POSTED ON January 30, 2020

5 Reasons why every travel and hospitality company need a software mobile app

software mobile app for travel and hospitality industry

Recently tourism software mobile app becomes more and more popular, which refers to a more all-embracing way to connect hospitality companies with their customers.

In the travel and hospitality industry, the presence of mobile apps plays a crucial role due to the enormous volume of users raising day-by-day. Along with the rapid increase of mobile users in the world, the potential for using mobile software for assisting hospitality firms are on the rise.

Traditional travel agencies might not have space to increase in the next 5 years. Alternatively, technological advancements allow internet users to approach their needs at home. Reports show that roundly 85% of people have installed at least one travel app on their mobile. In which, they could actively search and manage their orders. From the travel firms’ perspective, tourism mobile apps enhance the market presence by surpassing geographic barriers. Furthermore, they can use mobile apps as the bridge to connect with millions of active users with marketing and sale solution included.

It is undoubtedly that travel and hospitality software constantly adjust the way people experience travel. However, in the era of SMEs, several start-ups cannot invest heavily in building their own software development teams. Outsourcing tends to be the most efficient way for those businesses. In this article, we provide the impact of travel-based mobile apps in the industry innovation as well as some discussion regarding acquiring a professional mobile app development company for custom app development.

The influence of tour and travel software mobile app

Mobile app development generates benefits for both users and travel-based companies. App users got assistant tools for creating travel plans, visual views of destinations, accommodation reservation, ticket booking, and so on. With particular tools, travel firms approach a large volume of users by creating outstanding users’ experiences. Mobile app development companies currently provide a wide range of services regarding travel hospitality tools. It supports various operating systems, including Android and iOS.

Reports reveal that approximately 30% of people search flight deals and accommodation in apps. Tour and travel apps have listed among the top 7 popular download categories in the Apple app store and Google play store. Furthermore, about 85% of users plan their trips in smartphone apps.

List of 5 features of tourism software mobile app that boost the industry business

1. Enhance user’s experience

On the day of the mass internet, fake news makes people put less trustworthy in online information. This perspective nurtures the booming of review platforms. Users got more engagement in other’s experience sharing. Based on those reviews, potential users make their own decision. That is the reason why the fundamental feature of each travel and hospitality software relates to reviews display. Users are allowed to share their stories or respond with other reviews. With the advancement of those apps, people can access authentic pictures and videos updated in real-time. Thereby, they would have a custom assessment regarding place, services, or items. Additionally, almost apps also integrated with GPS services, which ensure users find comfort in using apps

2. Including useful marketing tools

‘Business cannot survive without marketing’. This statement seems to be exaggerated but true. Online promotion currently dominates the market due to the advantages of mass visibility and productivity. Building long-term relationships among providers and customers refer to core marketing strategies. In which, using a mobile app development to stay connected with companies’ subscribers and invite potential users seems to be a useful tip. Moreover, companies could require aggregating social media tools in apps, which increase the interaction between users. Most mobile apps developed with a user-friendly approach. Thereby, promotion in apps, which directly target potential user groups, might engage more customer attention in comparison with the general marketing channel.

3. Using electronic document instead of handle version

Automatic electronic documents are replacing paper works at some level. In 2020, several airports and travel agencies will allow passengers to check-in via code in apps. There will be no printed boarding pass used in air travel. Along with convenience, reduce using papers can contribute to saving our planet. Apart from airline tickets, hotel receipts are exclusively using a soft version, which eliminates the chance of losing during lengthy travel. With the presence of travel mobile apps, all the necessary documents would be stored in the same position. Whereas, users get easy to carry and access. Even with payment, with cards inserted in apps, travelers do not need to bring to much cash.

4. Allowing easy booking feature

Users can easily book travel tickets, accommodation, and even vehicle by travel and hospitality apps at home. Payment will be automatically processed without any extra step. In fact, mobile apps currently provide a full set of services from trip planning, ticket booking, to consultancy. That’s why people do not take the extra mile without sign in this app.

5. Containing lots of promotion

By cutting down agency costs, travel and hospitality apps could bring more benefits but fewer prices to users. In fact, to attract new users, companies prefer running promotion campaigns, which offers travel packs with more affordable prices or gifts contained. Recently, users can find huge discounts for advanced reservations or last minutes orders. Undoubtedly, it would be attractive prices and value. Those promotions also have benefits for providers by a rapid increase in customer information, which promised to boost the business shortly.

Hire a mobile app development company: Should or Shouldn’t?

Software outsourcing services hold cost advantage

Clearly, high developers’ wages in rich countries endure expensive costs of mobile development. That is the reason why more and more start-ups in the US, Australia, the EU, and Singapore, try to outsource their apps to Asian companies. Experts claimed that hiring a Vietnam software development company will save a 50% budget for clients at the same level of quality. The difference came from the standard living cost in developing countries in comparison with developed nations.

Professional software mobile app company take advance of experience and knowledge

In the 4.0 era, Vietnamese and any other Asian government comprehensive understand the advantage of the IT industry in the development of the whole economy. The effective supported education and employment regulation currently boost the quality of developers in those countries. In 2019, Vietnamese development companies surpassed several firms in Wealthy nations in terms of ability and durability. With a high command of English, it made no difficulty in communication. indeed, Asia tends to be the most attractive destination for software outsourcing throughout the world.

In conclusion, each travel and hospitality start-ups should build its own mobile app due to the undeniable benefits it provides. With the rapidly changing in IT worlds, the demand for hiring professional software development services is on the rise. By which, app features and security would be professionally updated and protect.

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