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Adamo Team-building 2023: Far Hill Races – A wonderful race in the heart of nature 

Adamo Team-building at Hoa Binh

Adamo team-building is an annual event that helps to enhance company culture and recharge each member’s vitality. Our destination for 2023 is Hoa Binh City.  

Last weekend, on November 11 and 12, 2023, Adamoers enjoyed an exceptionally thrilling team-building vacation in the lovely area of Hoa Binh – a place surrounded by nature by gorgeous mountains and forests. Through activities that involve outstanding creativity and teamwork, Adamo members’ excitement and team cohesion grow stronger.  

Aside from physical health, mental health is a major emphasis at Adamo. 2 days and 1 night of Adamo team-building events, quarterly awards, November birthdays, and Men’s Day provided Adamo members with relaxation and enjoyment after long days at work. This is unquestionably a fantastic occasion to continue the Adamo team’s breakthrough in the last months of 2023.  

I, Sỏi Resort in Farm – Super chill spot in the middle of greenery  

The Soi Resort in Farm is located approximately 63 kilometers from the heart of Hanoi. Located on an area of 30 hectares, this location contains forests, lakes, and mountains—everything that Adamoers could want for a pleasurable and comfortable journey.  

Soi Resort in Farm places significant emphasis not only on leisure and relaxation but also on healthy dining. The resort’s restaurant has brought to Adamo a culinary space rich in national identity with foods found only in the highlands such as mountain-exclusive fare such as mountain goats, wild hogs, wild vegetables, bamboo-tube rice, etc.  

The organizers were very diligent in selecting an appropriate site for this 2023 Adamo team-building trip. Soi Resort in Farm is a large enough space to accommodate outdoor games, as well as a reasonable place to dine and sleep for members to rest and recover.  

II, Team building 2023 – Thrilling races and a series of exciting events  

1, Quarterly Awards  

Adamo team-building 2023

The quarterly award is a recurring practice at Adamo. This event recognizes and awards teams and individuals who have accomplished exceptional things throughout the quarter. The purpose of reward distribution extends beyond acknowledging the contributions and endeavors of both individuals and teams. In addition, it serves as an incentive for all company members to strive and compete healthily to be on the list to earn awards for the following quarter.  

team award in Adamo team-building

2, Attractive team bonding sports  

Participation in team-building events is required for team sports. Fortunately for Adamoers, the 11th of November 2023 was a pleasant day, ideal for engaging in outdoor sports. To beat the heat, the games are mostly held at the resort’s swimming pool, with four eager teams taking part. With the intent of winning, every team that participated gave their all. Aside from creative thinking and problem-solving abilities, teamwork is an important aspect in determining the success of each team.  

Adamo team-building activities 3

After team bonding sports, Adamoers had a great time and felt more connected to each other. Furthermore, that fits perfectly with the primary objective of this journey.  

3, November birthday party  

Adamo team building activities

In addition to quarterly rewards, celebrating monthly birthdays for members is also a regular activity at Adamo. Due to the November date of the event, Adamo members born in November were able to celebrate their birthdays together. They will participate in enjoyable activities, receive cake and gifts, and, most importantly, receive sincere birthday greetings from Adamo members. Birthday celebrations are deeply meaningful occasions. We regard every individual as a member of the Adamo family.  

4, Men’s Day  

Men’s Day, as part of the Gala Dinner’s concluding sequence of festivities, is also a fascinating event to honor Adamo’s men. Many guys are obvious in a technology company. Nonetheless, men in Adamo are revered. Happy Men’s Day, and may every man in Adamo always be happy, in excellent health, and an ideal role model for Adamo’s ladies.  

III, Adamo Team-building 2023: Bring the team together!  

While two days and one night may not seem like much, it is sufficient for Adamo members to enjoy some leisure time and amusement. Throughout its five years of construction and development, the premier software development company in Vietnam, Adamo Software, has consistently prioritized employee well-being and fostered an environment where each member feels valued and effective in their job.  

After an unforgettable adventure in the Northwest mountains, every member undoubtedly has beautiful memories. These were wonderful experiences, and we all recharged our energy to be ready for the work ahead! 

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