Your internal operation will peak the best result when combined with a suitable POS system. An offshore software development team from Vietnam can build and complete your tailor-made restaurant point of sale app, including designed features to boost customer loyalty in an integrated platform.

A POS system is most effective when combined with

Are you expecting a secure and robust system to enhance your restaurants’ operation? You might think about a fully equipped package, which is already worthful in businesses. Also, it consists of some unique features integrated into your own restaurant POS system software. Our dedicated development team offers a designed ecosystem, from a separated POS to an integrated one in ensuring a smooth combination with your current software and hardware.

Diverse objectives of restaurant point of sale app

Quick adaptation to trendy behaviors of clients

In fact, our expectations in FnB forecast trends are limited. But you can easily understand the current leading tendency via integrated data analysis feature (online ordering, curbside pickup, delivery). That’s why our technical solution always results in adaptation for the long term.

Connection of all aspects of your operation

The iconic objective of using a restaurant point of sale app is to optimize your working process step by step. Adamo Software developers focus on reaching and resolving each aspects’ problems, from the front-of-house, the back-office, to the kitchen and staff operations.

Durable technical solutions for your hardware

The industry strictly requires your preparation of qualified hardware used in the whole working process. So, any food and beverage software added must clearly have the capability of integrating your current devices, ensuring their sustained working times.

Computational tools for your next strategy

The restaurant point of sale app is one of the essential touchpoints between you and your customers. You can catch-up directly with the best seller dishes or reduce resource wasted. We customize an integrated restaurant point of sale app, suitably solving issues with no matter for a local coffee shop or a worldwide food chain.

We turn your ideas to tailor-made software

Assorted businesses using restaurant point of sale app

Partly-service in FnB businesses

Your strategy is to invest in a single service and maximize its benefit (a cafe, a bar, or a pub). The heart of your activities focuses on bringing a consistent experience to clients.

Quick-service system for stores

In a fast-food store such as a pizzeria or in a food event, whether you run a small or medium business, the speech and equivalent qualification of service form your competitive advantages.

Full-service restaurants or food chains

Your purpose mainly drives to enhance the customer experience online and offline by minimizing their waiting times, creating contactless payments, and satisfying their special orders.

POS systems software for other services

In your custom food and beverage software systems (hotel, casino, resort, cruise ship, or transportation hubs), we offer an iconic ecosystem integrated with easy-to-use features, ensuring your durable working station.

Multiple features of food delivery app comparison

Restaurant POS solutions for full-service offers

Your full-service restaurants/ food chains must show the connection between table services and the POS mobile app system. Our offshore software development from Vietnam builds you an efficient process:

Menu updating
Pricing Setup
Bill Splitting
Multiple Payment Options
Kitchen Tracking
Schedule Orders
Order History & Re-order
Inventory Management
Offline Mode
Restaurant point of sale app for partly-service groups

To develop a specific service, business owners and operators should efficiently manage every single franchise performance. Our POS system helps you manage each ones’ workflow effectively.

Menu Customization
Store Locator
Order Organisation
Pick-ups Management
Delivery Integration
Report Generated
Languages Option
Sales Analytic
Policy Management
POS system for quick-service restaurants

Your service would reflect precisely the fast and hurried pace of customer life. As one of the top software development companies, we understand and prioritize the speed and reduction errors in POS programs.

Admin Login
Menu Management
Inventory Alerting
Online And Direct Ordering
Rating Management
Language Management
Single Seat Checkout
Coupon Management

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