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What are the must-have features of a travel app?

what are the most have features of a travel app

As transport is very convenient with the airplane, train, car, bus, and the support of 4.0 technology, travelling nowadays becomes the trends attracting a lot of people. Here, a travel app is all for you. Especially when the application and smartphone were born, the mobile app becomes home of billion travelers. By the useful functions that a travel application can provide, travelers can save a lot of time, money and also create a memorable trip with their friends and family.

So, what are the must-have functions of a travelling app?

  1. Login/Signup and Sharing
  2. Searching function
  3. Rating and reviews
  4. Offline access
  5. Messages and chatting
  6. Booking
  7. Notification of discount and hot deal
  8. Smart planner
  9. Safety payment gateway
  10. Emergency service
  11. Currency converter
  12. Support

If you are planning to develop a travelling application, the blog today is for you.

1.    Travel app’s feature: Login/ Signup and Sharing via social media button

One of the reasons that users use a smartphone and mobile application because it is convenient. Therefore, a mobile app, in order to attract users, it should be convenient also. And the convenience presents firstly in the login section. To personalize an app, the user normally has to fill in their personal information like name, phone number, email, DOB. It takes a lot of time and you have to do the same steps as the other normal application. To save time, many apps integrated with other social app like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and allows users to log in and register using their other social accounts. Then users just need to click to “Sign in with” their social account, and one second later, an account is set up or user can log in it.

2.    Searching function – outstanding travel apps

Searching, of course, is another useful function for travellers to quickly looking for any information or advices for their trip. This function can suggest popular sightseeing, current city events, tips and tricks while travelling a city. Also, in the emergency case, the search function allows users to get the advices and support from the community.

3.    Rating and reviews – Common travel app features

The value of a travelling app comes from the trusted information that it provides to the community, and the origin of this truth is from the rates and review of travellers’ community. Because a restaurant is reviewed by many authorized travellers, so it should be more reliable than the information is uploaded by admin and no one can comment or give personal suggestions.

4.    Offline access

Yes, it is 4.0 industry right now, however, a lot of places in the world may not have the internet yet. Also, with the traveller going abroad, it is not so common to access the internet right after they land. That’s why some limited function in the app should be available to work offline, such as the downloaded schedule, downloaded notes, tickets, and navigation.

5.    Messages and chatting

Like a social media application, the travelling app should include the chatting function, allows users to communicate with each other, sharing their idea, comments inside a group. This function can keep the users stay longer in your app, as well as increase their loyalty when using the app for discussion.

6.    Booking

When mentioning about convenience, login is not the only one function to prove it. Booking function, which integrates both air ticket, train, hotel, and car booking will be the ideal application for users. As all the personal information is updated in the registration process, the booking can be done by a click will attract a lot of users and travellers to download and use it.

7.    Notification of discount and hot deal

If the app integrates with many other booking agencies for booking function, it should have some promotion campaign from agencies. In that case, the notification of a discount or a hot deal ticket can work well and target the right customers. Especially when travellers determine their destination, all the discount about the hotel, air ticket, event ticket… can directly appear and suggest them to enjoy it.

8.    Smart planner

Before travelling, travelers usually schedule for their trip, from where to go to booking ticket and hotel. Normally, travellers will check the reviews, ask for the advice from friends, family and on the internet to arrange their trip. It should be great if the travelers can find the information, book the hotel and ticket right on the app. Everything is integrated on one will be the ideal solutions for travelholic.

9.    Safety payment gateway – New feature for travel app

Booking online will raise the issue of online payment. As many agencies to book ticket or hotel require users to send the payment after booking, the users may face to the high chance of being attacked and stolen personal data. Then the strict data protection and privacy policy play an important role in enhance customers’ experience. So making sure that you find the right software development partner to support this part.

hiring top developers for your business: travel app
hiring top developers for your business

10. Emergency service

Emergency function plays an important role in every travel trip, however, not many people pay attention about that until the incidents occur. The travelling app now will show its advantages when allowing to connect with the local emergency number which users can call whenever they need help.

11. Currency converter – Must-have travel app features

Different countries use a different currency, that’s why currency converter is the needed function for a travel app which allows users to quickly convert their money to local one by value. By frequently update the convert-rate, users can convert and prepare money before they travel by themselves and don’t worry about being treated by the difference between local and their own money value.

12. Support

Any applications may have the mistakes, and users need a support service to consult and help them in an emergency case. For example, if there are any problems because of booking a ticket or hotel, the support team will be the first one that customers look for to solve the problems.

Finally, it is a great idea to build software for the travelling business to enhance the final result. Even you are outsourcing software development team or using your own developers, the most important thing is the feedbacks and reactions by customers. So, read the information as detail as you can to make sure it meets, attract and solves customers’ issues.

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