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The Best Construction Estimating Software to Explore: Top 14 on the List (to-be dated 2024)

In today’s construction industry, estimating software has become popular among construction contractors. It is considered an essential and indispensable tool that construction contractors need for any construction project. Depending on the size of the project, investors can choose a software solution suitable to the nature of the construction. Let Adamo Software recommend the top 14 best construction estimating software to explore.  

Estimating software is a calculation tool that creates estimates to determine the unit price of a project. By using the construction estimating software, contractors, estimators and investors can determine the total estimated value of the project. Simultaneously, they will be able to analyze in detail the consumable material costs, labor, and construction machine costs. Based on the software, contractors can make informed choices, optimize resources, and boost profitability. In addition, construction estimating software also helps to plan and execute construction projects in a complete and specific manner before actually constructing, minimizing arising risks. 

Most of the software includes features like estimating, bidding, verification, payment, and finalization. Through this blog post, you will not only learn detailed information on different facets of the best construction estimating software in the market but you will also have an overall picture of the core elements and primary features of the best construction estimating software. Read on for our post and find yourself useful information.  

I. Model of Construction Estimating Software: Core Elements   

To understand and use the best construction estimating software, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of the pre-construction bidding process. You may want to consider these core elements below. 

1. Pre-Construction Bidding Process  

The pre-construction bidding is extremely essential for any construction project, which helps to plan and implement the project accurately and successfully. This process involves five steps which are solicitation, submission, selection, contracting, and delivery. By taking these steps, stakeholders can clearly understand the project requirements and costs. The best construction estimating software can help this process generate accurate cost estimates, thereby enhancing efficiency and limiting errors.  

2. Importance of the Most Common Construction Estimating Software   

The best construction estimating software enhances the estimating process in many ways. It involves the automation of calculating the amount of materials and labor needed for a project. This automation feature provides more accurate results and more reliable data, minimizing human error and manual effort. They also boost the process by ensuring the accuracy of cost estimates so that it accurately reflects current market conditions. This accuracy minimizes miscalculations, therefore, you can submit competitive bids and manage budgets effectively.  

Besides, great construction estimating software is also crucial in controlling the cost of construction by providing detailed cost breakdowns. Thanks to that, you can achieve accurate cost tracking and avoid spending more than your budget. Additionally, with the help of best construction estimating programs, you will have updated information on material prices and labor rates. Thus, you can stay competitive in a rapidly changing environment. In order for information to be updated and data to be consistent throughout the entire construction project, the software needs to integrate with other tools like management and accounting tools.  

Moreover, through the best construction estimating software, stakeholders can have standardized templates and workflows to create estimates. The standardization creates a foundation for consistent, comparable estimates, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions. In addition, detailed reports on the cost and proposals from the best-estimating software for construction can clearly explain the project costs, which can build trust and improve communication among stakeholders.  

Overall, through the enhancements created by the best construction estimating software,  

contractors can be successful in bidding, which translates to profitable projects.  

3. Distinguishing Public vs Private Requirements    


Understanding the difference between public and private construction projects is extremely important in choosing the best construction estimating software. For public projects, contractors must go through a competitive bidding process, submitting a sealed bid for the project by a government agency or organization. The winning bidder must meet both budget and qualification criteria, and comply with specific bidding regulations. Whereas, private projects will have the participation of project owners and contractors. They will work directly with each other, then the project owner can choose the contractor based on expertise, reputation, and previous working relationships instead of just focusing on the bid rates like public projects. 

While public projects are subject to strict bidding regulations regarding prevailing wages, bonding requirements, and specific insurance coverage, private projects are more flexible and customizable, and less hindered by government mandates. Besides, payment schedules of public projects usually follow the prescribed timelines of the construction process and must have full related reports. In contrast, payment schedules for private projects will be based on negotiations between relevant parties and can be paid once or divided into several installments. 

Overall, the best construction estimating software will help contractors to separate between the two types of construction projects. From that, they can they can calculate and ensure success in both public and private projects.  

II. Top 14 Best Construction Estimating Software in the Market  

Choosing the right construction estimating software helps you increase the probability of success in project bidding, improving the efficiency and accuracy of the project. Let’s find detailed information on the top 14 best construction estimating software in the market with Adamo Software! 

1. Buildxact 

Buildxact is among the best construction estimating software you may want to refer to. It specializes in providing building tools to connect stakeholders in construction projects and help construction processes become simpler and more convenient. Here are some key features of this software.  


– Streamline lead management with a unified digital platform 

Buildxact combines all features on the same platform, from tracking and managing your leads to communicating effectively with customers and monitoring financial conditions. Through the software, you can manage your project essentials like proposed budgets, project scope descriptions, and client contact information.  

– Saving time planning and constructing 

Instead of paper plans and scale rulers, Buildxact allows you to upload the PDF and simplify everything. With the help of Buildxact, you can scale blueprints, measure materials easily, and allocate costs appropriately.  

– Deliver accurate bids in record time and gain a competitive edge 

Thanks to Buildxact, you can calculate materials and labor in just a few clicks. Then, you can save a lot of time in producing professional bids with no errors. Undoubtedly, you will get a competitive advantage over other contractors.  

– Simple and flexible scheduling 

Buildxact allows stakeholders to keep tasks on time. You can easily share your project schedule with your clients in a few clicks.  

– Gain real-time control over project profitability 

Gaining real-time control over project profitability is also among the unique features of Buildxact software. With this software, you can keep track of the updated numbers from the first quote to the final invoice, and correct pricing.  

Besides the above features, Buildxact allows you to remote access anytime, anywhere with its cloud-based solution. Not only estimating, but the software also extends to other important aspects of project management.  

Focusing on small businesses is both an advantage and a disadvantage for Buildxact. The advantage is that it can provide features tailored specifically to small business needs, such as affordability and ease of service. However, it may lack the advanced features and scalability large enterprises require, limiting its market reach. As small and medium-sized enterprises grow they will need a different software solution for their business. Then using Buildxact will no longer be a priority.  

2. ProEst 


ProEst is one of the most long-standing companies providing the best construction estimating software. Established in 1976, until now, the company has worked with many construction firms worldwide. By using ProEst, you can create competitive bids faster and manage every detail of the pre-construction process more easily with its advanced features and functionality. Let’s explore some outstanding features of ProEst with us! 

– Cloud-based platform 

Like other best construction estimating software, ProEst also uses a cloud-based platform. This platform makes it easier for you to estimate tasks faster and easier. From construction proposals to construction takeoffs, costing databases, and conceptual estimating, ProEst can help you all. Your internal teams, clients, and prospects can directly get polished proposals right in the system. After that, you can get their review and proposal, followed by your modification. You can calculate costs for your project, thereby minimizing errors and takeoff time with the on-screen measurement feature of ProEst.  

– Boost overall productivity 

Beyond construction estimating software, ProEst also provides solutions for pre-construction management. From the initial bid to the final handoff, you can take charge of every detail of your project. No matter where you are and which computer system you use to access, you can easily access and share project information. And so do other stakeholders in your project. The software helps to build relationships with customers, create an easy-to-use report, manage your bids, and store related documents, photos, and notes. 

– Accounting integration 

Due to the integration with many accounting software like Autodesk Build, Sage Intacct, Spectrum, etc., ProEst can help you gain complete control over your finances from the beginning step to the final invoices.  

Despite these advantages, some new users may find it hard to get familiar with the interface and extensive features of ProEst. Besides, small firms with limited budgets may not be suitable for using ProEst. 

3. Buildertrend 

Buildertrend is also among the best construction estimating software that empowers you to streamline all facets of your construction job. No matter if you are a home builder, remodeler, or specialty contractor, the software can help you all. Let’s explore some key features of Buildertrend that set it apart.  

– Project management 

Through scheduling, daily logs, to-do lists, and time tracking, Buildertrend can help you to manage your project properly. With scheduling tools like Gantt charts, task lists, and calendar views, you can update timelines for your progress and inform everyone in your construction project team in just a few clicks. Whereas, daily logs and to-do lists allow you to inform a detailed project report and assign tasks to the team within the required time respectively. Time tracking monitors the working time of your team. 

– Estimating 

Thanks to the estimating feature, Buildertrend is undoubtedly one of the best construction estimating software. An accurate cost estimation will ensure accurate and competitive bids. The software can support you in choosing the best option of the bids and sending bid requests directly to subcontractors and suppliers on the platform. Besides bidding price, the estimating tool of the software also enables you to create and manage project budgets. 

– Financial tools  

Buildertrend allows you to consolidate your financial management. Within one platform, you can directly generate and send invoices, monitor payments and balances, track deliveries and ensure on-time material arrival.  

In addition to the above features, Buildertrend also creates flavor conditions for you to communicate with your clients. Instead of direct calls or emails, the software has a client portal that your clients can follow, share photos, and take payments.  


Like other best construction estimating software, STACK is also a cloud-based construction estimating software that helps users enhance the pre-construction process. No matter if you are a subcontractor, general contractor, or supplier/ distributor, STACK can be a solution for bidding, collaborating, and managing your project. Let’s see how STACK’s solutions can optimize your construction projects.  

– Takeoff and estimating 

Through STACK’s construction takeoff and estimating software, your chances of success when bidding will be enhanced. The software also empowers you to experience unmatched speed and precision from takeoff to proposal. No matter how complex the jobs are, STACK helps you to simplify the process so that you can submit thorough and accurate estimates quickly. The software creates bills of materials, provides a comprehensive view of your project costs, filters project phase, and cost category, and generates reports. Not only does the software create the best bidding solution, but it also generates multiple proposal options for different situations.  

– Field and project management 

STACK stores all related information and documents in one platform. You can easily manage them and find them with just a few clicks. With real-time plan access, you can boost teamwork with instant, on-device plan access, and collaboration features, thereby making informed decisions.  

5. Sage Estimating 

Saga Estimating is also among the best construction estimating software that enhances the accuracy of the estimating process in construction. Whether you specialize in commercial, residential, or industrial construction, this software can satisfy you. Let’s explore Sage Estimating’s key benefits with us! 


– Easy to learn 

The software helps you create estimates in a shorter period. Estimate time rates using Saga Estimating software are reduced by up to 50% compared to the time needed to create an accurate estimate. 

– Bid with confidence  

Thanks to the help of Saga Estimating software, you can be confident in your bid. The software refines your estimates, helping you achieve maximum profits and win more projects. 

– Integrated Electronic Takeoff 

Saga Estimating generates precise counts and dimensions directly from digital plans. You will need the eTakeoff offered by Saga to create accurate and faster estimates. 

With all the benefits above, Saga Estimating is no doubt among the best construction estimating software. Although there are still some disadvantages for new users, it stands as a useful tool for contractors.  

6. PlanSwift by ConstructConnect 

Also in the list of the best construction estimating software, PlanSwift by ConstructConnect helps you to enhance efficiency and accuracy in construction estimating. Below are two key features of the software. 

– Streamlined takeoff process 

PlanSwift’s user-friendly interface allows you to directly estimate measure quantify materials from digital blueprints with just a few clicks. All you have to do is point, click, and drag to measure the length, area, and quantity of materials, and drop these measurements into pre-defined assemblies. Then, you can save a lot of time and effort that the takeoff procedure requires.  

– Efficient project management 

With the help of PlanSwift, you can manage all of your large and small projects with accurate and timely calculations. The software’s powerful tools contribute to the reliability of the cost estimates. 

7. Contractor Foreman 

Contractor Foreman is also one of the best construction estimating software which is affordable and easy to use. The software is suitable for general and subcontractors. Below are five unique features of Contractor Foreman.  

– Financials 

No matter what numbers you want, estimates, invoices, bills, expenses, etc., Contractor Foreman can provide you all. The software applies bulk and individual markup to control your estimated costs and ensure your profitability. Thanks to Contractor Foreman, you can easily create comprehensive bid packages, send targeted invites, and select the winning bid. With the costing reports and financials from the software, you will know the original budget allocation, monitor the impact of change orders on your project finances, and keep track of your project’s financial condition.  

– People 

Contractor Foreman allows you to know what your team and your clients are doing. You can call or email your team and clients directly from the software. Project chat, real-time messaging, group chat, and client chat are some features of the software.  

– Documents 

Thanks to Contractor Foreman, you can access all the documents you need at any time, anywhere. The software helps you manage Requests for information and submittals effectively.  

– Project management  

Managing your project efficiently is no longer difficult when you use the Contractor Foreman software. The software’s user-friendly interface allows users of all experience levels to easily manage their construction projects. Gantt (CPM) scheduling and daily logs are two features that keep your projects organized and on schedule.  

– Integration 

Like other best construction estimating software, Contractor Foreman also has integration tools that allow you to connect all your construction data. Thus, you can work more effectively.  

8. Clearest Estimate 


Also in the list of the best construction estimating software, Clearest Estimate is the easiest estimating software for contractors of all experience levels. The software’s friendly interface enables you to create professional estimates quickly. Besides, you can manage your project costs effectively and boost your projects’ profits. Here are some fundamental features of the Clearest Estimate. 

– Easy to use 

You can easily use and produce results with the help of the Clearest Estimate software. You will have an estimate and professional proposals in just a few minutes with a few clicks. You no longer have to type. Instead, Clearest Estimate’s database is pre-loaded with proposal text. New clients can use available estimates and proposal templates depending on their size and metrics.  

– Accurate pricing 

Using the Clearest Estimate, you can be confident that your estimates are accurate. The reason is that all information related to specific material and labor prices by region is updated regularly. Besides, through the software, you can clearly outline alternate prices, add them to the project, and get paid. Thanks to that, won’t lose money on unexpected changes to your orders.  

– Customizable 

Clearest Estimate provides you with available templates that you can directly edit. Otherwise, if you don’t use these available templates, you can create your own new ones. No matter what way you use, you can still manage your construction projects and make adjustments at any time.  

9. Estimator 360 

Estimator 360 is also among the best construction estimating software you may want to refer to. Thanks to the software, you can save time on your construction projects and monitor your progress from the beginning to the final payment. Digital takeoff, estimate generation, and crew management are some favorite features of Estimator 360. 

– Digital takeoff 

Like other best construction estimating software, Estimator 360’s digital takeoff can be of great benefit to users. You will not have to spend too much time estimating construction and labor costs. Simply upload your plan files to the software and set the scale, and the software will quickly capture digital measurements and generate detailed estimates automatically. Automated workflows retrieve information and create detailed proposals, contracts, schedules, and bills of materials.  

– Estimate generation  

With this feature, you can get more accurate and faster estimates. Estimator 360 will automatically create a detailed list of materials needed for your construction. The software streamlines estimating with powerful automation which are effortless assemblies and customizable options.  

– Crew management 

Estimator 360 connects you with your team members. The software records their operating time and enables them to select tasks from the project scope. Besides, your team members can add items they believe to be change orders. This eliminates human error and ensures all costs are recorded and tracked.  

10. Procore Estimating 

Procore Estimating is also among the best construction estimating software that helps you win more bids and streamline project workflows. The software allows users to access real-time data on labor costs, material pricing, and project plans. It provides a comprehensive toolkit for project operations, purpose-built estimates, and projects. Here are some outstanding benefits of Procore Estimating. 

– Quickly building accurate instruction cost estimates 

With 3D takeoff, Procore Estimating creates a flavor condition for you to exact precise quantities straight from models, boosting your efficiency and helping to eliminate data errors. Besides, the software uses AI to automatically detect areas in your floor plans, thereby you can save a lot of time and effort.  

– Gaining insights and boosting profits 

In only one platform, Procore Estimating lets you extract quantities directly, access cost catalogs, and generate estimates. Additionally, it uses historical rates to compare and produce the most accurate data.  

– Estimates to budget in a seconds 

With the all-in-one platform, Procore Estimating ensures that your data will never be lost. Your estimates data will automatically be turned into project budgets.  

11. B2W Estimate 


Among the best construction estimating software, B2W Estimate is suitable for heavy construction estimating. It empowers heavy construction contractors to create faster, more accurate bids, and win more bids with higher profits.  

All solutions from B2W Estimate are based on actual data. Users can update the detailed database easily. Because all data is presented on the same platform, users can work with data synchronously and accurately. 

B2W Estimate is flexible, allowing you to choose the pricing method that best suits your project. You can choose the traditional pricing method that calculates the cost of each individual item such as labor, materials, and equipment. Otherwise, you can also calculate based on Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). The WBS method allows you to divide the project into smaller items to monitor the total cost level of detail of each item more easily.  

Thanks to B2W Estimate, your team can access to the database and work on the same bid at the same time, no matter where you are. This can ensure the seamlessness of bidding. 

12. HCSS Heavy Bid 

Like B2W Estimate, HCSS Heavy Bid is also among the best construction estimating software for heavy civil projects. With the software, all repetitive tasks will be automatically processed, based on your historical database of costs, estimates, and performance. Bid item information created by you and quantities generated from external take-offs will be aggregated by HCSS and imported into Heavy Bid. Thanks to that, you can create an accurate cost estimate. 

Additionally, you can build, review, and edit estimates quickly. Along with automatically running price calculations, you can detect errors in the bid estimation process. 

HCSS Heavy Bid enables you to simplify complex works by breaking them down into more manageable pieces. Besides, you can tailor your estimates to fit your organization’s characteristics and needs.  

13. WinEst 

WinEst is among the best construction estimating software that is suitable for both small and large construction firms. If you are seeking for a solution that can help you standardize your estimating process and integrate detailed estimates, WinEst may be your choice. The software allows you to manage and integrate detailed project estimates seamlessly so that you can enhance the overall efficiency of your construction project. Powerful database-driven estimating, error avoidance, adaptability and user-friendliness, and scalability are some features of WinEst. 

14. CostOS 

Also one of the best construction estimating software, CostOS helps you streamline your workflow, generate more accurate bids, and gain a competitive advantage in the bidding process. The software combines traditional estimating methods with 3D building information modeling takeoff, 2D takeoff, and geographic information systems takeoff. These takeoffs can be linked directly to your estimates, streamlining the workflow. CostOS can open and work on up to four estimates simultaneously, and easily copy and paste line items between estimates. This helps maximize your productivity, save time, and minimize errors. 

Overall, the best construction estimating software above can help you in some way. Even though their features, interfaces, and usage are different, they still ensure accuracy in construction bid estimates, minimize unnecessary costs, and help reduce time and effort.  

III. Primary Features of Best Construction Estimating Software  

From those above examples of the best construction estimating software, the main features of construction estimating software can be drawn. Let’s explore these key features with Adamo Software.  


1. Easy to use and friendly user interface 

The best construction estimating software should first have an easy-to-use interface, allowing users to quickly learn how to use, navigate, and use the software effectively. The software interface’s dashboard should provide a clear overview of ongoing projects, activities, and key metrics. Besides, the software needs to allow you to enter data, create reports, and access key features easily.  

2. Capable of integrating with other software 

The best construction estimating software products need to integrate many other construction management software and features. They can be accounting software, customer management software, online chat software, etc. The best construction estimating software allows for the smooth integration of data sources between different platforms, resulting in improved overall project management efficiency. 

3. Accurate cost estimation 

Undoubtedly, accurate cost estimation is the must-have feature that the best construction estimating software needs. Through comprehensive data on materials, labor, equipment, and other costs imported by the user, the software needs to be able to accurately estimate costs for the entire project. Algorithms need to ensure all costs are accounted for properly.  

4. Collaboration and communication 

Collaboration and communication among team members and with clients are also needed features of the best construction estimating software. Through these features, users in a team can work together on the same bidding package, for example, on the same platform. Meanwhile, with professional proposal creation and reporting tools to share information with customers, the best construction estimating software helps to improve transparency and customer trust. Customers can directly participate, comment, and share information and images through the software.  

Overall, the best construction estimating software products need to combine the above features to ensure providing the best and most effective solutions for contractors and builders. Besides, thanks to those features, the software can meet the diverse needs of the construction industry. 

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