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Travel Distribution System

Adamo develops remunerative travel distribution services for travel agencies to manage end-to-end travel business solutions, and travelers to choose the best price.  


Distribution System 

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integrated into the travel distribution systems

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As technologies are empowering tourists to make reservations for their tours, flights, and transportations using omni channel distribution sites to find the best deal.

In the business climate, Adamo can be your trusted software development partner in today’s dynamic landscapes to provide thorough distribution capabilities for travel techs. With cutting-edge technologies, Adamo Software helps integrate travel inventory management through various channels, handle the needs of dynamic consumer behaviors, as well as ensure success in a rapidly-changing environment.


Optimum Travel Distribution Solutions Provided by Vietnam’s IT Development Companies

Adamo Software has comprehensive expertise in travel distribution solutions working closely with large global distribution system (GDS) providers, Online Travel Agents, and Travel Management Companies. We are confident in offering travel distribution solutions by building innovative software for travel distributors to decrease its distribution costs and enhance the efficiency by weighting business solutions with data and technologies with key players like search channels, travel agents (tour operators, OTAs, online ticketing agents, etc), aggregators like GDS, DMCs, wholesalers, destination management organizations (DMOs), and more.

How Our Lucrative Travel Distribution Technology Can Benefit Your Business

As an experienced travel and hospitality software development company, Adamo helps transform complex business ideas related to travel and hospitality industry into lucrative solutions, particularly bespoke travel distribution solution

Enhanced online presence for travel agents 

Our cost-effective travel distribution solutions help streamline reservation processes, making tour booking easier and time-saving for travel agencies around the world.  

Drive more sales with travel booking marketplaces

Automating travel distribution systems with our profound travel experts helps custom travel itineraries and booking reservations increase conversion rates, leading to drive sales.  

Centralized data and documentation

Contemporary travel distribution solutions provide a tool for users with centralized reports and documentation.  

Reduce errors and risks

Thanks to ingenious IT solutions for travel distribution systems, travel firms can eliminate possible errors and risks in terms of producing invoices, setting due dates, automating payment and more.  

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Inbound Tour Operators Software

Adamo helps create contemporary inbound tour operators (ITOs) software, also known as Destination Management Company (DMC) to provide itineraries and tourism products for international travelers.   This platform brings some parts of accommodations, transportations, and travel suppliers together to arrange comprehensive holiday schedules.  

Online Travel Agents (OTAs)

OTAs software offer IT solutions for online travel distribution without intermediaries as OTAs enable people to deal directly with travelers and tour products. Travelers can buy a whole or a part of tour packages on the web. Commission fees here vary.  


Travel Wholesalers Software 

We will bring custom travel distribution software solutions for your travel wholesalers to appeal to travelers directly by eye-catching UX/UI designs. Our superlative travel wholesaler software solution is confident in helping your travel wholesalers distribute tour products, and provide better prices to attract travelers, which helps drive your sales and increase profit margins.  

Retail Travel Agents 

IT solutions help retail travel agents to deal directly with ITOs instead of simply being a traditional connection between the travel wholesaler and travelers.  

Customized Features to Digitize
Your Travel Distribution


Inbound Tour Operators Software  

  • Embed on your website
  • Login & registration  
  • Payment process  
  • Scheduler and check-in  
  • Group registration  
  • Automated communication 
  • Discounts & coupon codes  
  • Mobile-friendly  
  • Multicurrency & multilanguage  
  • Barcode scan 
  • Dynamic and multiple tour options  
  • Itinerary creation  
  • Package customization  
  • Booking management  
  • Travel reviews  
  • Track record of tickets confirmed, issues, and reclaimed  
  • Data-driven reports (dashboard overviews, profitability reports)
  • Create in-house contracts and allotment services 


  • Extensive search & search filters  
  • Easy-to-use interface  
  • Travel options  
  • Traveler’s feedback  
  • Modification & personalization  
  • Secure payment & booking  
  • Loyalty programs & rewards  
  • 24/7 customer support  
  • Multi-currency and multilanguage  
  • Travel itinerary planner  
  • Travel package customization  
  • Travel booking management  
  • Group booking  
  • Third-party/GDS integration  
  • Invoice management  
  • Multiple sale channels  
  • Quotation management  
  • Easy ticket settlement  
  • Instant confirmation  
  • Analytics & reports  
  • User management

Travel Wholesalers Software  

  • User-friendly booking options  
  • Tracking of user’s trips, bills  
  • Transportation options  
  • Customized policies  
  • Easy payment options  
  • Travel inventory  
  • User profile’s data  
  • Refund, rebook or cancellation policy  
  • Invoice management  
  • Admin dashboard  
  • User interface for travel agents  
  • Advertising packages for TAs  
  • 24/7 customer support  
  • Customizable approval travel workflows 
  • No redirects  
  • Travel spend reports  
  • Travelers’ reviews  
  • Easy booking GDS travel integration  
  • Loyalty programs 

Retail Travel Agents  

  • Dashboard for TAs  
  • Dynamic tour modules  
  • User management system  
  • Quotation system  
  • Ticketing & tracking  
  • Hotel contracting  
  • GDS/API travel integration  
  • Multiple sale channels  
  • Secure payment gateways  
  • Distribute white label  
  • Commissions and markup  
  • Advanced reports  
  • Optional cross selling platform  
  • Multicurrency & Multilanguage  
  • Centralized mid-office  
  • Travel agent management  
  • Transactional accounting  
  • Accounting system integration  
  • Manage rates, discounts,  
  • Add direct contracts