The food industry has caught in the reforms of worldwide progress towards digital everything. As one of the top software development companies, food and beverage software from Adamo Software is to design a unique on-demand food ordering app for your business.

An ideal On-Demand Food Ordering App

In the customer journey, the experience of ordering meals via an online ordering app is now a central touchpoint to local restaurants and food-and-beverage chains from around the world. We help your brand customize the instant ordering process and personalize your buyer's demands. Consumers can quickly tap on a few buttons in the app, place orders, and pay for them right on their devices. Furthermore, advanced features included in food and beverage technology are also parts of an integrated online ordering system software.

Dominant objectives of the food ordering system

Navigate the food ordering process

Your clients nowadays prefer online orders and delivery meals most of the time. For increasing sales, food and beverage services need to show convenience advantages. Designed food ordering app minimizes pain points existing in the process, makes the manipulations easier and quicker.

Control customer order system

The communication between people at the restaurant (the client and the server) will become more professional and satisfied. On-demand food ordering app handles smoothly and powerfully an immense amount of orders at one time, also saves time and limits errors of the ordering process.

Effectively Customize data and reports

The solution provides to restaurant owners and managers a friendly working platform: high performance with acceptability for security. Plus, at the purchasing step in the food ordering system, the final bill can be automatically calculated and be ready to print with all information inserted.

Personalize your client experience

The investment in your own Food ordering app comes with the chance to enhance the brand image. The qualified software brings to your clients' reasons to prioritize the restaurant: attractive menu, multiple payment ways, referral benefits. An internal platform permits you to build your own loyal client community sustainably.

We turn your ideas to tailor-made software

Assorted businesses using Food Ordering App

Chain restaurants

You can enhance the experience of both clients at your restaurants and those who order meals at home. Also, You could link and optimize the operating system in facilities across areas.

Meal subscription brand

The college/ office canteen services offer meals to your customers during lunchtime. The brand is finding a platform to connect clients' daily demand, supply chains, and partners.

Local restaurant owner

Who need to expand the current client group and to reach new ones. You are looking for chances to create competitive advantages and to improve your brand's ranking in the market.

Meal-kit company

By using the food ordering app for weekly decisions, each of your clients is driven to become a loyal user: enjoy consistent updates of recipes, quality ingredients, and a variety of diets.

Make your own On-Demand Food Ordering App

Customer app

Impress the online and offline customers' experience with your own several benefits.

Social Login
Offers Zone
Payment Options
Schedule Delivery
New order details
GPS Tracking
Rating & Review
Multiple Language
Merchant App

All you need to follow the users' ordering process, from the very first to the last step.

Location Tracking
Customer Management
Menu Management
Coupon Management
Order Management
Payment Management
Store Locator
Generate Order Receipt
Admin Dashboard

The advanced module includes information and reports of your restaurant's operation.

Admin Login
Order Tracking
Manage Stores
Manage Products
Content Management
Rating Management
Language Management

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