There is a notable lack of high-tech solutions in the field of event management services. NexGenMtgs is the leading tool from the UK operated in smart meeting management. This business works as the only full-service platform serving event planning companies and in-house planners across the world. Agencies can access one complete system to make location planning, to purchase event materials, to book services such as transportation, tours, decoration, entertainment, and much more. Especially, NexGenMtgs expected a supporting tool that would come with time-saving and on time report-tracking, including financial management, CRM, and guest registrations.

What We Did

The main advantage of this technology is its simple-to-use process. No matter how complicated the issue was, planners and other end-users would always find the way via Nexgenmtgs. 

  • A single entry platform with integrated modules: As in an event management platform, features included will provide all assistance for planners, such as intuitive design, internal communications, operations, etc.
  • Technical strengths combined: Adamo's dedicated development team customized features that fit both the clients’ and supplies' needs. The ones can follow and revise entirely the itinerary, while the others are able to record the resource spend or time accountability.
  • A complete paperless system: Team members and participants have their own dashboard to catch up on each task, with no more misplaced files or outdated notes. Responsive design allows users to manage purchase orders from suppliers, gross profit information, request changes, contracts, or e-proposals where ever they go.



Nexgenmtgs is marked as the industry leader in meeting management platform provider. At the cutting edge of this technology, planners from over the world have the opportunity to work on an integrated platform, while expanding the services and providing further advancements for their clients. The planning and executing processes become easier than ever when all successful events are qualified and the outputs are measured by daily report overviews. The partnership with top online booking groups like HotelPlanner and’s Planners proved the potential development and excellent operation of the technology.

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