POSTED ON May 27, 2024

Adamo Summer Retreat in Nha Trang 2024 – Together We Chill


After many days of hard work, Adamo-ers finally had the chance to relax and unwind in beautiful Nha Trang from May 16th to 19th, 2024. 

This getaway was exactly what we needed to recharge and enjoy some quality time together. It was fantastic to see our team smiling, having fun, and creating wonderful memories. 

I. Fun Team Bonding Sports on the Beach

Our retreat kicked off with various exciting team bonding sports on the beautiful beach of Nha Trang.  

The games brought out our competitive spirit and teamwork. It was a great way to strengthen our bonds while enjoying the beautiful seaside. 


The fun and bonding we experienced during these beach activities set a positive tone for our retreat, so that we returned to work with renewed energy.


II. Gala Dinner with Homegrown Performances

The highlight of our trip was the gala dinner.  

We enjoyed delicious food together and watching amazing performances from our very talented Adamo-ers. 

The atmosphere was lively and joyful. It was so wonderful to see the creativity within our team, that made the night unforgettable! 


This special night reminded us of the incredible talents we have within our team and how much we can achieve together.


III. Awards for “Big Run – Big Move” Run Race

As we have held the “Big Run. Big Move” run race since last month, we awarded the winners for their impressive results. Everyone gave their best effort for the race and deserved to be recognized. 


IV. Exploring Nha Trang’s Sights and Cuisine

What’s more, we also took time to explore the beautiful sights of Nha Trang and indulge in its delicious cuisine.  

We walked along stunning beaches and tried various local delicacies. Every moment was a treat for the senses. 


V. Adamo Summer Retreat 2024: Bring our team together!   

The Adamo Summer Retreat 2024 in Nha Trang was more than just a getaway; it was a chance to bring our team closer together. Through fun activities, shared experiences, and unforgettable moments, we strengthened our bonds and created memories that will last a lifetime.  

At Adamo, we place great importance on improving the quality of life for our employees. We believe that activities outside of the workplace, like our summer retreat, play a crucial role in enhancing relationships among team members.  

We also want to create a more supportive work environment. We always try to ensure that every Adamo-er feels valued and motivated, both in and out of the office. This summer retreat in Nha Trang was a chance to show how we strive to foster a positive and balanced work-life experience for our team. 

Here’s to continuing to grow and succeed together, both in work and in moments of joy. Together we chill, and together we thrive! 

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