OnContractor is a SaaS company launched in 2018. They provide a brand new solution to replace the complicated, time-consuming recruitment model. This is the first platform that creates an online environment for recruiters and white/blue-collar workers. The full-service hiring tool of OnContractor basically plays two roles to suit the users’ issues: an in-house talent acquisition specialist, or a connecter between qualified applicants and businesses. From niche markets like mining and resources to the mass ones in the industry (contractors, trades, and consultants), this AI-driven platform manages all aspects of employee engagement. OnContractor work results in saving time and money while bringing the best match in the hiring, onboarding, and payroll program for companies.

What We Did

The features required to change the game of old-world recruitment have to cover several aspects. Adamo's dedicated development team designed innovative enhancements to focus on each end-users' demand. 

  • Simplify the talent acquisition process: For both recruiters and candidates, the minimal flow of 04 steps in one platform can replace the traditional hiring model. After uploading the request, users receive the shortlist of matching options, provided by AI-driven. Also via OnContractor, people get engaged, discus about opportunities, and complete the recruitment process.
  • Manage and maintain talent resource: services of OnContractor combines in an integrated ecosystem. Partners have a friendly and automotive controller for every part of HR operation: from PAYG, superannuation and payroll tax management to enterprise agreements.



Oncontractor is one of the most effective tech-solution for recruiters. The cost of this speedy tool is 25-38% lower than the old-school hiring model. The collab of integrated AI-engine and the automated certification check module reduced strongly up to 70% of the total time for all processes. Not only eliminate the middleman, but this new recruiting model also ensures a transparent employment arrangement. All users (hirers and workers) always understand clearly their role in the whole system.

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