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On-demand Food
Delivery App

Kick-start your delivering-food business with our innovative on-demand food delivery app development provided by Adamo’s team including apps for users, drivers, and administrators.  


Create Your Own
On-demand Food Delivery App

Our expert team specializes in creating comprehensive apps, which are designed to address these challenges and help you thrive in the competitive market.

To engage the youngsters as the future-promising client group, the food and beverage providing companies should offer advantages of the food delivery app as a right business model. Our software development services at Adamo provide your custom food delivery system tailored for your dynamic business needs.


Are Adamo’s On-demand Food Delivery App Worth Investing? 

Along with the food ordering system, on-demand food delivery app development services build an integrated software solution for restaurant owners to reach out to audience insights. Also, it helps increase revenue. Our bespoke food delivery app development services empower the ability to navigate user activities, reduce interruptions and challenges in the ordering and delivering process.

Why Need to Create Tailored Delivery Food Apps

As a premium food and beverage software development company, Adamo aids to build complex industry-specific ideas related to food ordering solutions into money-making solutions, especially personalized on-demand food delivering apps. 

Reach new targeted audiences 

75% of millennials prefer ordering meals online as a bustling pace of life. This tendency increases demand for on-demand food delivery app development, which engages expending customer groups.  

Simplify customer journeys 

Using on-demand food delivery services help handle customer’s requirements through the latest technologies. Thus, it might lead to sustainable branding images.  

Customize delivery policies 

Through an online food delivery app, you are free to create and impose all policies from another partner. Our food and beverage software services can customize clients’ preferences and drive them to their loyalty.  

Act as free marketing tools 

This on-demand delivery food app development services also promote new marketing campaigns including directly reaching customers, measuring behaviors, and real interactions.  

Various Business Models Adamo Serve via
Online Food Delivery App Development 


Restaurant-to-Customer Delivery

Our online food delivery app enables customers to receive their meals from specific restaurants through its unique delivery services that reduce outsourcing logistic services.  


Platform-to-Customer Delivery

This platform-to-customer delivery app gains a strong position on the online food delivery app market providing delivery services at a reasonable price. It also offers logistic support as well and restaurants need to focus on cooking food.  


Meal-kit Subscription

To reduce planning and preparing meals for customers, your brand needs to bring convenience through an on-demand food delivery app to make their daily or weekly choices easier.  


Online Food Delivery App for Chain Restaurants

Everyone loves offering food and meals from their favorite restaurants. By applying an online food delivery service app for your brand, you can catch customer’s expectations and also enhance their experience.  

Essential Features of a Powerful
Food Delivery App Development 


Restaurant-to-Customer Delivery

  • Search filter system
  • Discount code
  • Track delivery 
  • Feedback 
  • Social media login
  • Social media integration
  • Payment gateway
  • Rate & reviews
  • Add favorite restaurants
  • Save favorite meals
  • User’s profile
  • Place an order
  • All-inclusive menu
  • Write reviews
  • Membership packages
  • General settings
  • Reward systems

Platform-to-Customer Delivery

  • Order management
  • Order tracking
  • Menu management
  • Customer reviews
  • Promotion codes and management
  • Add menu
  • Add payment options for end-users 
  • Restaurant’s profile  
  • Social media integration 
  • Add-ons feature  
  • Billings and invoices
  • Surge pricing

Meal-kit Subscription

  • Restaurant management
  • Analytics and reports
  • Payments management
  • Customer feedback management
  • Assign driver 
  • Track order & driver location 
  • Manage order  
  • Manage locations
  • Super admin
  • Client admin panel
  • Customized permissions 
  • Auto generated invoices
  • Global delivery zone

Online Food Delivery App for Chain Restaurants

  • Order management
  • Real-time notifications
  • Delivery information 
  • Payment management
  • Location management 
  • Delivery estimation time
  • Commission management 
  • Multiple delivery area 
  • Delivery process 
  • Delivery distance 
  • Chat
  • Realtime requests 
  • View earnings