Telehealth vs telemedicine solutions covers a broad range in the digital health and wellness industry. Adamo is one of the top software companies that provide you custom products, make your health and information services more convenient and efficient.

Telehealth vs telemedicine definition

While telecommunications technology is the heart of telehealth solution performance, telemedicine solutions solely focus on clinical services. So, the system can improve the overall healthcare industry from non-clinical services, including continuing medical education, events, and interventions to the services that do not require any in-person visit like a follow-up appointment. Plus, to ensure best practice for several users, our agile software development team designs valuable features such as secure video, audio connection, and video conference.

Benefits of medicare telemedicine and telehealth

Exchange Health record

Instant sharing document is crucial in all remote healthcare cases like preventative care, urgent care, follow-up checks, and disease management. The solution connects real-time physicians with their existing patients via a minimal set-up system.

Improve health outcomes

Store and forward telehealth technology are also helpful in inpatient follow-through on treatment. Doctors or staff can access to care even for patients in remote locations and also better manage their appointments.

Reduce healthcare costs

Both the expenses and travel time for access to care are significantly decreased when applying telehealth and telemedicine solutions. Telecare sessions drive convenience and affordable health care programs for busy patients and vulnerable groups.

Improve the transfer process

Many preventable medical errors are existing in the interhospital handoff process. Teletransfers perform in driving safety, coordination for patient experiences, and outcomes. Moreover, telemedicine transfers can help your company grow market share for healthcare systems.

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Telehealth and telemedicine in companies

Telemedicine billing company

Your main activity remains stably to focus on the nuances of your client telehealth billing. Moreover, your company also offers other services, called training sessions or billing staff. To handle such massive incomes and boost revenue, you can leverage continuous resources via these transparency techniques.

Telehealth at home

Our agile software development team brings you comprehensive solutions in healthcare, such as patient engagement, patient education, and public health programs. Via a mobile device, you can keep track of your patient medications, engage them effectively in their care.

Telehealth in nursing

Home telehealth solutions allow healthcare providers to track their client cases no matter when and where they are. The telemonitoring model keeps the continuous communication and data transmission process between healthcare professionals and patients.

Remote specialist care

Medical consultation providers use telecare solutions to ensure transparency, high quality for their remote consultation, and medical education services. Live telehealth video is an excellent way designed for primary care providers to consult in urgent cases at another location.

Custom your TeleHealth and Telemedicine solution

CMS telehealth

Customer management system for healthcare purpose should include several essential features below:

Real-time telehealth
Medical consultation
Patients reminders
Asynchronous telehealth
Store-and-forward telehealth
Integrated teletransfers
GPS Tracking
Chronic disease management
Treatment plans
CMS telemedicine

Our hand-selected features should be included in a custom CMS telemedicine:

Information sharing
Secure messaging system
Quick prescription screenings
Follow-up visits management
Preventative care support
Blood pressure screening
Smoking cessation support
Diabetes wellness checking
Weight-loss support

For managing healthcare or telemedicine's system, you should focus on connecting providers and customers:

Admin dashboard
Remote patient monitoring
Auto patient’s data transmission
Report tracking
Live video consulting
Hospitalization tracking
Technical Support
Payment Management
Language Management

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