The quantitative expansion of travel business models makes this field more competitive and innovative than ever. The agile software development team from Adamo will design a complete travel portal to enhance your online tour & travel business.

Travel Portal and Reservation system definition

Based on the online booking engine, the travel portal is an especial comprehensive solution for travel and tourism businesses. A powerful reservation system, including web applications, will serve travelers in booking and expense management. The agile software development team from Adamo has a wide range of experience in providing the highest competitive advantages to clients: from offering travel product packages (namely flight, hotel, vehicle, transfers) to several integrated payment gateways in your own platform.

Dominant objectives of travel portal development

Reduce cost

One portal, including different offerings and products online, can help your company cut down the costs of interacting with customers. Furthermore, the decrease of order processing costs drives you to generate genuine and healthy business and ROI.

Customize customer experience

In the age of digital experience, your customers’ loyalty depends much on how the online travel portal performs. Adamo Software is the web design company that brings you a customized place proposing entire reservation activities, just via a single login.

Increase revenue

A rapid-launch travel portal can help you achieve greater exposure and enlarge your online business model. This robust platform is highly effective in generating quick sales.

Modernize the management

Our agile software development team designed a comprehensive reporting module to ensure you can access and maintain real-time data. An easy-to-use travel portal also comes with a user-friendly interface and well-functioned modules.

We turn your ideas to tailor-made software

Travel portal agile software development for each business model

Online Travel Agency

No matter if your team is running as a direct supplier or a reseller, our software development team ensures the smooth and continuous performance for all aspects. We offer a travel portal with API integrated for online appointment scheduling systems, ticket bookings, and insurance businesses.

Tour operator model

Our agile software development team enables your B2C, B2B, or B2E business to scale with the highly configurable reservation system. You can help your clients to achieve all their goals via integrated travel portal services.

Company in the reservation system

Travel portal software performs well for the needs of travel management companies such as airline companies, hotel chains, or other typical product providers (restaurants, car rentals, cruise aggregators, holiday packages, etc.)

Multi-channel booking provider

Destination management companies are providing many on-demand services to reach the needs of the vast market: From booking an appointment to expense management. Investment in a customized travel portal is a vital move to form your own digital ecosystem.

Make your own travel portal software

Travel Portal Administrator

Fundamental features you need to manage your travel portal software that helps you keen on the progress of whole businesses.

User management
Agent management
Affiliate management
Commission management
Booking management
Newsletter management
Rating & Review
Multiple Language
Travelers Dashboard

Essential parts serving travelers in browsing or searching for information for their upcoming travel plan

Location Tracking
Air schedules
Tour packages
Rooms and cars rental
Booking/ reservation online
Payment Management
View and update profile
Travel Agents/corporation management

If you are an agent or collaboration, you should consider several features below to connect with your customers.

View & update profile
Password retrieval facility
View commission
Cancel reservation request
Content Management
Custom packages/tours
View and generate print voice

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