Obtaining and retaining customers is one of the biggest challenges for your business's commercial relationship. The social app from our agile software development team is the disruptive solution to successful conversions in your social media communities.

Social networking sites definition

71% of shoppers prefer buying something based on social media referrals. That is why social networking sites recently become indispensable in catching consumers' attention. In fact, channels like social selling and marketplace distribution complement each other. The package helps your business create an active community, nurture the relationships with customers, then sell more products.

Social networking sites are desirable for professionals

Define your potential customers

A business-oriented online marketplace is a prospective market that everyone can have a slice of this promising industry. With industry-standard coding and exceptional user experience, our agile software development brings one postal to access the insight of your clients.

Institute sustain relationships with clients

By nurturing a special bond with customers, your brand can create more returning clients along with a supportive community that will push the business forward. Your consumers are welcome to approach you directly and openly, then build long-term relationships with your product or service..

Increase your reach and engagement

Nowadays, advertising is losing its power to attract people. But user-generated content can provide a brand new opportunity to deepen the strategy and to sell more. Your designed social media networking sites can collect product reviews from clients, then leverage this source in the next marketing campaigns.

Improve users retention and loyalty

Social media sites can uplift the overall satisfaction in the purchase decisions. A prominently visual impression will attract customers in no time, but a top-notch social marketplace and interactive products are the heart of clients' loyalty.

We turn your ideas to tailor-made software

Social networking sites for assorted business

Online retail startups and SMB owners

You no need physical equipment and inventory but a robust online infrastructure. Customized web solutions are the best way to help your brand build up a community of loyal customers.

Traditional e-commerce business

You are using a SaaS type marketplace and want to find a builder to upgrade the current system. Alternatively, you expectedly replace the old process with a new, custom social media networking site.

Niche social-based company

Innovative enthusiasts often find their own way for challenging issues. You know the custom-made niche selling platforms are becoming more and more popular, so social media networking sites are valuable for your business model.

Global-scale corporate

You can keep the consistently qualified customer services through different markets via the custom business social network. Moreover, it's more advantageous to count on the valuable social data gained on your custom social networking platform.

Enterprise social network and social network apps

Smart UX functionalities

A social media app with smart UX functionalities should consider the below features:

Social Login
User-friendly design
Smart search system
Convenient filters
Smart filters
Subscribers management
Search engine tool
Rating & Review
Multiple Language
Proper selection of products

To customize a social media network, dedicated development teams should build some of the following features:

Location Tracking
Browser – friendly
Messaging section
Product profile
Customer support
Purchasing dashboard
Generate Order Receipt
Compelling review system

A review system would provinces users with pass experiences of others, leveraging some of the options:

Admin Login
Sellers admin dashboard
Advertise creating
Predictive analytics
Buyers policy
Content Management
Newsletters sending
Advertise creating
AI chatbot

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