Virtual classroom app or online live classrooms are the current norms in the education industry, offering synchronous distance education. Our mobile app development services deliver tailor-made virtual classroom solutions.

Virtual classroom app and online Classroom software

Online classroom software builds a user-friendly virtual learning environment, supporting collaboration among teachers, students, and education institutes. With innovation in education software development, virtual classrooms push learning beyond the traditional boundary by performing synchronous instruction online. With extensive experience, our education software company promises to bring you to break the software development barriers.

The prevailing objective of the Virtual classroom app.

Online access to advanced educational experiences

Prior to remote working, education software development adopts a firm position against the domination of traditional education. Students from every corner of the world can afford high-quality education right on their devices. Besides, virtual classroom technology offers a modern experience in both teaching and learning.

Improve the quality and effectiveness of online learning

Virtual classroom leverages technology innovation to power education with limited infrastructure and faculty strength. Evidently, online live classrooms boost the collaborative learning process performance via real-time communication tools from the ability to perform multi-tasks simultaneously.

Manifestation of the knowledge revolution

The virtual classroom app speeds up the adoption of mobile e-books and mobile content. Also, the rise of online virtual classroom software supports rapid adjustment of what knowledge being taught, by instructors and how it can be present to students. Training contents currently could be created in unlimited types and forms.

Construct a sustainable online learning environment

The virtual classroom app is a part of the sophisticated environment in which students and instructors have secured room to operate jointly or separately. The benefits and responsibilities of every virtual classroom user are protected equally, that their progress would be tracked in an asynchronous process.

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Which business should take the next step toward a Virtual classroom app?

Education institutes

Virtual classroom app for education institutes helps handle tons of operation task at the same time. Especially for universities or colleges offering online learning courses, the software solution for managing an online live classroom is fundamental that keeps learners and the school on the same page. Accordingly, it eliminates the distance in education philosophy.

Private education centers

Traditional education centers got stuck in scaling since they had limited resources to hire infrastructures and lectures. With virtual classroom apps, private education centers could save their effort by handily increasing the student number in one class, while keeping a learning quality away from downturns. Besides, online classroom software offers teacher and students assessment simultaneously.

Online education service companies

It is a lucrative time to host online education services, which connect education providers (teachers, schools, education centers, etc) and targeted users (students or parents). As online live class platform providers, you could make money from subscription plans, advertising, in-app purchasing of gamification features, and more.


Not only for students, but companies can also custom a virtual classroom app for internal training within the organization. A live virtual classroom enables company owners to control the high access loads at one time, which helps to reduce the training fee. Besides, centralized training with education software development supports fair assessment among employees.

Customize your own Virtual classroom app

Online live classroom

The education software development empowers live-streaming lectures by features assuring high interaction and real-time respondents:

Live attendence check
Audio Back-Up
Classroom management tools
Instant commenting
Disscussion polls
HD And Live Video Streaming
Grid View
Account managment
Screen sharing
University virtual classroom

Virtual classroom app for universities more focuses on QandA dialog from lecturers and students. Then, features would aim to boost the conversation effectiveness:

Realtime grading
Live presentation
Streaming and Recordings
Desktop Sharing
Instant messaging
Student groups breakout
File Upload and Exchange
Microphone sharing
App-based learning

Collaborating both mobile virtual classroom apps and web-based learning with cutting-edges features for higher flexibility and scalability:

Web conferencing
Video conferencing
Live streeaming
Web-based VoIP
Access control
Sufficiently Sized Whiteboard
Screen sharing
Leaning history
Mobile gaminification

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