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Why White-Label Travel Portal Solution is a Game-Changer for Travel Companies

white label travel portal solution

With a white label travel portal, the travel company can customize the branding, design, and features of the platform to meet their particular needs. 

As the travel industry continues to evolve, travel companies are always searching for ways to remain competitive. The provision of an online travel booking platform that provides consumers with a seamless booking experience is an effective solution. Building a travel booking platform from inception is time-consuming and expensive. Here comes the role of white-label travel portals. 

I. What is a white-label travel portal?  

A white-label travel portal enables a company to set up a travel booking portal via a partner to sell hotels, flights, travel packages, and other travel products to their consumers. White-label travel portals aggregate and disseminate information to end-users to facilitate online searching and booking. 

White-label travel portals include inventory from multiple sources. A white-label travel solution is a fully customizable and brandable platform that businesses can provide to their consumers as an added value. Businesses can increase their revenue, customer base, and brand awareness by using a white-label solution. 

II. Key features of white label travel portal 

1. Various suppliers 

The portal should be able to incorporate multiple flight, hotel, and vehicle rental providers. 

2. Personalized branding 

A white-label travel portal should permit you to customize the branding to match that of your agency. 

3. Customer service 

The portal should provide customer support to assist with any potential issues or inquiries. 

4. Integration of payment system 

The portal should feature an integrated payment gateway that supports multiple payment methods. 

5. Real-time pricing and availability 

The portal should provide real-time pricing and availability for all travel-related items. 

6. Marketing and promotional tools 

The portal should provide marketing and promotional tools for promoting your travel products and services. 

7. Customizable commission structure 

You should be able to customize the commission structure for reservations through the portal. 

8. User-friendly interface 

The portal should have an intuitive interface that is simple to use and navigate. 

9. Mobile-friendly design 

The portal should be mobile-friendly, enabling users to arrange travel on smartphones and tablets with ease. 

10. Multiple language and currency support 

To appeal to a worldwide audience, the portal must support multiple languages and currencies. 

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III. Types of white-label solutions 

1. B2B white label travel portal 

The B2B white-label travel portal is suitable for travel agencies that wish to provide services via their Representatives or Registered Agents. Our B2B System allows for the registration and management of an unlimited number of agents, as well as the administration of category-specific discounts and markups. Adamo Software provides a robust back office for tracking each agent’s bookings, sales, business volume, etc. 

Our White Label Travel Portal is the best-in-class solution with Multi GDS API and LCCs Operators API Integration, which enables 24/7 real-time flight booking and cancellation. 

In our B2B travel portal, you have complete control over which agents can utilize which services. At any time, any agent can be activated or deactivated. When you deactivate an agent’s account, that agent will lose access to your portal. 

Likewise, when you activate an agent account, that agent can register and begin utilizing the services. Agents can operate on your portal by your prepaid wallet or credit limit. You can assign classes to agents and apply class-specific markups and discount vouchers. 

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2. B2C white label travel portal  

Whoever has an interest in the retail market and wants to provide or sell travel services such as airline booking, hotel reservation, bus booking, vehicle booking, and tour package booking can start a business with minimal investment by acquiring a B2C White Label Travel Portal. 

The B2C White Label System enables travelers to book services at their convenience and make payments using the payment gateway’s multiple payment options, such as credit card, debit card, net banking, and others. 

By logging in to the Customer Dashboard, B2C customers or end-users can access their booking and payment history and submit a cancellation request from any location. Your clients and registered customers can book directly via your B2C White Label Travel website, eliminating the need for tour operators. 

IV. Why white label travel portal solution is a game-changer for travel firms 

why white label travel portal solution is important for travel companies

1. Offer superior service 

The company’s primary business may be in a specific niche, but using white-label travel portal services allows travel agents and businesses to expand their offerings. For instance, a train booking agency may choose white-label solutions that enable them to provide their consumers with flights, hotels, and other tourist activities. 

Effectively, the white-label travel portal provides a service provided by specialists in the field who have an established level of expertise and exclusive knowledge. Therefore, it is the solution to satisfy the company’s needs that it cannot meet on its own.  

2. Time efficiency 

The particularities of certain industries, such as travel, necessitate swift positioning by agencies. However, in this circumstance, you may not have the time or talents necessary to develop all of the necessary tools on your own. By selecting the services of a white-label travel portal development company, you will gain access to proven technical expertise and customer-centric solutions. So you have no further puzzles to solve. 

A white-label service reduces project duration. The external service provider is responsible for all offered services, including piloting and project management. No longer is it necessary to invest time searching for data aggregation and analysis specialists. The service is immediately accessible and available. 

3. Offer customers innovative and scalable solutions 

A white-label travel portal provides the advantage of investigating innovative solutions as well as cutting-edge technology. This, in turn, allows you to enhance the offers provided to customers and expand your brand into new markets. 

4. Money saving 

White-label travel portal development is one of the most cost-effective options for small and medium-sized enterprises. By outsourcing the development of your tools to white label travel portal development company, you can reduce costs associated with the portal’s research and development. The company does not need to invest or have additional costs (such as web development) because the service has already been developed, and completed, and is available for use. 

5. Enhance consumer satisfaction and loyalty 

A white-label travel portal provides consumers with additional options. It is a single-named hotel booking engine, flight booking engine, train booking engine, and activities booking engine. This plethora of services increases consumer satisfaction as a result of the convenience and ease of accessing all the information through a single portal. Customer satisfaction and, consequently, loyalty are at an all-time high as a result of the site’s superior navigation and booking process, as well as its competitive rates for all bookings. 

6. Boost the company’s reputation 

While the designs and templates are shared with other travel companies, white-label travel portal development is performed with your brand in mind. You can tailor it to reflect the value and character of your brand. Thus, a white-label travel portal will increase your brand’s visibility and give your consumers access to your new services. 

V. Best white-label travel portals in the market 

1. Arrivia 

Arrivia is one of the industry leaders in white-label travel portal solutions. They provide an extensive selection of features, such as online booking, pricing comparison, and travel reviews. 

2. Travelopro 

Travelopro is an additional well-known white-label travel portal provider. They provide various features, such as online booking, travel planning tools, and 24/7 customer service. 

3. FlightsLogic 

FlightsLogic is a provider of white-label travel portals specializing in flights and accommodations. They provide an intuitive interface and various features, including online booking, pricing comparison, and travel reviews. 

4. Travel Boutique Online 

Travel Boutique Online is a white-label travel portal provider that offers flights, accommodations, and tours, among other travel products. They provide a customizable interface and a variety of features, such as online booking, pricing comparison, and traveler reviews. 

VI. What makes Adamo Software a leading White Label Travel Portal Development Company  

As a travel portal software development company in Vietnam, particularly in the travel and tourism industry, Adamo Software helps transform your business ideas into reality by turning the website into an end-to-end platform for your clients to book accommodation, flights, transportation, and more. Customers can stroll down the platform to find the best rates for flights, hotels, and tourism activities as well. Moreover, you can increase customer experiences and engagement with lucrative and interactive software development products and custom booking options. If you are looking for software development companies to develop bespoke software solutions in the travel industry, feel free to contact us to get more consultants.  


1. Differences between B2C white label portal and B2B white label portal 

Basis B2C White Label Travel Solution B2B White Label Travel Solution 
Frequency of bookings In B2C, transactions are customer-centric and not necessarily repeated. All B2B transactions have a high probability of repeat bookings. 
Brand value In B2C, the website owner’s brand is established in the minds of consumers. In B2B, an agent who serves the final customer creates the value of a company’s brand. 
Margins In B2C, the website owner can maintain a healthy profit margin on tickets. In B2B, the website owner must operate with a smaller profit margin because they must also pay commission to agents. 
When to opt After gaining experience in the B2C market, a newbie in the travel industry can transition to the B2B sector. A user should only engage in B2B transactions if they have comprehensive knowledge of the travel market; otherwise, his agents can sometimes deceive him. He can also launch a B2C enterprise. 

2. What are the services towards B2C and B2B white label travel portals?  

There are lots of services along with B2C and B2B white label travel portal, including:  

  • Online flight booking engine.  
  • Online hotel booking engine  
  • Utility and bill payment  
  • Online bus booking engine.  

3. Can people use a multiple white label solution?  

Actually, you can use multiple white label solutions for various products. However, there is no logical thinking to do that when you use various white label solutions for the same product. For example, you can choose to use a white-label solution for a kind of product, like flight booking engines from different IT vendors or hotel booking engines from different companies.  

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