Personalization in your customer experience becomes nowadays an essential strategy to gain their loyalty. Software package management from Adamo serves to bring the CRM fitted for your restaurant. Our CRM package provides an excellent database, marketing tools, and responsiveness.

Advantages of designed CRM for restaurants

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for restaurants refers to a food and beverage software solution to let your client regularly return and to create a potential relationship with them. Our dedicated development team brings out cutting-edge features to boost your marketing campaign results. Additionally, it expectedly improves your service quality. Welcome to a brand new technology generation of software package management.

Dominant objectives of restaurant CRM software

A common approach to customer information

The CRM system assists your team to save and generate useful information for every single client. Accessible data is collected under the order process. So it is also ideal for building your own integrated software system combined with a food ordering app, delivery app, and POS systems.

Better customer experience strategy

The first steps refer to find out how effective your work is accessing the current client behavior and discovering what they want. CRM for restaurants refers to a vital assistant for creating custom reports. It covers client demographics, their buying behavior, and their past browsing.

Automatic online and offline marketing tool

On the occasion of special events or promotion campaigns, you can handily inform each group of your target audiences via email, SMS marketing, or even sending a gift to their mailbox. Especially in the hospitality industry, you can analyze and use personalized insights to engage loyal clients.

Directly enhance client experiences.

CRM for restaurants performs their best in the mission of retention and acquisition for your customers. In fact, it is tough to execute your loyalty programs without CRM data. Our software package management saves your client foodprints and recommends suitable action in their next move.

We turn your ideas to tailor-made software

Assorted users of CRM software package management

Chain restaurants operators

All business activities in your facilities located in regions and countries need to be connected simultaneously in an integrated platform. CRM package software collabs your entire operating data in one user-friendly package.

Online food stores managers

If your business model is based on ordering and delivering online, you would expect to increase the return from shopper consummation. Software package management is useful for your up-sale and cross-selling tactics.

Single restaurant owners

Entrepreneurs in the food and hospitality field meet several difficulties in targeting and reaching the right audiences. That is why top software development companies like Adamo built a full CRM package to support you.

Meal kit subscription brands

The service you provide demands an effective utilization of the client database. You need to generate helpful information, create convenient recommendations, and remember exactly your customer's dietary restriction.

Make your own restaurant CRM software

Guest profiles in software package management

This section includes advanced features to collect, store, and manage all the useful information you need, ensuring security.

Menu updating
Pricing Setup
Dietary Restriction Options
Buying Preferences
Contact Info
Multiple Payment Options
Loyalty Program
Sales History
Visit History
Accounting software of CRM package

Our dedicated development team created a secure, digital way to manage your financial health and accounting effectively.

Vendor Details
Budget Report
Financial Report
Payment Integration
Promotion Management
Discounts Management
Order Details
Inventory Management
Category Management
Growth monitoring section for operators

You can check on-time every profit report of your working process and use that information in strategic planning.

Admin Login
Inventory Alerting
Rating Management
Language Management
Clients’ Demographics
Buying Behavior Report
Past Browsing Report
Customer Targeting

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