The worldwide healthcare market is facing disruption with the fast growth of on-demand applications. The notably high utility of these healthcare connected solution players marked a promising future of custom software development services.

What is digital technology in healthcare?

The application of digital innovation in the healthcare industry results in almost all touchpoints of the customer journey. Patients not only can seek healthcare services on their demand or in urgent, but they are enabled to experience the online purchase process, hire professional caretakers, automate appointments, or connect with medical service providers. The convenience of on-demand healthcare connected solutions also performs for business owners by providing accurate reports and improving clinical outcomes.

One digital health portal and benefits

Better deliver your medical services

A single phone call or a couple of clicks can replace the whole traditional booking process. You can ensure your quick and efficient patient care services via an on-demand healthcare solution. Clients can conveniently see the doctor without taking a day off, shuffling traffic jams, or lining up in front of the clinic.

Efficiently manage your operation data

The ordeal of working in the health and wellness industry is talking instant life-saving decisions. Relevant data coming from historical health records of patients, their past visits are accessible in real-time on the on-demand healthcare platform. Plus, care facilities can summon a doctor in urgent cases, without longtime waiting.

Cut down on the unnecessary time and cost

ou can save resources and assure the right, qualified medical solution. The connected health technology performs in reducing the cost of medical care by cutting down unnecessary ER visits. Moreover, doctors would cut down the time spent on paperwork.

Continuously maintain the confidentiality

Transforming health solutions is clearly valuable in enhancing your business' security and privacy. The agile software development team from Adamo, with rich experience in secure technology integration, will drive you a fully functional product.

We turn your ideas to tailor-made software

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Custom digital health and wellness solution

Patient dashboard

  • Digital Payment Gateways
  • Social Login
  • Customer Support Assistance
  • Appointment Reminders
  • AI Chat box
  • Prescription Comparisons
  • GPS Tracking
  • Feeaback And Ratings
  • Multiple Languae

Package for hospital and clinic

  • Conversational AI Chatbots
  • Supply & Demand Management
  • Advanced Search
  • Customer History
  • Staff Profile And Tracking
  • Payment Management
  • Data Security
  • Geolocation
  • Bill Estimation

Physicians Dashboard

  • Schedule Tracking
  • Easy Integration
  • Appointment Management
  • Customer Profile Management
  • Advanced Notification Push
  • Health History Reminder
  • Reviews Management
  • Online Verification
  • Advanced Analytics

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