Security solution for travel agent software is one of the top prioritized services in our web design company. Not only travel safety offering, but you can also manage each business activity and control all incoming reservations via one power web app portal.

Ideal travel agent software from top software companies

The competitive market pushes business travel agents to seek modern solutions and adapt to various customers' needs. Along with this tendency is the fast growth of enterprise and individual travel agent software. Our agile software development team proposes your custom travel software packages, including the security solutions, which results in simplifying day-to-day activities from your different booking resources (online and offline, incoming and outgoing, B2B, and B2C, or even niche tourism).

Pivotal performances of travel safety agent software

Keep the operation under control

Via a secured software customized for your brand, you are free to sync your online and offline room list and easily manage that package. The system helps you to cut down the cost of the whole IT operations, at the same time deliver quality results by converting real-time reports.

Support your online distribution

You have a dedicated platform enabled to optimize the engagement for each marketing campaign or promoting events. And likewise, this online selling platform drives your affiliate or branch offices to increase business profit and ROI.

Manage payments and invoices

Besides online sales of services from multiple business affiliates, you can also easily manage the payments to each partner involved in a reservation via your travel agent software. Our agile software development team integrates payment gateways and currency options based on your requirements.

Customize and decrease your work time

Saving resources comes with minifying the time to fulfill your customers' requirements. Your travel agent software allows end-users and even third-party providers to get accurate data with no mistake in real-time. Our team offers flexible security solutions to suit your business needs and your clients' demands.

We turn your ideas to tailor-made software

Agile software development for business travel agents

Corporate travel agent

To mainly serve group business trips, your business models' mission is to provide travel arrangement options and valuable consultancies with the most competitive cost.

Independent travel agent

Your services rely on coordinating and negotiating between partners and the host agency to generate commissions and deals. So the continuous and transparent connection is a must-have condition.

Home-based travel agent

Your high-tech business activities tend to be done via a digital platform, no matter where your office is located. This type of work-from-home travel agent requires industry-specific software, with responsiveness and convenience.

Experience or holiday provider

Your numerous services form a B2B or B2C integrated distribution hub for mass and niche tourism fields. We bring the API and DMC to allow your partners to create bookings right inside the platform or on their own network website.

Customized ways to make your travel agent digital

Online booking service and reservation system

A travel agent could leverage the below features to manage booking and reservation orders from customers

B2C, B2B mobile apps
Agent management
Payment Options
Flights and VISA
Accommodation booking
Price mark-ups
Commission settings
SMS confirmed
Vouchered bookings
Travel mobile application development

A mobile app is currently applied to travel agents in boosting sale and keeping in touch with their customers

Location Tracking
Reservation management
B2C, B2B mobile apps
Agent management
Flights and VISA
Accommodation booking
Price mark-ups
Commission settings
SMS confirmed
Advanced travel safety features

For reducing the risk of cybersecurity, travel agents need several safety features to protect both their business and customers

Admin Login
Reservation management
Travel CRM
Travel API Integrations
Advanced self-booking tool
Inventory management
Travel itineraries creation

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