POSTED ON September 27, 2022

A full list of online marketplaces for selling your products


An online marketplace is an e-commerce platform that connects sellers with purchasers. Learn the list of online marketplaces that are best for your products. 

The emergence of the Internet and the E-commerce industry has forced the market growth of online marketplaces. Like before, if you wanted to sell items/products online or promote a new brand, you found it hard to do so. Since there would be some challenges such as garage sales, bazaars, flea markets, and consignment. Currently, with a wide range of websites and apps, you can make extra money when selling anything online. Our list of online marketplaces will help you sell products/items online without having to leave your house. 

To sell products online, you might wonder which platforms suit your business most. Building an online marketplace isn’t a difficult task, you can choose your in-house teams or offshore development teams in a mobile app development company. However, if you select an inappropriate online marketplace, it might harm your business sooner or later. In the article, we will provide a list of online marketplaces for selling your products online. Keep reading to what you need. 

What is an online marketplace solution? 

An online marketplace is an e-commerce site that allows consumers and sellers to buy and purchase products online. The list of online marketplaces includes Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. There are over 100 online marketplaces where brands can reach potential customers. However, you should consider which list of online marketplaces is the best for your business. Currently, there are mobile app development companies that create a marketplace for brands. 

Create a marketplace: Outstanding benefits of online marketplace apps 

Easily reach your customers 

When selling your products on top online marketplaces, sellers easily and straightforwardly reach their target customers. So when being approved as a third-party seller on online marketplace solutions, brands upload product listings and start selling. Or some companies develop their online marketplace using the mobile app development companies

Take advantage of selling ecosystem 

Top online marketplaces use programs to support sellers in navigating marketing campaigns, trading, and fulfillment. For instance, your company sells on eBay, Amazon, etc. and Google can access eBay promotions, Amazon advertising, and shopping actions on Google. Digital marketing programs will play an important role in getting products in front of all targeted customers at the right time. 

Use customer bases 

Many online e-commerce platforms have a massive customer base, who will surf those websites and platforms regularly. There are about 500 million active customers per month on the list of online marketplaces: eBay, Amazon, Walmart, etc. 

Types of online marketplaces for selling products 

Online marketplace solutions fall into three categories by target customers: business-to-business (B2B), business-to-customer (B2C), and peer-to-peer (P2P). 


Business-to-business online marketplace 

This type of online marketplace allows wholesalers to sell their products to customers. Many mobile app development companies develop mobile apps for business-to-business marketplaces. So choosing an offshore development team is a great option to turn business ideas into reality. The idea of an online marketplace solution is to automate the selling and buying process. Besides, it provides a great customer experience and transparency of financial transitions. As third-party, B2B websites bring sellers various benefits: 

  • Have the ability to distribute products to more buyers. 
  • Expanding their sale channels 
  • No need to create an e-commerce platform 
  • Selling quickly 

Additionally, there are some models of B2B online marketplaces. They include commission-based, subscription, and listing fees. 

Business-to-customer – The most popular online marketplaces 

The B2C marketplace model will involve two types of users: businesses and customers. Businesses sell their products and services directly to customers. Many B2C marketplaces are one-stop shops in which buyers will purchase goods online. With its popularity, thousands of B2C online marketplaces offer products and services from clothes to vehicles. B2C online marketplaces also have the same business model as B2B marketplaces. 

Peer-to-peer marketplaces or Customer-to-customer marketplaces 

The online marketplace connects single customers with similar needs, tastes, and incomes to share products or services. Amongst the list of online marketplace, P2P will be part of the sharing economy, helping customers make optimal use of resources through renting instead of buying something. When a user goes to this type of online marketplace, today he/she can be a consumer; however, tomorrow they can be providers. The P2P model has a shorter sales cycle and relationship length compared to the B2B and B2C models. 

Moreover, there are some business models of P2P which can be paid promotions and advertisements. Besides many B2B and B2C models, now people are trying to develop mobile apps or online platforms for P2P models. Choosing a mobile app development company is a great option for developing P2P models. 

List of online marketplaces: Top 5 best marketplaces to sell online for all vendors 

Amazon – Top online marketplaces 

Amazon is an e-commerce online marketplace that allows businesses to sell products to about 147 million US customers. To sell products on Amazon, it charges you a monthly fee and also a per-item referral fee. Some online shops pay an extra fee for this top online marketplace to handle shipping. Here are some figures for this: 

  • The selling plans of professionals are about $39.99 monthly. 
  • For individuals, it is about 99 cents for each item sold. 
  • The per-item referral fee is based on the product category. 

Etsy – Best marketplaces to sell online 

As one of the best marketplaces to sell online, Etsy is for selling crafts, jewelry, and other homemade items. Buyers on Etsy can access more than 40 million consumers. Here are some significant figures if you want to sell on Etsy: 

  • Etsy charges 20 cents/item for a listing fee. Those listings will live for four months or until they sell. 
  • If you make a sale from Etsy’s off-sale advertising, they will take a cut, about 15%. Besides, buyers have to pay a 6.5% transaction fee, and in the US payment process of 3% and 25 cents. 

Walmart – One of the largest online marketplaces 

Among the list of online marketplaces, Walmart is more than an established merchant. This type of online marketplace helps businesses screen the market before launching. Walmart will charge a referral fee for each product. This fee will vary based on the product category. Moreover, in the list of online marketplaces, Walmart takes a 15% cut on accessories, buying items, beauty products, and books. Mobile phones, cameras, and other electronic devices have an 8% fee. 

Shopify – A top e-commerce platform with more than 1 million businesses 

This type of online marketplace offers a full range of services. Merchants can create an online store, and sell products on social media and marketplaces. Besides, they can manage inventory, payments, and shipping. Among the list of online marketplaces, Shopify will charge a monthly subscription fee. The Lite plan costs about $9 per month, which is used for existing websites. If you want to experience a full platform, you will need a basic plan or even higher. The basic plan will cost $29 per month and 79% for the higher plan. 

BigCommerce – The leading online marketplace app 

The type of online marketplace will allow users to create an attractive online store and run marketing campaigns on social media. The monthly fee is for a standard plan ($29.95), the mid-level plus plan ($79.97), and the high-end plan ($299.95). Moreover, all plans on the type of online marketplaces have no limit on storage, bandwidth, and staff. There are also no transaction fees. 

Create a marketplace: Selling products and services online is more popular than ever 

There are some ways to start selling products and services online. For instance, businesses can use an online marketplace or an e-commerce platform. They can add a shopping cart to the existing website. For new sellers, lists of an online marketplace like Etsy and Amazon are easy to access and affordable options. Ecommerce platforms make it easy to establish online stores quickly with tools. It helps businesses to accept payments and manage inventory. 

Selling online involves more than setting up a website and uploading images for selling. To succeed, buyers need passion, expertise, and marketing skills. Recently, online marketplaces have been one of popular sites for buyers to sell their products. Mobile app development companies also realize online marketplace trends for vendors. Offshore development teams in a mobile app development company develop and add features that support selling online. If you are looking for a mobile app, contact us.

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