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How Educational Platform Empowers Learning Process In The Digital Era


The educational platform provides teachers, learners, and parents with learning materials and tools to improve educational experiences for students and teachers.

The global online learning market will surpass $243 billion by 2022. In the United States, university enrollment has decreased in the last few years; however, online course enrollment has risen. The unprecedented situation of the covid-19 pandemic has transformed the core of the global education system.

An educational platform is a website for educational content and resources that provide learners with everything they need: lectures, learning materials, opportunities, etc. Besides, educational platforms are approaches for students and teachers to monitor their learning progress. Let’s see how educational platforms empower the learning process for all learners.

What is an educational platform?

An educational platform is a virtual program that creates virtual spaces to share and exchange information.

It is beneficial for both students and teachers. Universities and schools are now using both face-to-face and online learning platforms. The educational platform allows you to organize learning activities, view them many times and answer questions repeatedly without physical space. It is an ideal place to discuss between students and teachers, groups, and virtual communities that have the same common interests.

Different types of online learning platforms for learners and teachers


Commercial platforms

People create educational platforms for profit. They can be companies and educational institutions. This type of online learning platform is usually efficient. Learners pay a monthly or one-time fee to access their updated content. Educational organizations have hired software outsourcing services to build custom apps for educational purposes.

Free educational platforms

People build this type of educational platform for free. The best advantage is that learners and teachers can use free educational platforms worldwide without any time limits. The free educational platform can adapt to time and various needs of learners.

Why are online platforms in education important?

Teachers can carry out their classes in different ways. Using educational platforms makes teaching much more engaging and entertaining.

You have many options: making video calls, uploading recorded videos, sharing links, etc. Thus, online platforms in education are essential for educational purposes.

Active messaging systems

Owing to the educational platforms, learners contact their tutors to answer questions within their courses. Besides, they can raise questions and discuss them with their friends in the class.

Sending files and accessibility

Teachers and students can upload their reports, assignments, guidelines, and study materials through educational platforms. Moreover, they can access these educational software solutions from any device.


Tutors can send all course notifications to all students through virtual educational platforms. So it can save time and effort for teachers.

Virtual space for discussing, exchanging, and updating information

They use educational platforms for information exchange and ideas to get the change. Educational platforms help teachers improve their teaching skills and content. Furthermore, students can get better communication through an online platform in education. Teachers can carry out online tutorials that make teaching more engaging. Virtual space is one of the most outstanding features of an educational platform that software outsourcing services develop.

Calendar proposal

Educational platforms play as an online calendar and reminders helping students not miss the delivery of assignments, exam dates, etc. Offshore development teams add calendar proposal features, making it more convenient for teachers and learners.

Educational platform examples: Elements and Best practices

Online learning provides learners with various benefits: working-from-home comfort, self-paced learning, improved technical skills, lower costs, and better time management.

Here are some elements of an educational platform software that you might know and Best online educational platforms.

Elements of an educational platform software

Developing an effective educational platform requires many tools: 

Learning Management System

Webspace allows all users to make communications through educational platforms. Students, administrative staff, teachers, and trainers share their ideas. Additionally, the website showcases the syllabus of the enrolled course and how long the training will take.

Learning Content Management System

The website manages and publishes the studying materials throughout the course.

Communication tools

Educational platforms have communication tools such as chat, forums, emails, etc. Besides, teachers and students can write their feedback related to the course or any learning courses.

Administration tools

Online platforms in education provide administration tools for users to register and set permissions.

Best online learning platforms for 2022: outstanding educational platform

As we have mentioned, educational platforms are beneficial for learners and teachers. It supports all users during their learning process, especially during the covid-19 pandemic. Institutions spend money on creating software development projects for educational platforms. They can make money by running those courses.

Some outstanding educational platforms that you should keep in mind are: LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, Teachable, Kajabi, WizIQ.

Educational Platform for students

Linkedin Learning (formerly

This online learning platform offers professional courses in various fields such as business, technology-related and creative fields. With over 16,000 learning courses in 7 languages, Linkedin Learning helps learners invest in their professional development.

Udemy – The most popular educational platform for students

Over 40 million students and 50 thousand instructors use Udemy to create online courses. This educational platform makes course creation available for everyone. Besides, it offers online learning materials such as PDF documents, PowerPoint, videos, etc.

Coursera for over 23 million users

Coursera is an online educational platform that offers high-quality training courses. It provides the opportunity to receive certification from well-known institutions when joining their paid courses. Additionally, this educational platform offers students specialized courses and degree programs that require on-demand video lectures, homework exercises, and community discussions.

Skillshare with 24,000 lessons in various fields

Skillshare is another online platform in education for over 4 million students. The lesson lasts from 20 minutes to 60 minutes: small videos, class projects, etc. Learners consider Skillshare as a community that encourages interaction through forums.

Next educational platform for teachers and instructors

Besides educational platforms for students, there are tons of online platforms for teachers. Offshore development teams develop on-demand custom apps for education, especially teaching and training for teachers.

Teachable – An online teaching platform for every instructor

Teachable becomes the next educational platform for teachers. It provides a simple website solution for uploading teaching materials, customizing teaching content, and communicating amongst teachers and learners. Software outsourcing services develop custom apps for education according to the business ideas of some institutions.

Kajabi – The all-in-one online platform for education

Kajabi specializes in high-converting sales pages, landing pages, and webinar pages for online business and advertisement campaigns. This educational platform is for non-techy online teachers, digital entrepreneurs, creators, and instructors.

Many software outsourcing services cooperate with business operators to develop software solutions for teachers and students.

WizlQ – An affordable virtual classroom for teachers and students

WizlQ is a cloud-based educational platform for real-time and online training through your custom-branded domain. This educational platform provides on-demand webinars. Besides, it is a common online platform in education for those who prefer live training, coaching, and classroom.

The Bottom Line 

Online educational platforms can be the future of education. There is always demand for everyone looking to improve their knowledge and career paths through a self-paced online learning approach. Educational platforms can benefit students and teachers in various ways.

With its tremendous benefits, online platforms in education empower learning progress, especially in the digital era. Understanding the demand of learners, using software outsourcing services is a feasible solution for schools and institutions. If you are looking for an education software development company that helps turn business ideas into reality, contact us for more details.

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