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What makes mobile check-in beneficial for business operation

Benefit of check-in online

Mobile check-in helps hotels to improve their daily operations and guest experiences. Read on the benefits of a mobile check-in service for your business.

Mobile check-in has gradually gained popularity in many fields, especially in hospitality, owing to its efficiency for guests and hotel operators. The check-in process takes place on your mobile devices. So, it can boost hygiene and efficiency during the virus corona pandemic.

To use check-in right at your property, hotel operators should take into account carefully. Guest requirements will come first, but the efficiency of business should be considered. The mobile check-in service not only benefits the guest classification process but also improves hotel brand awareness. This article will show you what makes mobile check-in essential for hotel operations.

What is mobile check-in execution?

Mobile check-in

Undoubtedly, hotel technology plays a vital role in the ever-changing world today. Mobile check-in can enable customers to secure a hotel room and grand access to the property without using a traditional room key.

Recent research (The Oracle Hospitality and Skift Research Report, July 2020) showed that 73% of hotel operators agree that contactless/self-service technology would become an essential element of their business. Hotel guest behavior and preference seemingly changed rapidly. Hence, it crucially requires more customized and engaging services during their stay. Thus, hotels need to use innovative technologies to meet customer expectations and boost the overall experience. This study also states that 90% of Gen Y said they preferred to check-in via their smartphone and skip slow service and long check-in lines while staying at the hotel.

Since the outbreak of covid-19, travelers require the highest level of social distancing and sanitization. According to this report, 84% of travelers took social distancing in accommodation into account to protect health safety. Furthermore, about 71% of guests prefer staying at a hotel using contactless check-in technology.

Mobile check-in hotels significantly embrace technology that has already existed within the business. Guests can take specific actions while staying at a hotel with a smartphone or mobile application. For example, they can order food, call for transportation and look for information about nearby attractions. It thereby makes sense that mobile check-in technology is gradually popular.

Initially, guests will register for some customized programs. From that, they can book accommodation directly through the associated travel portal applications. Upon approval, the hotel will send a confirmation, including personal identification and room number. Then guests can enter the room and directly place their mobile phone in front of the digital key sensor attached to the door. After the information is read correctly, the door unlocks, then customers can enjoy seamless check-in service. 

The benefits of mobile check-in service

Mobile check-in is convenient 

First and foremost, mobile check-in brings convenience not only for hotel operators to hasten their tasks but also for guests. When choosing accommodation for any trip, travelers frequently consider hotel brands using an online check-in service. Guests can check in whenever suitable for them and on whichever device they have, regarding laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Many corporate hotel booking software develops custom mobile apps for check-in, order food, and more that bring convenience for users. 

Besides, travelers might have spent much time waiting for airplanes, trains, or cars to reach your property. With mobile check-in in hand, they can bypass receptionists and go directly to their rooms after a long journey. A recent study shows that online check-in reduces the time for check-in by 70%. It can reduce the number of guests waiting in queues and limit contact time at the hotel lobby.

Enhance customer experience  

Think of the time when guests come to the front desk. How much information do receptionists need to collect from customers? How long does it take for information collection, sign paperwork and authorize credit cards, etc.? Is there enough time for hotel staff to connect with guests? 

The answer is right away. The mobile check-in hotel will do a series of manual tasks automatically when guests check-in. It helps hotel staff focus more on higher-level interactions and customer relationships amongst guests. Your hotel will have more time to understand their expectations and needs. Then the hotel can be successful in providing relevant information and making guests satisfied with your brand. Accordingly, it can be stated that mobile check-in somehow helps to enhance customer experience during their stay.

We have the term “moment of the truth” meaning that customers use hotel service even before arriving at the hotel. The mobile check-in service allows hotels to send emails to capture engagement from guests before going to your property. This pre-arrival action helps business operators collect information; thus, you can make them feel special upon arrival. The hotel staff shows hospitality and professionalism during their stay. Corporate hotel booking software solutions also mobile app development for check-in, which collects personal details from guests to serve them well. 

Online check-in service balancing your staff workload 

Hotels, which have conventional check-in and check-out crowding hours faced with long queues at the reception area. What helps to ensure a smooth workload for receptionists and makes this process more efficient? 

The online check-in service integrated into the Property Management System allows hotels to cut downtime at the front desk and enhance efficiency for the staff. For instance, some mobile app check-ins require personal information for check-in regarding digital signatures, and their ID can be collected before their arrival. Moreover, hotel tech companies promise to give technology solutions to ensure efficient daily operations. 

The benefit of check-in online offering competition over others

Undeniably, the hospitality industry has faced more competition and even challenges than ever before. While conventional models regarding room condition, location of representatives are pretty necessary, we have experienced a tremendous paradigm shift to the digital arena. Thanks to the emergence of the digital age, many small boutique hotels combine mobile check-in with existing technologies. They can even incorporate contactless check-in into the sales and marketing plans. Nowadays, hospitality software development offers custom mobile check-in bringing many benefits to hotel operation. 

Having the ability to predict customer needs and want in a savvy-tech landscape is pretty vital for your business. That will affect how your hotel is rated and define whether travelers choose your hotel in the future or find where else, perhaps your rivalries. So the benefit of the check-in online app is crucial for your operation.

Mobile check-in service showcasing your brand website

Travelers often book a hotel room in different distribution channels instead of hotel websites. When they use a mobile check-in service, it will ask them for information related to the source of booking, transportation, etc. By the way, guests have a chance to interact with the hotel website. Thanks to that, hotel operators can showcase their brand identity, facilities, services, and rooms. Or even it will help encourage travelers to book directly via its website. 

Promote social distancing and build travelers confidence 

Mobile check-in helps travelers to abide by safety and social distancing requirements, especially during the outbreak of covid-19. Besides, it helps to reduce person-to-person interaction and even hotel staff as much as possible. 

Travelers can only use mobile devices to do several activities, from check-in, order food, to require any specials. They do not need to use a pen to sign any paper forms or even touch a credit card when paying. Therefore, using mobile check-in hotel is beneficial for both hotel operators and guests as well while using any type of accommodation. 

How can mobile app check-in work in a hotel?

Before seeing how mobile app check-in works in a hotel, we will take a look at the typical check-in hotel process.

_ Upon arrival, guests head to the receptionist/front desk.

_ Guests have their information details checked.

_ Receptionists will give the guests a short briefing about the hotel.

_ The guests take notice of in-room facilities and regulations; and ask any questions if need

_ The guests will receive keys/keycards to enter the room

_ Their luggage will be taken by the hotel staff

_ The guests enter and settle into the hotel room

Does it take so long to know clearly what guests expectation whether they would be satisfied with this process or not? Usually, visitors will be informed in detail about check-in and check-out time. However, other arrangements have to be made for early check-in or late check-out between guests and hotels. Now there are many hotel tech companies introducing mobile app check-in that benefits both guests and hotels.

Let’s see how mobile app check-in works within a hotel:

Send emails automatically 

The check-in process doesn’t have to wait until guests arrive at your property. Instead, hotels will send pre-stay emails automatically that give details about what they need to show and things to do as soon as they arrive. 

It should have two emails, including reservation confirmation and greetings letters. After booking hotel rooms, guests receive reservation confirmation, which is an automatic email sent from the reservation system. A credit card is usually required; thus, this email aimed to remind guests that their reservation is successful. Moreover, it also gives them proof that the hotel is legitimate and the financial information is safe. 

Secondly, travelers will receive a personalized greeting letter from the hotel. It shows guests that hotels really appreciate their present and look forward to meeting them. Hotels have a personal interaction with guests and give them a warm welcome. Even so, hotels can use this letter as an exceptional opportunity to upsell. Through these emails, hotel operators ensure that guests will have determined sets of expectations. 

Store guest reservation data

Many software development companies introduce customized mobile app check-in that can collect data from customers. From the data collected from customers, hotel operators can predict visitor choices during their stay. For example, they can order a specific breakfast. Hotel staff can confirm breakfast orders and any other requirements without missing any information. 

High technology development formed the corporate hotel booking software system. It will not only boost the efficiency but set the tone for the guest experience as well. So imagine how your property can impress guests with a system of mobile check-in. 

Mobile check-in integrated into a Property Management System 

This system handles all hotel operational tasks regarding check-in and check-out, etc. Hotel staff can automate the check-in process and even set time for guests during their stay from breakfast time, table, or any special requests. The mobile check-in service is integrated with other existing technologies in a hotel, a PMS. The staff merely take a few clicks on this system, and then the workload runs smoothly. 

_ Define the check-in and check-out time at your hotel

_ Enable guests to notice hotel staff their check-in time

_ Review check-ins and check-outs within a day

_ Send pre-emails for check-in and post-emails for check-out

_ Process payments and print invoices or send e-invoices if requested

Valuable tips for implementing mobile check-in hotel

_ Working with hotel tech companies to develop mobile app check-in for your property. You should make sure pre-arrival emails will include the necessary information. First, reminding that your hotel is taking guests’ health seriously. The next is that it’ll give guests detailed instructions for how to check-in via their smartphone or other mobile devices. More importantly, the hotel staff must send this email at least 12 hours before their arrival. 

_ When guests arrive, ensure that there’s a clear signage system to let them know what they have to do next. You should provide step-by-step instructions the same as the emails. Besides, make sure you educate guests properly regarding how to use keyless entry and different areas of the hotel. 

Final words

With tremendous benefits for both guests and hotel operators, mobile check-in has gradually become a hospitality trend in recent years. This mobile check-in service is convenient and makes business operations more efficient. As the leading travel and hospitality software development company, Adamo Software is here for you to develop. Besides, it helps to reduce waiting time and hotels can serve guests in a better way. Hopefully, this article will give you a better understanding of mobile check-in hotels that you can use for your business.

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