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Hire Dedicated Development Team: Step-by-step Guide 2024


This comprehensive guide will provide you with essential knowledge to hire dedicated development team in 2024 as well as top regions and countries to outsource your project.  

The global business world has changed a lot since the COVID-19 pandemic. While in-house teams are still important, more companies are now turning to flexible talent models to improve their tech development. In fact, over 80% of businesses are planning to diversify their workforce, with a focus on inclusion and trust. 

Working with a dedicated development team allows businesses to access a pool of skilled tech professionals. This makes it easy to find people with various expertise and fresh ideas. Plus, the benefits go beyond just filling skill gaps: dedicated teams encourage long-term partnerships, which leads to a better understanding of your needs and a smoother development process.  

Our article today will explore the advantages of this approach and how to hire dedicated development team to maximize benefits for your business.

I. What is a Dedicated Development Team?

A dedicated development team is a collaboration model where a client works closely with an outsourced team of developers (often located in countries or regions with lower cost such as Asia, Latin America or Eastern Europe). It’s a popular model, similar to fixed price (FP) and time and material (T&M) models. 

When you hire dedicated development team, you will get experts chosen specifically for your business goals. They act like your in-house team but without the hassle of managing administrative, HR, tax, and social benefits issues. You can focus on higher-level business matters while your development partners handle the rest. 

In short, a dedicated team gives you a specialized team focused on one project, and they cover all administrative costs.

II. 5 Reason Why You Should Hire Dedicated Development Team

The outsourcing market is booming. According to a Statista report, the global IT outsourcing market is expected to reach $812.70 billion by 2029. This growth is backed by compelling statistics: 

_ In 2022, over 76% of business owners reported using third-party providers for their IT services. 

_ A 2023 SpareMyTime study found that over 48% of UK companies are actively outsourcing their services. 

These figures show the growing preference for outsourced development teams among large and medium-sized businesses. This is because of numerous benefits that hire dedicated development team can bring.  


1. Cost-Efficiency

Hire dedicated development team is usually much cheaper than hiring in-house staff. Adding new employees to your payroll involves extra costs, including: 

_ Paid time off (PTO) 

_ Office space (desks, etc.) 

_ Benefits (healthcare, vision, dental) 

_ Payroll taxes 

_ Workers’ compensation and liability insurance 

_ Workforce risks (conflicts, injuries, lawsuits) 

When you hire dedicated developers, the company providing the team covers all these costs and offers reasonable rates. 

In-house hiring also adds costs for: 

_ Recruiting 

_ Performance reviews and salary increases 

_ Exit interviews 

_ Project management staff 

_ Training 

What’s more, hire dedicated development team, you can have more predictability in terms of costs as this is an engagement model, which can provide clarity on project costs, allowing for better budget planning.

2. Immediate Access to Top Talent

Working with a dedicated software development team not only helps you cut down on various costs, but also gives you access to top engineering talent from around the world. 

Picture this: you want to create an AI-powered chatbot for your business. But there are two problems you have to counter. Number one, your in-house developers don’t have the necessary AI skills, so you need to find programmers who do. And number two, there’s a shortage of AI engineers in the market, so that it is really hard to find the right talent.  

However, these challenges are easily addressed by working with a dedicated development team. You can tap into a global talent pool and benefit from the technical skills needed for your project.  

Hire dedicated development team, you can address the lack of specialists and bring your unique business idea to life. You’ll also gain the expertise, skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to make your project successful. 

3. Greater Focus and Productivity

A dedicated software development team works as part of your in-house team, focusing entirely on your projects. They provide fresh perspectives with more innovative and practical solutions. 

The dedicated team is highly motivated and strives to outperform your in-house team. They understand that maintaining their position depends on their performance, which drives their commitment to succeed. 

Besides, they often improve your processes, as it directly affects their work. They may introduce best practices like continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), enhancing how you deliver software. 

Due to their remote nature, the dedicated team documents everything, helping to build your knowledge base, wikis, and work processes. 

With these short-term and long-term benefits that hire dedicated development team brings to you, your business can stay competitive, even after the team is no longer with you. 

4. Greater Adaptability

The dedicated team model offers great flexibility. When your project’s needs change, the vendor can quickly adjust the team to fit those changes: 

_ Increase or decrease the overall team size. 

_ Add or remove team members in specific roles, like adding more QA engineers when extra testing is needed. 

_ Reassign team members to different projects within your company as needed. 

5. Faster Time-to-Market

A dedicated team already has a set workflow, so you can start working right away. With an in-house team, you need to set up the process from the beginning. A dedicated team is also more adaptable to changes, allowing you to quickly add or replace specialists as needed. 

This speeds up the development process and adds significant value to your project. You can launch new products or features faster, helping you capture market share and stay competitive. 

III. Dedicated Development Team vs Fixed Price and Time & Material Contract 

Let’s break down the differences between hire dedicated development team and other engagement models you can choose from when working with a software development outsourcing vendor.


1. Pricing

_ Dedicated team: You pay a fixed monthly rate for each team member. 

_ T&M: You pay based on the time and materials used, with rates agreed upon per hour, day, or week. 

_ Fixed price: You pay a set price for the entire project, regardless of the time and materials used.

2. Involvement In the Process

_ Dedicated team: You can be fully involved in the development process from start to finish, having control over every step. 

_ T&M: You start quickly and stay involved throughout the process, participating in meetings and providing feedback on completed features. 

_ Fixed price: You are involved in initial meetings to define the project scope and features. After that, your involvement is minimal until the final product is delivered.

3. Project Suitability

_ Dedicated Team: Suitable for long-term projects with evolving needs and frequent changes. 

_ T&M: Good for complex projects with changing requirements. Better than Fixed Price for managing complexity. 

_ Fixed Price: Best for simple projects where all requirements are clear from the start. Not ideal for complex projects.

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IV. Structure of a Dedicated Software Development Team

Hire dedicated development team is built based on the client’s specific needs, considering factors like: 

_ Qualifications 

_ Number of developers and other experts 

_ Skill levels 

Top outsourcing countries are rated yearly on their quality index based on these criteria. Vietnam has been leading with its proactive specialists for several years. 

The team structure depends on the project’s needs, allowing for optimal hiring conditions and project adaptation. A dedicated software development team typically includes:


1. Project Manager (PM)

_ Acts as the link between the team and the client. 

_ Manages workload, deadlines, and task delegation within the team.

2. Business Analyst

_ Conducts business and technical research for the project. 

_ Ensures the product meets the company’s goals and technical specifications. 

3. Software Developers

_ Front-end developers: Create the visible part of the product, focusing on layout, client-side programming, and performance optimization. 

_ Back-end developers: Handle the server-side of the product, involved from planning to release.

4. UI/UX Designers

_ Responsible for the product’s interface and aesthetics. 

_ Focus on solving user problems with design, creating attractive and user-friendly interfaces.

5. QA Experts

_ Check for errors and bugs at each development stage. 

_ Ensure the project is market-ready without technical issues.

6. DevOps Professionals

_ Coordinate with software development and QA teams. 

_ Create a comfortable environment for testing and development.

V. When Hire Dedicated Development Team Is a Great Option

Hire dedicated software development team from a reliable provider can help you achieve your business goals effectively and cost-efficiently.  

Here’s when you might need a dedicated software development team: 

_ It’s too expensive to hire the needed professionals in-house. 

_ You can’t hire and onboard an in-house development team quickly enough to meet management’s objectives. 

_ You need to free up resources to focus on your company’s core business. 

_ Your company needs specialized skills not available in-house. 

_ You have a long-term project with unclear and frequently changing requirements. 

_ You don’t have enough staff to meet your project’s deadlines. 

_ Your software project is facing increasing issues, and you need a team of experienced professionals to fix them quickly. 

VI. How Much Does It Cost to Hire Dedicated Development Team

The cost to hire dedicated development team is straightforward. It includes each team member’s salary and the service provider’s fee, which covers administrative costs. Depending on the vendor’s location, costs range from $5,000 to $25,000 per month. 

Hiring a Web Developer: Costs and Roles 

It’s important to understand what web developers do and how much it might cost to hire them as they are one of the key components of dedicated team structure. 

Typical functions of Web Developers: 

_ Use web development languages like PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript 

_ Develop websites and web applications 

_ Fix bugs and address website issues 

_ Maintain and update web products 

_ Implement designs based on requirements 

Cost of hiring a Web Developer: 

The cost varies based on the developer’s location, skills, and experience. Here are the average annual salaries for web developers in Vietnam (according to TopDev) 

_ Junior Web Developers: $350 – $565/month

_ Mid-Level Web Developers: $535 – $1,190/month

_ Senior Web Developers: $860$ – $1,510/month

These figures can help you budget appropriately for your web development needs. 

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VII. How to Hire Dedicated Software Development Team

1. Identify What’s Your Project Need

Start by understanding your project’s needs clearly. It’s not just about technical skills; you need a team that matches your goals, culture, and work style. 

When hire dedicated development team, list your priorities. Decide whether expertise in a specific technology, industry experience, or working within your project management framework is most important. 

Remember, a dedicated development team will work closely with your in-house team, so finding a good cultural fit is just as important as technical skills. By defining what’s most important, you set the stage for a successful partnership that goes beyond coding to achieve your business goals.

2. Conduct Research on Dedicated Development Team

Before choosing a dedicated development team, make sure they’re the right fit for your business. Thorough market research will give you insights into the team’s reputation, past projects, and client feedback. 

Look into their strengths and how they’ve handled challenges in previous projects. You don’t have to find a team with exact industry experience but look at how they solve problems and manage projects.

3. Set Clear Expectations and Outcomes for Effective Communication

After identifying your key requirements and researching the market, the next step is to set clear expectations and outcomes with your potential dedicated development team. Define the scope of work, project milestones, deadlines, and specific goals. 

Clear communication of your expectations will ensure the project starts on the right foot. Discuss your project’s objectives, the required technology stack, and any other critical requirements. Also, talk about the team’s availability, responsiveness, and approach to problem-solving and innovation. 

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VIII. Where to Hire Dedicated Development Team – Top Regions and Countries 

One of the biggest advantages of hire dedicated development team is that you can hire the best tech specialists from around the world. Each region has its own unique features, such as the size of the talent pool, technical and English skills, cost of hiring developers, and the business and political environment.  

Here are the top regions and countries to consider:

1. Asia

Companies often choose Asia for affordable rates and the ability to run operations 24/7. Asia has a large pool of skilled developers, but be mindful of possible language barriers and cultural differences.  

Top countries to consider: 


_ India 

_ China 

_ Vietnam 

_ Philippines 

_ Malaysia

2. Latin America

Many companies like hiring in Latin America due to geographical proximity, similar time zones, and a large talent pool. Brazil alone has half a million software developers.  

Top countries to consider: 

_ Brazil 

_ Mexico 

_ Argentina 

_ Colombia 

_ Chile

3. Western Europe

Western Europe offers a highly skilled and educated workforce with a strong focus on quality. Shared cultural values and business practices make collaboration smoother, but higher living standards mean higher labor costs.  

Top countries to consider: 

_ Portugal 

_ Germany 

_ Netherlands 

_ United Kingdom 

_ France

4. Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is a major tech hub with 1.3 million software developers. Most have higher technical education, high English proficiency, and experience with American projects. The cost of hiring tech professionals here is competitive compared to Western Europe.  

Top countries to consider: 

_ Ukraine 

_ Poland 

_ Romania 

_ Hungary 

_ Czech Republic 

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IX. Why Choose Adamo Software’s Dedicated Development Team for Your Software Project

Hire dedicated development team is a smart choice that requires careful planning. When done right, it helps you build a skilled team more quickly and cheaply than hiring in-house. You get access to specific expertise when you need it and stay flexible throughout your software project. 

Setting up a dedicated team might seem tricky, but with the right partner, you can get great results. 

At Adamo Software, we’ve perfected our approach to dedicated development team over the years. We deliver value quickly, provide clear insights without needing constant oversight, and build strong, trusting relationships beyond the usual customer-service provider bond. 

We focus on forming technically skilled teams that integrate seamlessly with our clients and their vision. Our model emphasizes rapid delivery, accountability, and ongoing improvement.  

So, if you have any questions about our software development model, feel free to reach out to us. 

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