Business Challenges

Travel and Tourism are one of the fastest-growing industries across the globe. Travel tech companies and startups find it hard to compete and grow in the evolving travel and tourism market. Hence, Splzy is introduced as a travel software application to handle the business challenges:

* Solo travelers have difficulties finding hotels and tourism service providers when traveling alone.

* Travelers want to make friends, widen their networks, explore cultures, and more, particularly when traveling to new destinations.

* Tourists desire to share bills and travel costs, especially when traveling solely.

* Travelers find it hard to connect with locals.

* Travelers seek out new travel experiences and gastronomies.

* Different preferences regardless of activities, culinary experiences during their trips.

With a desire to handle these challenges, Adamo Software, an outsourcing software service company, worked with partners to create software applications called Splzy.

Propose Solutions

When receiving the idea of social networking for travelers, our offshore development teams start building an ecosystem of a mobile app.


  • Travelers
  • Travel companies

Types of software applications

Mobile app


  • Travelers
  • Travel companies

Types of software applications

Mobile app


User Dashboard

  • Set dietary requirements and nutrition goals.
  • Design tailored-made meal plans.
  • Enhance food ordering experience.

Booking process for travel

  • Book hotel rooms/restaurants
  • Buy tickets for sightseeing

Review and rate

  • Write reviews for accommodations/restaurants.
  • Rate hotel accommodations and restaurants
  • Respond to reviews

Open travelers’ network

  • Design tailored-made meal plans.
  • Enhance food ordering experience.

Favorite restaurants

  • Connect to locals and other travelers
  • Gender filter

Propose to user options

  • Link with relevant other travelers’ destinations.
  • Request to join a group
  • Share hotel rooms
  • Split traveling bills

Leverage back-end data

  • Customize roadmap for traveling
  • Obtain insights from travelers’ footprints
  • Improve travel management

Simplify travel planning process

  • Create joyful activities
  • Invite nearby buddies to team up
  • Select and follow travel activities/things located near or far in the suggestion lists.

Technological Stack & Tools



React Native for mobile app


PHP Laravel



Stripe and Paypal



MySQL 5.7

Outcomes & Value

As the first social networking platform for solo travelers, Splzy focuses on building an advanced journey, social, and sharing experiences software application. When carrying out this project, our dedicated development team dealt with a challenging task: to solve the demands of travelers to use a large volume of data. Therefore, the AL-enabled platform enables us to maintain and ensure the best inventory from travel providers across the globe.


Splzy is running as one of the safest social marketplaces for sharing accommodations, experiences, and expenses

  • Optimize the user experience by the qualified output for each offer
  • Leverage back-end data to personalize user's roadmap
  • We obtain insights through costumers’ footprints and improve travel management.
  • To simplify the planning process, users just create their own joyful activities and invite nearby buddies to team-up.

Splzy is one of the safest social marketplaces for sharing hotel accommodations, activities, and travel expenses for travel lovers. Beyond the analytics on customers’ behavior for travel providers, the travel tech solution ensures a consistent experience throughout different platforms and devices. Splzy’s features help travelers plan their journey more effectively and efficiently

Dot Grid

After deploying and gathering feedback from end-users, Splzy has improved the experience amongst different travelers. Moreover, users can earn benefits by sharing valuable information in a vibrant and dynamic community of Splzy.

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