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The UX design process begins at understanding the objectives of a business and how best to serve a target audience. By comprehending the psychology of a user, as well as applying UX best practices, it's possible to provide them with a positive and memorable experience. We've put together this guide to help you with the UX design process - every step of the way.

Our Design Approach

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A wireframe is an outline of a web or mobile app. It demonstrates structure, content, and functionality that will exist on the app's pages. Think of wireframes as the skeleton.

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The purpose of the prototype is to demonstrate the behavior of the product and show how it would work in the real world. We design low-fidelity and fully-interactive prototypes.

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UI Concept

If wireframes are the skeleton, UI concept (or mockup) is the skin. A UI concept includes color schemes, layouts, typography, and the overall style of the product.

UX & UI Design Tools

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Adobe Illustrator

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Adobe XD

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Splzy lets you discover other travelers anywhere in the world that want to share hotel rooms and split the costs. The travel feed shows you where your friends are going so you can request to join them along the way. Splzy even have a gender filter, perfect for female travelers to find girlfriends to explore the world with.

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Meeting or event can have hundreds of items, optional items and multiple suppliers. NexGenMtgs provide the opportunity to manage meetings strategically.

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