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Top 70+ Ideas For An App to Make Money In 2024 


In the digital world, possessing a mobile app is always an advantage for any business enterprise, especially for start-up companies. In a situation when there are too many apps with different types on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, it is extremely important to think up unique app ideas that meet market needs. But how to come up with new ideas for an app remains a challenge for any firm. Having difficulty coming up with a concept for your app? Here are the top 70+ ideas for your recommendations. Through this blog post, you will have suggestions about the app-making ideas for 2024 that you can use to build your own app and start making money. These ideas are all built on our latest research on contemporary trends in business and the shifts in modern technology. So, let’s read on for our post to make your decision. 

I. How to Develop Ideas for An App

Grasping the steps to develop ideas for an app is exceptionally essential to reducing the app development costs, clearly understanding the implementation time in every phase, identifying important milestones, setting goals, and developing appropriate development strategies. Here are seven steps to help you refine your ideas for an app.


1. Identifying your goals for developing an app

Identifying your goals is the first and foremost step in developing ideas for an app, which ensures all future development steps follow the correct roadmap. Let’s think of what you want your app to do, what problems your app can solve, what features are integrated into your app, how your app can attract users, and how your app helps simplify our lives. 

For example, you may want to develop a movie-watching app with a rich library of movies and TV shows in various film genres, including both new and old movies suitable for different audiences from children to adults, with subtitles for users globally. Your goal may be to provide users with an interesting, convenient, and high-quality movie-watching experience on mobile devices. 

2. Researching market trends to update features

After defining your goals, you will come to the next step: researching market trends. For building up ideas for an app, this step helps you to update new features to increase competitiveness, improve experience, and stimulate users to download the app. 

When researching the market, you should focus on analyzing competitors, evaluating their advantages and shortcomings, assessing the necessity of the app, identifying your unique selling points compared to other apps, and determining how to promote and monetize your app. From the analysis, you can develop your unique value proposition and enhance your app’s quality and user experiences. 

3. Identifying your users

Is identifying your users significant in generating ideas for an app? Yes, definitely. Users help shape the necessary features and design the interface for your app. They provide important feedback on the features they like and the changes needed to improve the user experience. 

Besides, they are also the ones who decide on brand loyalty to your app. So, what you need to do is to determine the target segment for your app, their gender, habits, needs, etc., find out the customer’s difficulties and problems, and show what your app can help. 

4. Determining your app monetization strategy

Once you finish identifying your user, you can now determine how you can make money from your app. Of course, it is an essential part of developing ideas for an app, as you can ensure that your app can be profitable and maintain operations over the long term. You can make money from ads, and affiliation and collect weekly, monthly, or annual service fees for the app after the free trial period expires. 

5. Creating a demo version of your app

After finishing all the above steps, you can now turn your ideas for an app into reality. With this step, you will need to create a demo version of your app to see how users can use your app, and visualize the interface and operations of the app. 

When you finish your demo of the app, you will know the sections displayed in the app such as colors, fonts, themes, icons, images, videos, etc., and how your app works. Besides, you can decide whether there is any details in your app that need to be adjusted and identify any technical challenges early on. 

6. Testing the app before launching

Testing is mandatory before launching your app and it decides whether your app-making ideas can be successful. You have to make sure that your app runs smoothly and does not encounter any errors when used. The testing phase must have the participation of registered users to easily evaluate the new app’s quality and achieve satisfactory results. 

7. App releasing and marketing

The last step in developing ideas for an app is app publishing and marketing. After your app is present on all platforms, you may want to run ads, write related articles, etc., to promote your app. When the app has high awareness to users, the level of reach to customers will increase. 

By following the above steps, you will find it easier to create ideas for an app that are suitable for your target audiences and fit your aims. 

II. Top Unique App Ideas to Consider in 2024 

The year 2024 is and will see major changes in technology, with artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality, and blockchain being the key trends. Taking advantage of these trends, many creative ideas and technological advances have been born. In terms of applications specifically, there are more and more app ideas serving different human needs, from healthcare, entertainment, education, and many other fields. Whether you are looking for a startup opportunity, or finding new ideas for your company, let’s consider these ideas for an app below to find your way and develop a competitive advantage. 

1. Healthcare App

In modern society, people are getting more focused on their health and physical development, especially after the Covid pandemic. Therefore, the idea of building a healthcare app is considered one of the great ideas for an app. There are many app-making ideas that you can explore in the health industry. Here are some of the most popular healthcare apps you can refer to.


– Telehealth apps

You may want to think of telehealth apps, which provide remote medical examination and treatment solutions. Through the connection with medical facilities and hospitals, and the support of AI technology, thanks to your app, patients can be diagnosed and treated, get advice, and handle emergencies without having to go to the hospital.

– Mental health apps

Making a mental health app can be among the most interesting ideas for an app that can help people reduce stress. This app can support individuals during a mental crisis or diagnosed with any mental illness. Besides, it is a tool connecting doctors or therapists to patients so that they can provide better care, give advice on nutrition and exercise habits, and monitor their patient’s treatment progress, symptoms, moods, and medicines. 

– Medication management application

Medication management applications can be extremely useful for patients, as they can remind patients when to take medicine, what medicine to take, and classify medicines. Let’s create such kind of app and see how effective it is. 

– Nutrition and Fitness Tracking

Another aspect of health care is monitoring nutrition and exercise. You may want to make a nutrition and fitness-tracking app that Integrates all features on diet, exercise, and health overview. This app will calculate the number of calories you need to take each day, create a daily reference menu, and provide appropriate exercises to ensure the number of calories consumed is less than the number of calories burned. Thanks to that, the app contributes to improving the physical health of users, while also encouraging healthy lifestyle choices. 

Besides the above apps, you can also consider creating a personal health records app, period tracking app, or pregnancy tracking app if you want to make an app in the medical field. You can monetize the healthcare apps by charging users monthly/ quarterly or annual fees so that they can access premium features, content, or services. Besides, let’s allow users to pay for additional features directly within the app; for example, a diet menu, personal health coaching sessions, etc. 

2. Travel App Ideas 

Do you want to travel without difficulty in planning itineraries, finding places to eat, communicating, etc.? Do you want to find the best flight prices, and economical accommodation but still have full amenities? If so, then a travel app that integrates all the features to help you have a great trip is extremely necessary. Thus, the travel app ideas are also amazing ideas for an app that you can take into consideration. Let’s see some unique travel app ideas that can meet the needs of tourists. 


– Enhancing Tourists’ experiences with AR virtual tours

If you are looking for an opportunity to go to a certain place/country but don’t have enough money, then a virtual reality travel app will be a great choice. This app will preview and let you know about the place you want to go. The authenticity of technology helps you completely trust the place you are about to visit, thereby helping you easily make decisions and choose the right destination that suits your preferences. 

– Planning itinerary app

Where to go, how many days to travel, and how to arrange the itinerary are always the most concerning questions for tourists. Therefore, a specialized scheduling app is necessary for tourists to enjoy the trip in the best way. Let’s create an app with AI support to help tourists save their time and effort in planning their trips.

– Flight, accommodation, and activities recommendations app

The flight, accommodation, and activities recommendations app can help tourists maximize cost savings by suggesting economical flights and accommodations for their trip. Besides, you can also help tourists buy sightseeing tickets and entertainment tickets at venues more conveniently. In addition, through this app, you can suggest eco-friendly travel options so that tourists can minimize their environmental impact.

Overall, these ideas for an app related to the travel field can enhance tourists’ travel experience. As the travel industry is getting more and more developing, it’s worth investing money in making unique travel apps. Definitely, you can get your profits back after a while through commission-based bookings, in-app purchases, and advertisements. 

3. Education App

Educational apps are also among the amazing ideas for an app that you can make to earn money. Educational mobile applications and platforms that optimize the learning process and provide access to the highest quality information will remain trendy for many years. Learning apps help businesses make money and empower users through innovative app ideas and digital platforms. Let’s see some educational apps you can create!


– Gamification in learning app

Gamification in learning helps increase interaction in learning and create engaging and effective lessons. For example, users will find lessons more interesting if the app combines ranked games to test the knowledge they have just learned.

– Virtual study group application

The use of digital platforms in learning and e-learning has become more popular than ever. Students can meet in a common forum and review for exams with other students studying the same subject. It’s time for you to develop a virtual exam study mobile app to provide students with study materials and knowledge related to their subject. 

– Language learning apps

Creating language learning apps is also an excellent choice of ideas for an app. As the need to learn foreign languages ​​is increasing, these apps are really important. These apps must incorporate interactive lessons, translations, and pronunciation. 

4. Fintech App 

Thanks to the financial technology (fintech) industry, online payment applications become simpler for businesses and consumers. Thereby, companies in the financial industry can expand faster and improve revenue significantly. Normally, the fintech apps combine technology and finance to provide convenient and fast financial services, meeting users’ needs in managing money, investing, borrowing, transferring money, making payments, accounting, and other financial services. Improvements in technology can help these apps improve access to financial services and compete with traditional financial institutions. Therefore, making a fintech app is also among the great ideas for an app. Here are some examples of fintech applications.


– Mobile payment applications

These apps allow users to make payments and transfer money easily through mobile phones. You need to ensure security when making this app to avoid revealing customer information and causing customers to lose money unfairly. 

– Personal financial management applications

With these apps, users can control their spending, input, output, ending balance, income, and expenditure differences. You may want to develop an app that helps users manage their expenses.

– Trading and investing applications

These apps provide tools for users to trade stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other financial assets. Users can track metrics to decide where to invest themselves. 

– Online loan and loan applications

Through online loan applications, users can easily and quickly access loan funds. Let’s create an app that provides instant loan approval based on real-time data analysis, with the help of AI. 

– Cryptocurrency applications

The cryptocurrency applications allow users to manage and use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. Creating an app that enables users to trade cryptocurrencies with real-time market data and advanced trading tools is also a need in modern society. 

5. Food and Beverage App 

The food and beverage industry is now gradually converting to using digital technology. Therefore, creating apps related to this field is also among the potential ideas for an app to make money that you can refer to. 

Due to limited time and some personal reasons, users do not want to go directly to the restaurant to eat. Instead, they tend to order food through the app. So, you may think of developing an online ordering and delivery app to help users save time and effort. 

Through the app, they can find their favorite restaurants, and coffee shops, choose something they like, and purchase directly on the app. Your app needs to have a friendly interface and easy to use, smart search and filtering features, real-time order notifications and delivery status, convenient and safe payment, integrated incentives and promotions, and map and positioning. 


6. eCommerce and Retail App

The E-commerce and retail industry is growing rapidly. Currently, most shopping malls and online businesses have user-friendly e-commerce mobile applications to facilitate every buyer to shop online. Whether a business is completely online or has a brick-and-mortar store, you can expect it to have an e-commerce app or some type of online marketplace to benefit from the rapid growth of the e-commerce industry. Let’s refer to some main components of an e-commerce app below.


– Management Software

The management software helps to sort products by category, brand, etc., with quick search and product filtering features. Through this component, users can process and update order status, shipping, payment, refund, exchange, view and edit personal information, create, edit, delete promotions and news, calculate shipping costs automatically based on the delivery address, and view reports on revenue, profits, products, inventory, number of orders, customers, users, etc.

– Mobile apps for sales

Salesmen can use the app to add, edit, delete products, and manage prices, warehouses, and product images. Also, they can track orders, shipping, and payments, view detailed information and update order status, send notifications to customers about order status. Additionally, the app helps them view revenue, profit, and number of orders, and analyze product sales performance. 

– Mobile apps for users

For users who want to search for a product, the app can be useful. They can use this app to search and filter products by keywords, categories, and prices, send messages, ask questions about products, view purchase history and orders in process, and receive notifications about new offers, promotions, and product updates.

Overall, the e-commerce and Retail App can enhance shopping experience and customer satisfaction. Let’s create your own app and foster an engaging shopping community!

7. Social Networking App 

Today’s social networks are not only a communication tool but also for disseminating, sharing information, and updating knowledge. As users demand increasingly complex and customized experiences, social network app design has become one of the great ideas for an app that you should not miss. Here are some important elements of social network app design. 

– User-Focused Navigation

User-focused navigation is extremely essential in developing a social networking app design. The user journey within the app should be natural, allowing for easy discovery of features and content. A well-designed navigation system is like a road map, guiding users smoothly through the digital landscape.

– Attractive Visual Design

Visual appeal is more than just physical appearance in the context of social media app design. Beyond eye-catching, the app’s interface must reflect the brand identity, and be consistent in colors, typography, and imagery. 

– Flexible Response

When designing a social networking app, you must ensure that the user experience is always smooth across multiple platforms, from smartphones to tablets and desktop computers. This encourages inclusivity of user experience. 

In general, social networking apps allow you to affiliate products on e-commerce platforms to earn money, and partner with brands and influencers to create sponsored content. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to develop your app. 

8. Entertainment App 

Entertainment apps are an integral part of our daily lives, and provide many different forms of entertainment from watching movies, and listening to music to playing games. Until now, there have been many opportunities for developing entertainment app ideas to attract users. Here are two main key features of innovative entertainment apps!

– Streaming services

An entertainment app’s streaming services allow users to access movies, TV shows, and music archives. You may want to incorporate all of those things into one platform. 

– Gaming platforms

There are many types of gaming apps, including social network game apps, simulation game apps, casual game apps, Virtual reality (VR) game apps, and augmented reality game apps. By creating a gaming app, you can create a vibrant community of gamers. 

9. Productivity App Ideas 

Productivity app ideas are also among the awesome ideas for an app that you can earn money from. Task management, time tracking, and collaboration tools can be some ideal apps. Let’s consider each productivity app idea and make your decision!


– Task management app

Many people face challenges with doing their work, as they cannot arrange their time properly. So, a task management app with intuitive interfaces and smart categorization is such a suitable solution. By dividing a list of tasks, labeling the tasks, deciding priority levels, and reminding due dates, your app will help users keep track of their responsibilities and manage their time to complete the work. 

– Time tracking app

The tracking app will allow users to manage their time effectively and what time to use to do what task. You can create report aggregation, manual time entry, and automatic time logging for your app. 

– Collaboration tools

When working within a team, many people may want to use an app that can monitor their teammate’s work progress and communicate with each other directly on the app. Then, creating collaboration tools can be one of the amazing ideas for an app. You may want to develop shared workspaces where everyone in a team can share documents, update their work, and effectively communicate. 

10. Management Unique App

The continuous development of technology has forced many businesses to change the way they manage and work. They must apply new management technologies to improve work efficiency and increase the competitiveness of their brand in the market. The management app can help to maximize the company’s working efficiency. The effectiveness of the app has made it become one of the fantastic ideas for an app that you can develop. Below are some necessary functions of the management app.


– Human resource management

The human resource management includes a timekeeping feature for employees, recording arrival and departure times, a salary calculation feature based on the number of working days, and a bonus calculation based on work productivity. This function also helps to keep track of the days off of employees, store employee’s information, and make reports.

– Project management

A project management allows users to create a board (group) for a task, and the creator can add other users to that project. Besides, it enables users to create daily tasks and reports.

– Customer relationship management

The customer relationship management platform can store customer information, and monitor the contract and cooperation process between the two parties. Besides, it also suggests marketing strategies for businesses and integrates customer support features.

In general, these ideas for an app have the potential to develop in 2024 due to their popularity, features, and efficiency. By focusing on these ideas, you can create impactful solutions to meet the needs of society. 

III. Must-have Features of a Successful App 

The success of an app is not only based on the great app ideas but also many other factors. Below are some must-have features of a successful app. 

– User-friendly interface

– Smooth user experience with high speed and reliability

– High level of information security

– Accessing to all functions without an Internet connection

– Allowing users to customize their app experience based on their preferences

– Continuously app improvements based on user feedback and technological advancements

– Integrating social media

– In-app support for customers

By combining all of these features, you can raise the chances of success for your app thanks to its assurance of a superior user experience, robust performance, and ongoing engagement. To maintain customers’ loyal and long-term usage of your app, you must consider all feedback and data insights and continuously enhance the app’s functions and interfaces. 

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