POSTED ON December 15, 2023

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Adamo’s Rebranding is coming soon! 

Adamo's Rebranding

2023 marks Adamo’s 5-year development journey to become a top software development company. The year 2024 will begin with a special change: Adamo’s Rebranding.  

There are numerous reasons why a company may decide to rebrand. A brand may have become stale and no longer accurately represents the company’s mission or values. Rebranding can be an opportunity to refresh and update a company’s image, making it more relevant and appealing to consumers.  

Adamo Software has been working on the rebranding for 6 months. After careful preparation, Adamo is ready for the whole system rebranding beginning January 1, 2024. So, what’s so special about this rebranding that we have to prepare so carefully? Let’s go over some notable changes with Adamo Software in this Adamo’s Rebranding.  

1. Adamo’s Rebranding: The Importance of a fresh look  

Rebranding is a typical effort by businesses, organizations, and even professional sports teams to boost relevance and value.   

When a company or organization needs to change and shift – frequently in order to promote growth, the rebranding process begins. These efforts could start because they desire to reposition themselves inside their present market, broaden their appeal, or expand into a new field. Other times, they may contemplate rebranding as a result of a recent merger or acquisition, a public relations issue, or a new company vision.  

After 5 years of operation and development, Adamo’s BOD has decided to introduce a new, more special Adamo. We rebranded with the goal of presenting a more professional and prominent identity image, as well as conveying our vision with new strategies and goals, firmly placing us on the path to becoming a top software development company in Vietnam.

Adamo's Rebranding

2. Adamo’s promising development plans for the future  

2.1. New mission  

Adamo Software is no longer just a software development company that only works with startups and SMEs. We are now collaborating more with larger corporations as well. As a result, Adamo’s services are more expensive than before. However, this price increase is not solely due to Adamo’s enhanced business experience, but also because we have invested in creating human resources with greater qualifications and far better service.  

As a premier software development company in Vietnam, we are committed to providing the service that best meets the demands of your business at a price that is proportional to the quality of service. We pledge not to disappoint you.  

2.2. Strategic expansion  

In the coming years, Adamo Software will continue to promote the strengths that have previously made its name such as travel, healthcare, F&B, and media entertainment. In addition, we work on developing new fields in order to keep up with the market’s continual changes. These new fields include fintech, blockchain, AI, and development services.  

2.3. Strengthening human resources  

Adamo currently has 150 talents from top universities in Vietnam. Adamo’s goal over the next 3-5 years is to double the number of staff to 300-450. With a professional and serious recruitment procedure, these new employees will continue to be talented individuals who will contribute to Adamo’s growth.  

3. Major modifications in brand identity  

3.1. New Logo  

The symbol: As a leading software development company in Vietnam, Adamo Software symbolizes the image of sail that represents the spirit of being ready to overcome difficulties as well as ever-changing transformative technologies. Our innovative solutions help you to strive for your business growth in unstable landscapes. 

Adamo's New Logo

Reddish-orange: The reddish-orange color showcases energies, powers, and vibrant shapes. It symbolizes the spirit to face challenges and instabilities to step forward as the top software development company in Vietnam.  

Blue: presents both the ocean and the sky associated with spacious areas and also refers to loyalty, sincerity, and intelligence.  

3.2. New Colors  

Adamo’s main color tone will include 4 main colors:  

Adamo's New Colors

3.3. New visual elements  

Utilize the shapes of wind-blowing sails that will demonstrate the brand visuality at Adamo.  

The visual images of wind-blowing and symbolized sails exemplify our spirits – always move forward. This symbol also signifies artistically the letter A – the beginning letter of Adamo.  

Adamo's Visual Elements

4. The Countdown Begins: When will Adamo’s Rebranding begin?  

All visual and brand identity updates will take effect across all social networking platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on January 1, 2024.  

Essentially, Adamo Software continues to design products with the end user in mind. At Adamo, we value our colleagues and customers as individuals, and we approach each project with a humanistic mindset. Our five basic values have always and will always originate from 5 letters:  

A – Adventure – Ready to face any challenge

D – Devotion  – Highly dedicated to every single project

A – Aboveboard  – Always dignify the transparency

M – Make different  – Stimulate the creativity

O – One-for-all  – We are here. Together we can make the changes

We believe that Adamo’s rebranding will mark the start of fresh advancements and explosion in 2024. Get ready to explode with us! 

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