Food & Beverage Software Development

Restaurant POS System

An innovative POS system helps restaurants streamline their business operations, with powerful features such as payment options and orders, tracking inventory.  


All-in-one Restaurant Point of Sales (POS) App Development

Our versatile and secure POS system for restaurants from Adamo gives you a business opportunity to surge. Use efficient online food ordering, curbside pick-up as well as delivery, along with widen your menu options via our cloud kitchens and virtual spaces for your brands.

This restaurant POS system also connects your front-of-house, backline office and kitchen settings with the most secure cloud-based POS software.


Learn how our restaurant POS system solutions help your business adapt

The market for restaurant POS systems is increasingly growing and Adamo gets it. Understanding this trend, Adamo’s dedicated development team offers your dream restaurant POS to access to front-of-house and back offices through lucrative full-service restaurant POS systems.

With its profound experience in the food & beverage software development industry, Adamo is here to help you develop the most optimum restaurant POS system for your business streamlines.

Why Adamo’s Restaurant POS System Benefits Your Specific Needs

Those coming to your restaurant like using services with conveniences and a sense of security. Adamo helps you build the first-rate restaurant POS solution that can adapt to your business operation.  

Provide all-in-one solution

Our offshore development service provides restaurants with a truly all-in-one software solution for restaurant’s operations such as mobile ordering, self-service kiosks, and more.  

Tracking inventory  

The best-fit restaurant POS systems help track your inventory and manage waste, which can be a perfect difference among restaurants.  

Improve marketing strategies  

This restaurant POS system improves your marketing campaigns since it helps target the right customer audiences through rewards, discounts and special offerings.  

Crunching sale volumes

Our POS solution for restaurants can hit a business landscape by tracking sales, customer details, and purchase history as well.  

Fuel Your Restaurant Business
with Our Complete POS Software Solutions 


POS Restaurant Payments

Adamo’s development team provides a POS restaurant payment solution to optimize your payment process featured by a seamless, secure, and contact-free money transactions anywhere, online, or on-the-go.  


POS Restaurant Software

Our restaurant POS software solutions assist you the ability to connect the front-of-house and back-of-house while allowing you to stay focused on dynamic customer restaurant experience.  


Kitchen Display System (KDS)

At Adamo, we develop kitchen display system (KDS) software to show various ticket times in order to keep track of turnaround customers. Color-labeled orders make you see what’s cooking and what’s ready to go.  


Inventory Management for Restaurant

Keep track of cooking ingredients with our inventory management software system that shows you exactly how much an amount of food is going through, how much you have on-hand and how much you need.   


Restaurant POS Integrations

Our POS system for restaurants is integrated with a secure and open API. So restaurants can easily connect their POS integrations with preferred payment methods, online food ordering platforms, food delivery services, CRMs, booking apps.  

Our Feature-Loaded Restaurant POS
& Tech Suite 


POS Restaurant Payments

  • Simple user interface
  • Gift & loyalty cards
  • Multiple payments
  • Mobile integration
  • Notifications
  • Automatically email sending 
  • Refunds and credits 
  • Contactless payments 
  • Cash drawers
  • Registers
  • Receipt printer
  • Revenue report
  • Stay connected
  • Security
  • Shared POS terminal and printer

POS Restaurant Software

  • Mobile friendly user interface
  • Flexible payment process
  • Opentable management
  • Online ordering
  • Pre-authorized bar tabs
  • Inventory management
  • Employee management
  • Employee scheduling
  • Staff time-keeping
  • Kitchen displays
  • Sale reports, analytics
  • Customer management

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

  • Course management
  • Meal pacing
  • Route to food preparation
  • Recipe viewer
  • POS integration
  • Delayed routing and meal pacing  
  • Order display screen
  • Cooking time management
  • Table management
  • Waiter alert
  • Order summary
  • Off-premise dining capabilities

Inventory Management for Restaurant

  • Place online orders
  • Delivery management 
  • Optimize inventory
  • Suggest orders 
  • Report, analytics
  • Cloud-based inventory application
  • Vendor dashboard
  • Real-time food item usage
  • Control over purchasing
  • Scan barcodes
  • Create stock orders
  • Real-time sales forecast 

Restaurant POS Integrations

  • Inventory tracking
  • Sale reporting
  • Customer management
  • Kitchen communication
  • Payments and labor tracking
  • In-depth reportings
  • Security
  • Combo builders
  • Schedule employment shift
  • Customer database
  • PO processing
  • Profit margins 
  • Transfer items to meet location needs