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Adamo Software, a leading Property Management System development company, has supplied a best-in-class online PMS solution to hoteliers and accommodations.  


Property Management
- System Streamlining Operations

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We provide a web-based hotel management system that is accessible from any device at any time, as well as a hotel PMS mobile app that enables you to conduct your business from smartphones.

In addition to fulfilling the essential criteria for efficient tour management, Adamo’s Property Management System also helps managers significantly reduce processing costs and time. As a result, business owners can improve their competitive edge and efficiency.


Use Our Property Management System to Facilitate a Smooth Travel Control Processing

The local and international tourism industry is a focus of the Adamo travel property management system. Having specialized tools makes it possible for users to manage clients, travel agents and tour operations more simply and effectively. Adamo PMS solutions serve as your hotel’s main business solution. For small hotels and medium chains, we offer comprehensive property management solutions with cutting-edge distribution integration.

Adamo Hotel Property Management
: Predominant Features  

A property management system, also referred to as a PMS system, is software that serves as a centralized computer system for organizing, scheduling, and administering the daily operations of a lodging operation. A lucrative hotel property management system software includes front desk, back office, and accounting software.  
property-management-system-front desk

Front Desk

  • Central reservation software
  • Available calendars
  • Check-in/check-out
  • Payment options
  • Rooming lists  
  • Point-of-sale purchases
  • Alarms and notes
  • Group booking management
  • Vouchers, promotions
  • Email confirmations
  • Guest profiles
  • House account 
  • Guest ledger 
  • Contactless check in 
  • Paperless check-in 
  • Virtual units 
  • Waitlist  
  • Guest service charges 
  • Loyalty points/rewards
  • Folio splitting for reservation
  • Hourly reservations
  • Nightly reservations

Back Office  

  • Standard room rates
  • Length of stay (LOS)
  • Day-by-day arrival/departure
  • Package rates (spa, activities, transportations)
  • Yield management
  • Corporate rates
  • Derived rate
  • Password-protected rates
  • Negotiated rates
  • Quick overrides
  • Online bookings
  • Room blocks
  • Group folio
  • Invoice payments
  • Group check in/check out
  • Guest ledger
  • Integrations
  • Reservation audit trails
  • Email templates
  • Reports
  • Market & source codes

Accounting Software  

  • General accounting
  • Customer search
  • Receivables
  • Administration
  • Vendors 
  • Accounting integrations 
  • Employees 
  • Two-factor authentication 
  • PCI Compliant 
  • EMV Certified 
  • SSL encryption 
  • IP-restricted access 
  • Customer profiles 
  • Profit/Loss 
  • Trial balance 
  • Chart of accounts 
  • Sale reports  

Functions of Good Property Management System Software

Software for managing properties is not all made equal. To make the guest and hotel administration process as fluid and simple as feasible, modern systems, on the other hand, consolidate several functions into a single piece of software. 


Reservation Management System

  • Manages direct bookings and reservations for various property types.
  • Enables you to keep track of your reservations for hotel rooms and for additional spaces like conference rooms or meeting rooms.
  • Manage shifts and generate calendars and schedules for your personnel, letting them know when they have shifts and what is expected of them.

Front Desk Processes Management

  • Manage information from clients and personnel. Additionally, when visitors arrive at your resort, the front-office managers and other staff will be their initial point of contact.
  • Enables staff to fulfill requests swiftly while keeping track of guest preferences and personal information.

Customer Data Management

  • Front desk and reservation system link with the CRM module so that it may gather all customer data from these systems.
  • Offers a database in an accessible format and assists in storing visitor data.
  • Contains contact information for guests before and after their visit.
  • Automate pre- and post-stay services, measure visitor experience, and organize marketing initiatives.
  • Use the CRM module’s membership and loyalty programmes.

Channel Management

  • Keep track of their sales channels, including corporate sales teams, internet travel agents, and third-party travel agencies.
  • Enables businesses to better understand revenue sources so that they can concentrate their marketing efforts.

PMS Housekeeping Management

  • Create an assignment list, and housekeepers can update the state of each room.
  • Update the status of their assignments or rooms using a connected mobile app or tablet.

Back-office Management

  • Control event planning, conferences and receptions.
  • Manage spas and gyms services.
  • Analysis of consumption prices and hotel expenditures, inventory.
  • Sales, promotion campaign management, and review management.

Revenue Management

  • Manage occupancy, RevPAR (Revenue per Available Room), and ADR (Average Daily Rate).
  • Assist a manager in understanding how to change the procedures to regulate money.
  • GDS and OTA integration aids in maximizing these rates.

Reporting and Billing

  • Data on occupancy rates, room rates, revenue breakdowns, and other crucial indicators.
  • Drill down into the data and view reports for particular dates.
  • Set up automatic billing rules to have invoices issued automatically when specific criteria are met.

How to Choose PMS Software Solutions for Your Business Transformation

It is crucial for the chosen PMS to be integrable with third-party products because many properties already use their own reservation systems, CRSs, or other business management software. The functionality needed ultimately determines which property management system a hotel will select. 


Mobility and cloud technology

  • Manage every part of your company from one platform, on any device, anywhere with a cloud-based hotel PMS.  
  • Real-time information on reservations, check-ins, check-outs, and cleaning is accessible to you and your staff. 

Usability and Functionality

  • Carry out the essential tasks required for efficient operation.
  • Front-desk operations, back-office administration, housekeeping, revenue management, channel management.

A booking system and revenue control

  • Make use of direct bookings and up-selling opportunities.
  • Make an online reservation, whether doing so directly or via an OTA.

Apps and integrations

  • Offers opportunities to optimize revenue, but most PMS providers.
  • Scale with you by making sure it supports key APIs.

Security and dependability

  • Guarantee that the guest experience is not jeopardized, your hotel must be able to rely on its PMS software.
  • Check the brand’s management and stability as well.

Contactless Innovation

  • Anticipate a contactless guest experience.
  • Make the guest experience more efficient for both the hotel and the guest.

Reporting and data analytics

  • Keeping a competitive advantage

Customer support, training, and onboarding

  • Switch-over and onboarding processes.
  • Quickly become productive with your selected PMS software supplier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Expert’s Explaining About Property Management System

What advantages do PMS systems have in hotels? 

PMS, or property management system, is a kind of business management software that offers centralized cloud solutions or on-premise dashboards for a clear overview and management of all activities linked to running any kind of rental property. It makes it possible to check in without a contactless card, make basic service and amenity requests, and easily manage housekeeping and all other hotel operations. As a result, it boosts guest happiness and hotel staff productivity, which results in higher revenues and fewer losses.

What is the price of a hotel PMS? 

The number of necessary PMS functions and the size of your property will determine this. Naturally, a cloud-based hotel PMS for a small hotel will be significantly less expensive than an on-premises solution for a sizable resort or a cloud-based hotel PMS for a large chain.

What is a Hotel Property Management System and How does it work?  

A hotel property management system (PMS) acts as a lucrative software solution that provides hotel management with the ability to improve their business operating efficiency and enhance the feasible experiences for hotel guests. As its main functions, the property management system deals with booking engines, contactless check-in/check-out, room rates, invoices and billing and business performance analytics.

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