Business Challenges

Hiring the right people for the right time at the position is always a challenging task for any business operation, especially for niche markets like mining. With a desire to make the hiring process less stressful, OnContactor finds a solution by creating software applications to handle the business challenges:

* It takes a long time to find suitable candidates for any vacant position.

* Unable to choose the right people despite conducting many interviews.

* Unstable applicant preferences affecting the hiring process.

* A high turnover owing to the stressful working environment of the mining industry.

* Gap between offerings from recruiters and job requirements from candidates.

Realizing the difficulties in the hiring process, OnContractor corporated with Adamo Software, an outsourcing software development company in Vietnam, to turn business ideas into reality.

Propose Industry Solutions

After receiving OnContractor’s project requirements, our offshore development team came up with a software solution of mobile apps for recruiters and job seekers and an admin web application for administrators.


  • Candidates
  • Recruiters
  • Business Owners

Types of software applications

Mobile app


  • Candidates
  • Recruiters
  • Business Owners

Types of software applications

Mobile app


User Dashboard

  • Build working experience for candidates.
  • Set job descriptions for specific positions.
  • Enhance hiring process experience.
  • Login and registration.

Jobseeker tools

  • Job search (save a search, view similar jobs)
  • Advanced filters (filter by location, salary range, tags, and keywords filter)
  • Apply for a job (application form, job requirements)
  • Job saves (bookmarking, search later).

Candidates’ resume search

  • Smart talent search
  • Candidate matching
  • Resume Alert

Job post for recruiters

  • Assessment questions
  • Job publishing
  • Job approval

Simplify the talent acquisition process

  • For both recruiters and candidates:
  • Minimal flow of 04 steps
  • Manage and maintain talent resource

Automate control for HR operation

  • payroll, superannuation, tax management

Chat and Notification

  • Use Twilio to communicate amongst users


  • OnContractor Company

Types of software applications

Admin web


  • OnContractor Company

Types of software applications

Admin web


Admin Dashboard

  • Document management (automate CV extractor, resume uploader)

Advanced Recruitment Tools

  • Assessment mechanism
  • Best match automation
  • Advanced search bar
  • Administrative control.

Set permissions

  • For candidates and recruiters/hiring managers

Reports and analytics

  • Produce reports and analytics for business owners/hiring managers

Technological Stack & Tools


HTML and CSS for web

React Native for mobile app







Outcomes & Value

Selecting the right candidate for the position at the right time is a challenging task for hiring managers, especially for niche markets. OnContractor has taken advantage of technology to create mobile apps and web applications for simplifying the hiring process.


Oncontractor is one of the most effective tech-solution for recruiters

  • The cost of this speedy tool is 25-38%
  • The collab of integrated AI-engine reduced strongly up to 70% of the total time for all processes.
  • Not only eliminate the middleman, but this new recruiting model also ensures a transparent employment arrangement.
  • All users (hirers and workers) always understand clearly their role in the whole system.

As a tech solution for recruiters, OnContractor helps lower hiring costs by about 25-30% compared to the conventional hiring model. The integration of Al-engine and the automated certification check module reduced up to 70% of the total time for all hiring processes

Dot Grid

Eliminate the middleman/headhunters, but the online recruiting platform ensures a transparent employment process. All recruiters and candidates always understand their role in the whole system.

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