. Women’s health apps are easy to chart cycles and manage lives better. 

Femtech apps enable females to identify and handle their health issues timely. For example, if women monitor routinely through women’s health apps, it helps detect well-in-time. Hence, health issues can be diagnosed early. 

Focus more on holistic health 

One of the benefits of health apps is to offer an excellent platform for stress-free. Owing to the covid-19 pandemic, people are forced to stay at home. Many pregnant women cannot go for regular checkups, which somehow adds more stress. 

To check the health of pregnant women, mobile app development companies work with healthcare organizations to create mobile apps for health checkups. It helps women with informative sessions and addressing their queries. Women’s health apps are excellent platforms that bring experts related to obstetricians, mental health experts, and more. It offers holistic digital health solutions for females especially. 

Empower females with more control of their health 

Femtech apps provide women with insights into their body problems. Moreover, women’s health apps help them make informed decisions about their health. Mobile apps boost more scientific awareness about body conditions. 

Improve access to healthcare in remote areas 

Healthcare accessibility is not a privilege for women, especially for those in remote areas. Since women’s health problems are considered taboo subjects, making it harder to seek healthcare advice and medical care, and more. Mobile apps for healthcare provide robust mobility solutions and digital healthcare solutions. It makes healthcare accessible to females even when they are at home. 

Best women’s health app in a modern world 

Healthcare tracking apps for periods and fertility 

Period tracking apps for women are one of the best health apps. Such women’s health apps produce reliable information based on the data users fill in and help monitor their cycle and measure their fertility. The period tracking apps work both since they help women who want to get pregnant and who do not. Besides, the healthcare tracking apps also track basal body temperatures and behaviors with features of PMS symptoms in the calendar. 

Pregnancy tracker mobile apps 

The mobile apps for pregnancy tracking help females during their pregnancy. A pregnancy app helps keep track of body changes while providing advice on what is normal and what is not during a given period. The mobile apps for pregnancy also suggest a healthy diet plan while pregnant. It is super-helpful to track body growth and changes during pregnancy. 

Birth control apps for modern women 

One of the best women’s health apps is the birth control app. Such birth control apps will be customized to specific birth control approaches. The healthcare tracking apps predict the most fertile days in the cycle to help in natural birth control. Such mobile apps define the fertility window of a female over a while; therefore, they know which days to avoid intercourse. 

Healthcare app features: develop a women’s health app 

Here are some key features developers should keep in mind while creating women’s health apps: 

Onboarding – Get more users onboard through developing apps 

It is essential to use the standard email and password approach to get users to sign up. You can use social media integration. Onboarding helps users enhance user experience, resulting in increasing user base retention. 

User profile – should be detailed as soon as possible 

Creating a user profile needs registration through email or a google account. It helps users store and synchronize data across devices. Developers should keep a simple registration procedure that collects health information: weight, height, age, and basic information on the user’s health. Besides, mobile app developers must include security facets into the app, increasing the trust of the user base. 

Period tracker feature – entering on the first and last days of menstruation 

Users provide health information on the first and last days of menstruation cycles. Developers can display data using a simple period calendar interface. It helps keep it intuitive and does not overwhelm your users. 

There are a few aspects that developers can display on progress screens: 

_ Fertility window 

_ Current day of period cycles 

_ Estimated time for the next menstruation 

_ The next PMS 

_ Days of menstruation remaining 

_ Number of days before menstruation starts 

Reminders and notifications – Replying to users’ inputs 

The health tracking app feature helps send gentle reminders to users to enter critical data, which ensures accuracy. Notifications for women’s health apps will be divided into three types: 

_ Make daily log entries 

_ The onset of the next phase cycle 

_ Take medications 

Symptoms tracking and analysis 

Symptoms tracking helps users find out more about their health issues and risks by monitoring health symptoms regularly. The feature uses modern technologies such as ML and AL to explore data and give critical insights to users. 

Integration – Enabling wearable support for women’s health apps 

It allows users to automatically add health data to the daily report: blood pressure, heart rate, sleep time, and weight. Your healthcare tracking app will be useful since it supports wearables. 

Sharing health information with doctors and professionals 

Femtech apps can share users’ data, for example, doctors. It helps start an open-space dialogue on many topics: menstruation, PMS, and more. 

Social networking – A space for information sharing and connections 

The feature helps offer users the option to share experiences and ask for reviews. Besides, it provides various ways to communicate in groups, in private messages, and in posts. 

Online consultants from experts 

With the covid-19 pandemic, users continue looking for health advice and consultant through online channels. It can be valuable and offers users with simple-and-realistic help from experts. 


Online consultants for health issues are increasing, especially during and after the covid-19 situation. Thus, it is exciting to witness a surge in the number of women’s health apps. Such women’s health tracking apps address health issues for women in the modern world. The rise of women’s health apps has changed the way people get health advice and know more about their health conditions through mobile apps.

As the top healthcare software development company, Adamo is here to provide with essential information: about how women’s health apps are changing the health-tracking games for people, especially females. Hopefully, you find it helpful. If you want to know more about various women’s health apps, leave your comments below. 

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