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Adamo’s New Year Party 2024: Revolution – Ignite the Night! 

Adamo’s New Year Party 2024: Revolution – Ignite the Night! 

Adamo’s New Year Party 2024 (NYP) is more than just an annual entertainment event; it also marks Adamo’s transformation over the coming year.  

A New Year Party is an important occasion not only to finish the working year, but also to provide an opportunity for employees to relax, bond, and enjoy fun moments together. The NYP is also a useful marketing tool for companies to promote their image. Businesses can demonstrate their core values and company culture to customers and partners through party events.  

On January 6, 2024, all Adamo members gathered for the New Year Party 2024. It is not just an annual business event, but it is also an opportunity for members to express their personalities. This New Year Party’s dress code was white, black, and red. The members no longer appear in work clothes; instead, this party allows them to show off their most stunning and outstanding outfits.  

1. What is New Year Party?  

A New Year Party (also known as Year End Party) is an event that occurs when the old year is about to end, all work has been done smoothly, and the company is about to enter a new era. As a result, the primary goal of the party is to summarize the company’s operations by reflecting on the long journey that has passed.   

Furthermore, the purpose of the NYP is to offer gratitude to people who have accompanied the business. Everyone celebrates the wonderful accomplishments achieved together and uses them as motivation to create internal strength to assist the business in becoming more and more successful.  

2. Revive tradition: 2024 Adamo’s New Year Party theme – REVOLUTION 

The New Year Party is one of Adamo’s most spectacular events of the year. Adamo’s New Year Party 2024 was held at 04:30 on January 6, 2024, at Van Hoa Center, 79 Le Duc Tho, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi. All members of the company wore dress codes in 3 color tones: white, red, and black. 

New Year Party 2024 dresscode

Of course, the theme of the party will change with each passing year dependent on the company’s direction for the next year. For instance, 2021 is Upside Down, 2022 is Through The Storm, and 2023 is Rise Up Together. The year 2024 is no exception. “Revolution” is the theme of the 2024 party. The term “revolution” refers to Adamo’s thorough makeover in the following year, beginning with the rebranding of the entire logo and brand image on January 1, 2024. This revolution is also to mark the improvement in service quality and firm scale, bringing clients a better and more professional experience.  

3. Ring in the New Year with unforgettable NYP activities 

Along with the New Year Party, there was a variety of exciting events for all Adamo members.  

3.1. “Homegrown” performances  

Adamo’s party began with a competition of 4 teams from members of the Adamo family. Depending on their preferences, each team provided a performance of their choice, such as singing, dancing, or acting. This activity not only strengthens the bonds between company members but also allows them to express their talents and personalities. Of course, a substantial prize is one of the most powerful motivators for teams.  

New Year Party performance

As a result, the performances were meticulously prepared with careful rehearsal. The team successfully completed their performances, helping to make the first half of the New Year Party interesting and full of laughs.  

New Year Party 2024 performance

3.2. Quarterly awards and year-end awards  

If quarterly awards merely recognize team members and teams for outstanding achievements every three months, year-end awards are a little more exceptional. During this year-end award event, the Board of Directors decided to add a few award categories to leaders who have had remarkable achievements in leading and managing teams. This is a great encouragement for leaders to be ready for a more explosive new year with their teams.  

New Year Party 2024 award

3.3. Fancy dinner  

Of course, a celebration cannot go without food. All participants attending Adamo’s New Year Party enjoyed a lavish feast prepared by Van Hoa Center. Aside from the restaurant’s delicious food, this is also the moment for members to raise glasses of wine to toast the new year. This is also a great time for everyone to share and confide about their year, strengthening the bonds between members.

New Year Party dinner

3.4. Lucky Draw  

Lucky Draw is the most anticipated New Year Party activity. Each member who joins NYP will be given a number, which will be used to spin the Lucky Draw and win enticing prizes. The awards include incredibly helpful presents such as handheld iron, air purifier, blender, oil-free fryer, and many other valued items.  

Being able to play, dine, and bring home gifts, Adamo’s New Year Party 2024 deserves to be one of the year’s biggest and most appealing events!  

New Year Party Lucky Draw

4. 2024 – New year, new triumph!  

Have fun while keeping the mission in mind. After the New Year Party to end 2023, it’s time to set fresh goals for 2024. By positioning the brand as a premier software development company in Vietnam, Adamo will increasingly expand its company scale, human resources, and service quality. Adamo Software is no longer just a software development company that only works with startups and SMEs. We are now collaborating more with larger corporations as well.  

In 2024, Adamo Software will continue to promote the strengths that have previously made its name such as travel, healthcare, F&B, and media entertainment. In addition, we work on developing new fields in order to keep up with the market’s continual changes. These new fields include fintech, blockchain, AI, and development services.    

Welcome 2024 – We are ready! 

Adamo New Year Party 2024

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